Summary: Fabulous
October 8th, 2017 (Last Edited: October 8th, 2017)
I use AAISP at two properties, and find them impeccable. Moved from another tech-orientated UK ISP several years ago for the ipv6 access.

Like most UK ISPs, A&A provide services over BT's backhaul network. Expected line speeds are therefore in line with other UK ISP estimates. However do not be deceived - what counts more is the core ISP-run network your packets traverse once they get through the DSL circuit. Here A&A shine. Experience with other ISPs is that latency can vary depending on time of day/day of week, both through ISP applied QOS, and contention in their own backbone networks. Not so with A&A, speeds and latencies remain largely consistent at all times.

Things I like:

- ipv6 access
- fabulous visibility of bandwidth consumption etc. through web interface
- access to ppp logs
- responsive and capable support
- Shibboleet compliance

All in all, bravo!
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