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Summary: Used to be top
November 3rd, 2017 (Last Edited: November 3rd, 2017)
I signed up to Zen a long time ago. At the time they were a great ISP, I never really had to make use of their customer service but thought it was always good.

Unfortunately after I believe a few years of service with them I must say farewell after my contract term is over. I've gone to another ISP on a second line who I've just posted a highly positive review about today.

Zen, last time I used my first line a few weeks ago, I was suffering with slow single threaded download speeds and intermittent packet loss blips. This was resolved at one point but then it returned to happening around peak times instead of all day long. I also had a problem with my FTTC service where on fastpath I was getting an excessive number of error seconds on the downstream. This remained unresolved, they booked me a voice engineer who found no fault. I should've had an SFI engineer (which the ISP I'm now with for the second line did, four times, until the problem looks to be cleared on the second line now).

I hate to say goodbye but later next year it will be officially goodbye from me, just waiting for my contract term to finish as it makes no sense paying an early termination charge for the full remainder contract value. I'm keeping the first line as an emergency backup for now.
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