Summary: Good ISP - Poor Hardware
November 25th, 2017 (Last Edited: November 25th, 2017)
I have been with Plusnet for a year now, the service itself is spot on, I have been getting the full 38Mbps 24/7 as per tests, the only issue I have is with the poor hardware they supply you with. The Hub One is just a white BT Home HUb 5A which has a problematic Lantiq chipset, I had 2 of them from plusnet and both would have throughput issues after a few days and only a reboot would resolve it.

I fixed my issue by replacing it with a Broadcom chipset router (BT Home Hub 5B) and also the Max Data Rate increased by 8Mbps, the wifi signal was 10db stronger too... so if you choose plusnet be sure to get your own router
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