Summary: Outstanding service and worth the extra
February 16th, 2018 (Last Edited: February 16th, 2018)
Having lost the will to live with BT I decided to move to AAISP based on reviews that I had read. I have 2 ADSL lines from BT, one which connected at 12Mb and the other at 8Mb. BT simply weren't interested trying to improve the speed of the second line which was clearly only connecting at ADSL 1 speeds despite my first line connecting at ADSL 2+. Having spoken to the AAISP sales team, they assured me that they could get the second line sorted out plus I could cancel the phone line service on that line with BT and switch to their 'copper pair' service which would reduce the line costs. Bargain! Switch over was a breeze, both lines were now in training and immediately syncing at 15Mb. Next thing I know I get a mail from their support folks telling me about high packet loss on one line. They suggested a modem change and dropped one of their standard devices in the post. Installed it and errors were eliminated. When was the last time your ISP got in touch proactively to help sort out a problem you didn't know about? Been with AA now for over 1 month and have switched one line to Annex M to get faster upstream (I work from home so this helps a lot with video conferencing etc) and I've seen both line speeds improve by about 2Mb more to a steady state now. All the reporting and data that you get to see is super cool and the level of control over your line is impressive. So, in summary, really happy I made the move to an ISP that actually knows what they are doing. Although they are a bit more expensive than most and yes there is a usage cap I'm getting connection and throughput speeds now that are dramatically faster than with BT on the same copper and can actually talk to someone when I need to. Highly recommend AAISP
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