Summary: Rubbish
April 1st, 2018 (Last Edited: April 1st, 2018)
Satellite.co.uk who I was with has been bought out by europsat what a joke! my download speed went from approximately 20-22 Mbs to about 9 Mbs also about 2- 3 weeks into each of my monthly account I'm lucky if I get 220 Kbs download speed. No better than dial up, surely it would be better to step down from 20 mbs to 15 to 10 to 5 Kbs, I have tried looking for other companies to try, but when I've rung through for more information Europasat has bought them out (I have rung five or six different satellite broadband providers) I thought it was illegal to have a monopoly. I am going to complain to the ombudsman about this. If we all do this then maybe something will be done.

Thank you

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