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Summary: Can't contact Openreach
June 8th, 2018 (Last Edited: June 8th, 2018)

27 April 2018. Rang Origin complaining about poor data rate. They claimed the problem was within my network.

Unplugged and replaced all phone plugs in house. Examined inside of sockets. Note I don't use wi-fi.

Went on holiday

8 May 2018. Tried modem at master socket. Drops out after a couple of minutes. Data rate less than 900kbps. Plenty of crackling at audio frequencies with phone connected at test port.

8 May 2018. Rang Origin. They changed profile, but dropping out still very frequent and audible crackling. They said they would ring back within 24-48 hours

11 May 2018 No change, so I rang Origin. They said they couldn't contact Openreach's equipment. Would call back later.

12 May 2018 Call from Origin on mobile. Origin not able to contact Openreach before 14 May. So no action before then.

18 May 2018 Rang Origin again. This time they said they would phone me back before 10:00 tomorrow with an incident number as supplied by Openreach

20 May 2018 Crackling getting worse. Data rate still less than 900kbps. As no response from Origin and no sign of Openreach personnel, I decided to change ISP.

30 May 2018 No dial tone. Connection to internet still up at less than 900kbps downstream.

5 June 2018 Switchover day to new ISP (Vodafone).

6 June 2018 08:40 Still no dial tone. No internet with new modem. Rang Vodafone on mobile. Vodafone representative said they had contacted Openreach who would investigate the problem, Should get an answer within 48-72 hours. I would not be charged until service starts

6 June 2018 11:05 Two Openreach vans arrived. The technicians installed a new cable between aerial wire (to telephone pole) and a new master socket (type 5C mark 4). The cable between telephone pole and house was not changed. Datarate now 31Mbps down and 9Mbps up. No audible crackling.

6 June 2018 17:00 A third Openreach technician called. I said problem fixed earlier.
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