Summary: Why did I take so long?
June 16th, 2018 (Last Edited: June 16th, 2018)
We had an A&A connection on a business number before we moved a few years ago. I had planned to get a second line to the new house for this purpose, so implemented a temporary solution to the existing number (Sky ADSL). Over the years, this moved first to BT Infinity and then Plusnet. as Openreach demanded money with menaces for that second line!

The final straw was Plusnet throttling the connection, to the point where you could almost see each electron going up the wire.

I went back to A&A, with VOIP as well. Over a year later, my only regrets are that I didn't do it earlier and why did I keep the Openreach modem? That was changed to a ZyXel

The line is stable, speeds are better, all the staff are very responsive and know what they're doing.

Yes, they aren't the cheapest on the block, but you get the service you pay for.


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