July 3rd, 2018 (Last Edited: July 3rd, 2018)
Andrew Walwyn,CEO, should be hung drawn and quartered. He couldn't run a **** up in a brewery.

I was a customer of the dreadful Satellite Broadband (Beyond dsl) (who couldn't design a customer friendly dash board and had nobody with any authority answering the telephone) arbitrarily transferred my custom to Eurpasat without consultation or choice.

They were not prepared for our arrival and it took months to even get to pay them properly. They seemed to have many different freelance part time financial managers who didn't know what company or bank account they were running with!!

We (I am assuming there was at least one other customer who was transferred to Euopasat by Satellite Broadband)continued to use the dashboard provided by Satellite Broadband. The data available on that gradually decreased until now we ae blocked from it. We have not been provided with any other dashboard or system for checking data usage or our accounts. This has now been going on for weeks!

Trying to ring them on the telephone is not possible on normal salaries - it takes hours to get a reply. Completely malfunctioning.

How can Andrew Walwyn (is that the right name) the CEO appear in public instead of getting on with his job. They deserve to fail - and my Broadband with it.
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