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    <Kev> Guest

    Angry Login to Tiscali's 'My account'

    I have tried dozens of combinations of my username/email address and password but cannot access the My Account feature on Tiscali.

    Has anyone else had problems...don't all reply at once?

    Funny thing is (well not really - good job I'm a mild-mannered person) I can't access the user forums to tell them about this/ask questions and they don't read their customer email so thought I'd ask here.

    Cheers in advance for any solutions.

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    <hmmm> Guest


    the user name would be TWO LETTERS followed by SIX numbers eg MK114796, you can get this from the emails they send, the password is NOT neccessarily the same as your dial-up. Mine aint, your just gonna have to try and remember.

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    <hmmm> Guest


    sorry what i said was for the usage i never login to the my acount becayse ive just bookmarked the usage page at:

    <a href="https://accounts.uk.worldonline.com/billview/" target="_blank">https://accounts.uk.worldonline.com/billview/</a>

    what i said applies there.

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    <Kev> Guest


    Thanks for that link - I got into the billing area OK. Why can't they use this ID in other areas instead of email address or give the option of either.

    Have you used this yourself? The total minutes per month are completely inaccurate although individual call times seem to be accurate. Not keeping tallies of calls one hopes that Tiscali are able to do this one thing properly although I wait for the day that I am billed for using over my allotted 50 hours per month.

    Thing is I have no way of knowing when I'm close to breaching this limit as the MONTH TO DATE USAGE says 'Sorry but there has not yet been any use in this period'. Oh well, can't have everything; **** service but a reasonable cost.

    Why do we suffer such poor service in dealing in IT services - is it a syndrome of the Microsoft era where we expect computers to crash and therefore get used to poor standards in other areas too???

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    <hmmm> Guest


    Yeh theyre pretty useless with their billing - them failing to update it has resulted in me having to pay an extra 20 for last month, whe n they actually bother to put the bill up.

    I cant remember about the other parts of the site, the billing link once logged in just took me there and thats all i wanted to see anyway.

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    I checked out the usage thing a while back and succesfully got the information however since then I keep getting website not found. The usage area seems to periodically go up and down. Also, I joined PlusNet recently and they are having problems with the usage stats too but have revealed it is a BT related problem which they hope will be resolved soon. I wonder if this is related to Tiscali's problem too?

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    <hmmm> Guest


    I know their billing is handled by a thrid party, forget who (its on thses forums somewhere).

    the last time they updated was in one large chunk, upto 8th January, almost like they had just recieved their phone bill from BT...

    Ive never had any webpage not found errors, just infrequently updated usage.


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