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    Question waitrose - good or bad?

    Having been emotionally scarred by Tiscali I am looking for a new broadband provider.

    Waitrose seem like they have a good deal (18.99 for up to 8mb, 5gb cap), and their customer service looks good (free help etc.).

    Do any current users have anything good or bad to say about their general quality of service?


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    This may be a bit late, given your posting date...

    Anyhow, I've been with Waitrose since early 2000 (pyg dialup), switched to boradband a little less than 2 years ago.

    Until recently I would have recommended them without reservation. Free support helps, and has been reasonably good, though the line quality is often poor, and the help desk is obviously outsourced.

    However, I now have a number of issues with them. I'm interested in upgrading from my original 512 connection to the (up to)8mb, but I'm not all that keen on having to take out another 12 month contract, nor am I completely happy with the 5GB cap on the service they're offering. In addition, I have issues with their recently updated webmail service, and any attempts to get those seen to have resulted in the usual blame-shifting reponse ('you need to reset your browser'). So I'm now looking at alternatives quite seriously.

    Overall, not bad, but I _hope_ there are better out there...


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