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    Thumbs down Problem with Virgin mobile top up with 20 get 300 free texts

    For two months Some Virgin Pay as you go customers have had the opportunity to top up with 20+ and receive 300 free texts the following month.
    I applied the 1st month and got my 300 free texts the 2nd month applied again no free texts they should have been credited to my account by 7th August as per there terms and conditions.
    I have contacted them a number of times and have been promised the problem will be resolved and be credited to my account in a few days and still to date 22nd Aug still no sight.
    Has any one had this happen to them or heared other wise or am i the only one?
    I would be happy to hear from you.

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    I never use texts but what freebies from Orange I have been awarded always get through. Pity I can't forward them to you or someone.

    Why is it that employment agencies always choose names made up of the second and third letters in a phone keypad? And why do they still use the same stupid abc format for them?


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