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Thread: Eclipse in 2010

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    Talking Eclipse in 2010

    Hi everybody,

    I've got my MAC from O2 after finally getting fed up of worse and worse traffic shaping, calls telling me that 54Gb a month is too much for the unlimited service I signed up for... Not a new story, I know.

    Thing is, I have been looking at replacement ISPs and have pretty much narrowed it down to Xilo or Eclipse.

    I find lots of posts from Xilo customers raving about their service, and I'm almost completely convinced but whenever I search for reviews about Eclipse, I get loads of upset customers from 2009 and nothing really from anyone on their new packages.

    I have spoken to Eclipse and the sales guy assures me that there is no traffic shaping or throttling on their Home Pro package Is anyone using this package? Can someone confirm this?

    Xilo include 50Gb peak time, whereas Eclipse include 100Gb... If both are completely free of throttling, shaping and port blocking, Eclipse is the obvious choice.

    Please, someone who has recent experience of Eclipse... Help!

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    Eclipse seem to have improved but we haven't seen a lot of feedback for them lately, not sure why that is, although they do have fewer customers having lost many to the bigger and cheaper solutions and a rough patch of bad performance.

    Xilo are the more credible option, although as you point out their allowance is significantly lower but then you do pay a few pounds less. You could of course pay for the connection fee and get a 1 month contract, which costs a fair bit more but then at least you can move if Eclipse doesn't work out.
    Mark 'Winter' Jackson
    Editor-in-Chief - ISPreview.co.uk

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    I can't answer for Eclipse, but we don't offer any services with traffic shaping (they are all free from shaping).

    Avoids any confusion or doubt if the connection would be shaped in any way.

    Please do let us know if we can help further.

    Matt (XILO)
    uno Communications
    Sales: 0800 905 5700 | Support: 0333 773 7700
    Official Maidenhead, Milton Keynes & Sheffield Speedtest.net Host


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