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    Default Aquiss Family Unlimited + Free Activation + 2 months free

    Shropshire based, Aquiss, has announced a "2 months free" deal on their new Family Unlimited Broadband range.

    This new deal is in addition to the free activation/migration that has previously been revealed, a total saving of at least 90.00

    Package Highlights:
    - 2 months Free Service
    - Free Activation or Migration
    - Unlimited Usage Allowance
    - No Traffic Management
    - Download Sync: Up to 24 Mbps
    - Upload Sync: Up to 2.5 Mbps
    - Choice of 1 or 8 Static IPs
    - Exclusive Consultant Process
    - Tiered Package Range
    - UK Sales and Support

    Further details can be found http://www.aquiss.net/broadband-unlimited.php or by calling Aquiss directly on 01746 708090
    Martin Pitt
    Company Founder

    Aquiss Limited
    ADSL2+, FTTC, FTTP, GEA, EFM, Leased Lines, Telecoms and Hosting

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    Something left out by martin - Please note this offer is only available for new customers even if told otherwise and now only goes to 19mbps download and 2.2mpbs upload (and dropping - follow linked page)

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    Aquiss should definitely be making the "new customers" aspect clearer as it's a key limitation of the promotion and must be made clear on the offer itself. As it is a casual surfer wouldn't have even noticed the small print on their site as it wasn't mentioned on the big banner.

    As for the speed "dropping" to 19Mbps, that's actually a requirement of the ASA upon all ISPs and you'll note that most big providers have now adjusted to promote more realistic performance. It doesn't mean the ISP is any slower than it was yesterday.

    Mark 'Winter' Jackson
    Editor-in-Chief - ISPreview.co.uk


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