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    Default I have a broadband agreement

    I have a broadband agreement with BT but due to a house move I will be homeless from end August until new house end September, I am therefore going to France for the Month, when I was with AOL they had a dial up number from France but I cann't see anything on BT's site, does anyone know of one or suggest an alternative?? I have heard of "Netaway", does anyone know of them? many thanks

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    iPass does a lot of global roaming dialup connections but these days you can often find better alternatives. For example, check where you're going to be staying in france and consider buying a Mobile Broadband service if covered. I think one or two of the operators offer a PAYG deal just like in this country, albeit a bit more expensive (still cheaper than a dial link).

    On the other hand if you're going to be in an urban area then there could be a Wi-Fi hotspot nearby, a google search or two might help. BTOpenzone has a lot of international wifi deals.
    Mark 'Winter' Jackson
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