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    Thumbs down SkyDSL don't wast your money or time !!!

    Hello, I am new to the satellite internet service and have recently bought a skyDSL 6mb unlimited package which is on the back of Tooway and Eutelsat.

    The 1st 2 months were great good speeds, downloads working, skype with video, you tube the lot, then out of no where the service dies to sub dial up speeds 20kbps. I tried emailing skydsl support email and waited the 24/48 hrs it takes for an answer but none came so I called, after many attempts to get through as there phone prompt service was faulty I finally spoke to some one who after doing some checks with me said they would forward my info to the data centre in Turin which is run by skylogic (a eutelsat company) I sent them screen shots of my router info and some other screens they asked for and the screens clearly showed the sub dial up speeds.

    I waited and waited several days, and no answer so I called again only to find the tech support line was now offering a recording saying email support and then hanging up, this went on for a few more days until the phone service seems to of been changed and is working now. Tech support told me it was due to high usage of the service and to fix the problem cancel my contract or change to business tariff with 25/1 retention. I asked for info and was told to email billing which I did and surprise got no answer, its funny though when invoices need to be sent billing send me my invoice on time and take the money from my account to the hour each month.

    So after 3 weeks of no proper service and being fobbed off with storys of high users and business tariffs I contacted one of the other major Tooway resellers and asked for some advice on how the service performed, explained my sub dial up speeds and poor customer service, I was told that service does indeed drop during the day with high users but not to dial up speeds I was quoted 2mb - 3mb as a guide, this is ok with me fixed line internet changes speed during certain times of day, I was also told that at night speed is more or less full as users are low.

    With my service at the moment from skydsl the speed is the same 24hrs a day for 3 weeks now, I called them for the last time today to explain what I had found out and give then 1 last chance to resolve the problem as they say all my equipment is working correct. Not to my supprise the continued to fob me off with high users and 25/1 retention which I did eventually find out the cost 117 a month, for a home user, are these people crazy, does your average house hold have that much money spare, if there service did what was advertised I'd not need a business tariff. The best part in the conversation was when the agent told me with business tariff speeds were only guaranteed to a min of 500k, yeah roll on 117 for 500k connection speeds, good value for money even Vodafone and there 3G network are better value than that.

    So my advice to anyone looking for satellite internet is do your home work there appears to be a few rouge traders out there. Even my feeble attempts to contact the data centre in Turin to complain fell on deaf ears, can't say i'm impressed with service from such a big company as Eutelsat.

    I'm moving to new provider for Tooway as liked the service before it died, will be posting my findings here, so far been very positive and seen other such posts on the forum.


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    I think we removed SkyDSL a year or so back as others had reported problems and they didn't seem to offer UK priced services or support anymore.
    Mark 'Winter' Jackson
    Editor-in-Chief - ISPreview.co.uk

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