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    <Nick R> Guest

    Post Blueyonder netcard/usb probs

    My 3com netcard worked fine with NTL broadband.

    Wont work at all with the Blueyonder box, establishes a connection to the cable modem but nothin else.

    Anyone help me here ? I am using USB and it really does'nt multitask at all, open a 2nd browser window and the back one freezes until the window in focus has loaded, is this USB in general, or my PC thats not setup correctly ?

    Any know where to point me for help, cause the Telewest guy said my computer was running "Fine" for USB... either this is the best it gets, or he dont have a clue.

    Nick R

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    shefflad Guest


    if you can, try using your network card and a cable from that to the cable modem - not usb...


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