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µTorrent and BitTorrent Merge


This is Bram Cohen, the creator of the BitTorrent protocol, and Ludvig (Ludde) Strigeus, the writer of µTorrent.

Together, we are pleased to announce that BitTorrent, Inc. and µTorrent AB have decided to join forces. BitTorrent has acquired µTorrent as it recognized the merits of µTorrent's exceptionally well-written codebase and robust user community. Bringing together µTorrent's efficient implementation and compelling UI with BitTorrent's expertise in networking protocols will significantly benefit the community with what we envision will be the best BitTorrent client.



Seems a bit strange, suppose we'll just have to wait and see what the outcome is. :hrmph:
why bother with bittorrent anyway? it was good when it first came out but within the last couple of years...

usenet is the way to go. packages starting from a couple of quid a month with many usenet providers offering free 2-3gb trails. will max out your download speed no matter the file and you dont upload a byte. I could never go back to p2p :p
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if its so bad, how come i always get good speeds on my torrents lol, Azureus user here :D and an avid Anime (japananimation) fan here :p
Ive never liked torrents due to the uploading so i use newsgroups which are great, i can get full speed all day everyday but my ISP does have its own news service.
It can be simpler and faster to use torrents as distribution. You don't have to split and archive the file/s, no PAR files necessary, no need to wait for propagation across news servers. I've been watching the hit series Heroes over the past couple of months and am able to download it within hours of it airing (typical swarms of around 40,000). :hrmph:
I've been watching the hit series Heroes over the past couple of months

I read this and thought..hmm sounds interesting.. Bob..what a blinder!!! Its a great show..i'm hooked..and now my friend is too!! lol :laugh:
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If there are any episodes you missed it is apparently coming to BBC 2 in 2007 (though most of the episodes appear to be on Torrentspy). A good place to hear about U.S. media news, including gossip and what's "hot" programme wise is Cash Peters 15-20 minute slot on "Up All Night" - BBC Radio 5 - here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/programmes/upallnight.shtml . Just play back his Wednesday morning piece.

Just have to wait until Jan 22 for Heroes to return to U.S. screens. Typically it airs on a Monday night and the torrent is up by Tuesday morning ... :)
aye i checked out heroes after your post, bloody good. Problem i find with bit torrent is seeds, if the file is not popular than u can forget it. And downloading full dvds? Ive given up after its been running for a few days. Speed that stuff ends up on usenet is lovley aswell, takes 30 mins for a new ep of lost after its been aired.
Anyone watched the "Blade, the series" that was amazing, the vampire comes to your tv, lol. Not wesley snipes, but all special weapons and blood are still there.

I watch Heroes, Battlestar Galactica series 3, Smallville series 6, and Both Stargate series,oh and Ghost whisperer series 2.

Mo-Jo,Which usenet offer the free 3gb trial?
Thanks to you, Bob2002, my Sky Broadband connection is taking a right battering at the moment downloading 11 episodes of Heroes! :nod:

Just watched the first 3 back to back - great stuff, took a while to get going though! :D
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It'll be interesting to see whether the series remains as entertaining when it comes back in January ... :)
Mo-Jo,Which usenet offer the free 3gb trial?

Cant rember which I used, the usenet provider im using at the moment though does provide a 3day trial.


It can be a bit hard to get usted to than bit torrent. The indexing site works in the same way as torrents but running par files to check the rar archive integrety and setting up newsleacher. Ispreview prob dont want me posting links for this sort of thing, might be considered warez so if anybody wants some essential links then send us a pm.

Found another great yankie show, well cash peters did on up all night. Tis called the black donnellys. Its a bit like irish mob vs maffia in the bronks i think, follows the irish side.
Found another great yankie show, well cash peters did on up all night. Tis called the black donnellys. Its a bit like irish mob vs maffia in the bronks i think, follows the irish side.

Looks like it's been pulled -

...On April 2, 2007, NBC announced that the series would be pulled after the April 16 episode [2]. That only lasted for two days, however, as on April 4, 2007, NBC decided to pull the show immediately from its lineup, presumably due to poor ratings on the most recent episode[3]. It was also announced that unaired episodes would be streamed online on the NBC website, as well as downloads available from iTunes. ...


aye unfortunatly it had. Its still worth a download though, ive got 9 episodes so far, thats a decent ammount to justify starting watching them.

dont trust the yanks when it comes to judging a tv series, there have been so many great shows that have been cancelled over there.
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been about 11 eps of the black donnellys so they might wrap up the series and not just stop half way through
Heroes is back!!

Season 2 Episode 1

..check the usual places

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