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I'm currently living in Greece, and i have to say that Greece have made tremendous advances in broadband since 2004. Right now all the large cities and many smaller ones support up to 24 mbps adsl broadband. In fact i dont know any ISP here which dont provide up to 24 mbps internet.

There are around 6 ISPs in total with some very competitive pricing. All connections (or atleast the ones i've had until now) dont have any kind of bandwidth limit or speed throttling.

Here is a speedtest:

I have never been throttled even in peak hours, and i generally get very good speeds.

Generally i get a better all round service in Greece than when i was with AOL in the UK.

Just a quick read for any interested people ;)


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Sounds impressive on the surface but it's hard to compare the markets without knowing more about Greek telecoms infrastructure. No limits though.. hmm reminds me of the early broadband days :) .
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