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Lack of information for first timers

Ok, first off let me please ask everyone who reads this to stick with it, this email is going to be very long drawn out as once i get going, i reallly do get going but i do bring up some valuable points.

My moan here is that there is a lack of good information for first time buyers of a broadband service. I consider myself pretty good at searching and finding information on the net, yet the only two helpful sites i found was this one and adslguide.

This site is fantastic with great staff and mods but with a lot of the isp reviews you have to be caucious that they havn't added their own reviews to try and make more money. It would be nice to have some official staff reviews *hint hint * :D but overall this site has been helpful.

Now for adslguide, this site also has some helpful faqs and info but there is some problems with this site too. The main ones i find to be the reviews on the routers/modems etc are very out of date and they are quite behind on some of the latest models. The other main probelm is the isp list they do, i find it very difficult to find information and the search engine is way too advanced for the average user.

(please stick with it i am going somewhere with this and its not entirely a flame thread i promise you.)

Well this morning, after a good four days of information searching and finding out as much as i can, i decided to get a magazine on broadband. I did have a good idea of what i want but just wanted to read the magazine just to make sure that i havn't missed anything cruicial.

The magazine is called Broadband and Internet advisor and well what can i say, it was the worst £5.00 i have ever spent. The entire step by step process they give you for getting broadband spans half a page and the beginners guide to broadband is nine pages long with a good four of them listing isps. These isp listings were pretty badly done and missed out crucial information for each isp.

I won't criticise the information too much but i will point out that they only mention three pieces of adsl equipment in in detail. They tell you the name of the equipment and the price, nothing else. What is someone who isn't very computer literate going to do with that information? take it down to their local computer shop? chances are the price will be significantly increased.

To further prove my theory that this god awful magazine really is pretty cruddy, i gave my mum the magazine to browse at and said that i will ask her questions later on it. My mum is a perfect example of the casual computer user, she can browse the net and word process but thats about it.

After asking her plenty of questions, it was evident she didn't really learn much from this beginners guide to broadband. The only thing she learnt is that you need a special type of modem to use the broadband service.

It strikes me as very odd that a magazine which emphaises on being a broadband advisor doesn't actually advise you much at all. Anyway i am going to email the editor later and suggest some additions he can make to actually make the magazine worth the price tag to most people.

Ok, another source of information.. the isp homepage. These places are the worst for finding out information and many of them are biased and try to make you pay a lot more money than you need to. Uk Online charge you £71.00 to share the broadband connection and force you to use a wireless network. Also they do not support the wireless adapters nor do their tech support help with setting up a wireless network, go figure huh?

AOL website, also lacking in certain information and i really did feel left in the shadows after reading their faq. I cant comment on websites such as BT as i am only interested in unlimited broadband which they dont offer.

The point of this topic is that computer noobies if you will, are left in the dark when it comes to choosing their first broadband connection. If they try and learn their information from their isp's faqs (like my mum would,) then they could be forced to pay a lot more money than they really need to (uk online anyone?)

Is there any websites which deal with non comp people when it comes to broadband? If not would anyone who is good at making sites be interested? I am more than willing to collect all the information needed.

Anyway rant over and just want to say CRAP, i saw a link section to your website so i bet i will find some useful websites now lol but as i spent like 15 minutes writing this im going to post it anyway :D
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We plan a 'Broadband Buyers' guide in the near future, but it's behind some other articles that we want to do first. It doesn't help that the market and design of a typical broadband service keeps shifting every 6 months or so ;).

Anyway, hopefully this will help once we get it finished (currently 25% done).
OK ISPs I recomend
Firenet, Vispa, NDO, Plusnet, Firefly, Nildram, Zen, Entityonline and Broadsurf I know people who use them and all have had a good service/get a good service. now its upto you to shorten it down to one that suits you. These companies have differnet types and ways of supplying tech support.

I use NTL cable if you are not in a cabled area you have to sort through the large choice and select some are just going through changes due to Telefonica selling up.
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