Norton 360 - Cant stop it doing automatic "background" scan


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I have norton 360 v2 and when i am on the pc, maybe playing a game, the game will start to lag, so i will open task manager and i see that the process called ccSvcHst is using alot of the proccessors power, i can not end the process either because in norton 360 v2 there is no option to turn off protection for the product, which would enable you to kill processes in task manager.
So when i try to end the process it says "access is denied".
If any1 else has had this problem then please could you help.

P.s i have turned off automatic scanning but it still insists on doing this!
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My advice is to get rid of Norton 360 permanently. Pick another AV package. Norton tends to be very intrusive and does cause the problem you have stated plus numerous others. It's a real PITA.



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I don't know much about Norton 360 but most AV software includes a scheduler that allows you to enable manual scanning and disable automatic scans, which I prefer. Most AV products also allow you to exclude certain files and folders from real-time monitoring, which should always be done for games.


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I also hate Norton.. Norton in 2004 good.. modern Norton sucks the life out of any pc.

Switch to microsofts free one :)


I have the same problem that you have and I've had 2 chat sessions with the Norton support people and they seem (to me) to literally try to ignore what I tell them the problem is and automatically go to shut off the scheduled system scans. It drives me nuts. I just wanted to make a point that I was able to shut off the CcSvChst....just fine in the task manager. I have Vista Home premium and I am the admin for my comp (duh). One more thing that might be causing you to have access denied to the "tamper protection" is a little button in the right hand side of the options menu that says "Symprotect Tamper Protection" I know it can be easy sometimes to overlook an option when looking for a specific phrase or just when you're plain mad. Hope this helps a bit.

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