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Organic Solutions

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Take a look at Organic Solutions they provided very good services and packages.

I would like to point out that i do work for Organic Solutions so i might be preducjed to there services but they have always worked for me.
Okay so the first recommendation was made by Organic Solutions themselves - so potentially a bit biased: however, an email from me was quickly answered and now I want to signup for their hosting.

...however, the registration pages yeild a '404 page not found' error as you go through the process - not so good...
Actually, it all went through in the end - now we just have to see how good they are at their hosting, when I've uploaded the site: but I have faith in the service thus far...
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Organic Solution

Just felt that i needed to make a quick post.

Organic solution is in no way affiliated with Organic Solutions, this user has been banned from the ispreview forums.

However i was interested to read your post could you possibly let me know where the error was that you received?
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