Slow Gigaclear 900Mbps Fibre


I've just recently had FTTP installed By Gigarclear and so far it not going well.
was hoping to future proof myself by getting the 900Mbps connection

The engineers turned up with the wrong tools to dig across my drive (No Tools)
they then fitted the cable up across my garage.

Within 2 hours they were done and at a distance (social distance) the engineer asked me to find the Gigaclear Wifi told me the password to input and there was a connection.

I was told that they don't set up the rest that down to me to connect the Linksys Velop via my phone App. while he was there I done a quick speed test on the Gigaclear speed checker and got 216 Mbps download and 300Mbps Upload.
this was tested with a Samsung Note 10 at close range
the engineer told me the speeds would go up within the hour and off he went.

The speed has not gone up and more to the point all i can get wired from modem to 1Gbps capably PC is 250Mbps.

I have spoken to Gigaclear several times Ive reset the modem and the Velops
tested to just the PC tried a laptop powered down it all again and every single connected device run tests on the Gigaclear speed checker and nothing has helped.
the wired speed drops as low as 60Mbps.

I was told today that there is nothing wrong with the service and getting 250Mbps is to be expected.
I was then given a little story about I have the Ferrari of internet but the speed limits it to 70MPH (something to do with Bandwidth I think).
I feel like I'm paying for a Ferrari but getting a Lemon
So basically I need help please trying to determine what is wrong.

setup is FTTP little grey termination outside little white box inside (DKT comega ) modem?
ethernet to the Linksys Velop and Wifi mesh to second Velop.

wifi signal is strong and I can get 200-300 up and download speed when in good range.
its just the wired side is not.

No VPNs connected when testing and if straight from the modem or from the Velop and nothing else connected the only speed I get wired is 250Max.

I have been reading and looking into this a bit over the last few days and most other people with a 500+Mbps isp get near enough that speed when tested wired.

any help or advise would be much appreciated


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I imagine you are getting 1GB . It's not so much you should speed test to 1gb you are essentialy testing the speed of the biggest bottleneck between you and the test server.

I would think if you ran speedtest on say 3 different devices they would all run an 250m simultaneously.

If not you're correct and have a 1GB pipe provisioned at 250mb ish


Thanks for the quick response
I will give that a try all wired i take it?
I just tried with 2 a PC and laptop and got very low results
PC 12.6 down 344 Up & Laptop 18.7Down 74up

That's nowhere near 900Mbps

when you say 1GB pipe provisioned at 250mb ish would that be the ISP?


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ISPreview Team
Fast.com is not one I'd recommend, I always see people getting impossibly high speeds from that test. But generally it's worth doing the usual dance of trying several different testers (don't rely on only one), as well as conducting a big download from different servers and doing all of this again at different times of day. Only then do you really get a good idea.

Equally the ISP could be suffering from local capacity constraints, which might mean that you have a 1Gbps pipe but the fuel is being distributed between so many users that you'll hardly ever get close to that speed. In such an example I might be inclined to request a downgrade to one of Gigaclear's slower tiers unless they can actually deliver c.900Mbps.


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Gigaclear residential connection are on a 25:1 contention ratio, so it may be that there is just a lot of traffic from neighbours all testing their broadband speed.
Or you could have been put in the wrong package - although they don't have a 250Mbps residential package (they do have a 250Mbps business package).
Or both.


Hi Thanks All for responding

I have tried many tests on many different testers
I tested again this morning and getting the following results

Fast.com 420Mbps download
Gigaclear speed checker 254Mbps Download
Speedtest.net 332Mbps Download

Don't get me wrong the speed and coverage of the new install is amazing compared to what I had which was BT FTTC superfast
The speed we could achieve there was depending on a full moon the stars aligning and a strong wind ad we got 24Mbps MAX.

its just I was sold this package of FTTP 900Mbps up and down speeds and was told that there would be less drops in speed as the system will be less congested.
and if wired with ethernet should expect full speeds.
So to do a test with a single 1 Gbps capable PC and nothing else on the network I thought I would at some point but not always see figure near the 900Mbps mark.
to be told by tech support that the 250Mbps is working right and it depends on the servers sending the data.

Feels like I'm paying for something I'm not actually getting, Back to there story I'm paying for a Ferrari that only does 70MPH.

I've seen other Gigaclear user reporting figures tested on speedtest.net of 940Download & 940Up.

Am I wrong in my thinking or ??? should they have tested the line?
when the engineers on site they tested nothing in the property just showed me how to connect to the Wi-Fi and said the rest is down to me.

Can Gigaclear prove to me they re delivering 900Mbps is that possible

sorry for all the questions just not getting anywhere with Gigaclear support


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I would have expected Gigaclear's speed test to get close to the max, at least sometimes.
I'm waiting for Gigaclear to start the long delayed build in my area, so I'm disappointed to hear of such sub-spec speeds.


I had been waiting for Gigaclear for nearly 5Yrs
But I have seen lots of Gigaclear customers reporting 940Mbps speeds so I believe there is a problem somewhere, I'm just not sure what it is


Run the test from the linksys velop app and see what you get. that should give you a better idea of the speed.

ive had gigaclear for over 3 months and service has been good. But they still haven‘t fixed an issue i‘ve got with my upload speed being only 100instead of the 300 I’m paying for. luckily it’s more annoying than a big issue, but it has made me nervous if I hit a bigger issue.

but 300/100 is great and it’s made WFH and streaming so much better.


Dan.. If the linksys app is anything like the Netgear Orbi app then the speed test is likely to produce really poor results. The Orbi app seemed to be testing against Netgears own server which must have had poor connectivity or congestion.

I'd be surprised to see more than about 250/300mbps out of wifi.
If you are testing over a cable make sure you've disconnected from the wifi as the operating system may still decide to send the data over the wifi if both are connected at the same time.

As for speed tests I've been researching this for quite a while now. A lot of tests can't cope with the gigabit speeds now becoming available to people.

My findings on gigabit connections are...
speedtest.net via the app you install on your computer.
I regularly pick GTT.net, Vodafone or Community Fibre Ltd. as the test server to test against. They seem to be able to cope.


Bad test sites:
fast.com - somehow manages to report a 1.4Gbps connection on a 1gbps connection.

Even if the connection to fast.com somehow performs badly (seems to be common) it over-reports compared to what an operating system throughput counter is actually doing. E.g.

Showing the oeprating system doing 238Mbps yet fast.com reporting 1.1Gbps!

Awful. Always under-reports speeds by about half of the throughput the operating system sees.

Also under reports the speed. probably due to poor capacity between speedof.me and the customer.

Also under reports the speed. Absolutely capacity issue at their speed test server end. If you have two 1gbps connections and run two tests you can watch the speed cut in half. (Not! contention at the gigabit ISP side!).

Under reports speed probably due to poor capacity between ovh and the customer.

As you can see the failure modes of these test sites vary. Some provide data at the required speed but report lower or higher.
Some just can't cope with gigabit connections so provide poor results.

Few actually work and accurately report speed.

Happy to provide proof/screenshots if anyone doubts my claims.
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