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Those Cartoons ...


I'm sure we've all heard about the depictions of Mohammed that have appeared in the Danish Press, and subsequently around Europe. News programmes have been earnestly discussing the issue, but as far as I know no British newspaper has dared to published them, nor have they been broadcast.

You would get the impression then that they are highly provocative, and designed to cause hatred. Well take a look at them for yourself. To my mind they are fairly harmless. If you are a very strict Muslim I suppose you could take offence (but there are also many Muslims who really aren't that bothered by them - any more than I, as a Christian, am bothered by artists who display crucifixes immersed in urine), but for the non-Muslims amongst us I sure it really doesn't produce any feelings of ill will at all. In fact after the scenes we've seen on the TV it leaves you utterly bemused that these images are being blamed.

If the mods get cold feet and want to remove the images, perhaps they would at least leave this link to another site that has them - http://www.flickr.com/photos/dump_2006/sets/72057594059179216/ .

Anyway here's what the huge fuss has been about (really a fuss about nothing) -
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Here's the background to all this -

...The entire controversy started when Danish author Kåre Bluitgen complained that he could not find an artist brave enought to illustrate his upcoming book about Mohammed. The newspaper Jyllands-Posten issued a call for submissions from any artists willing to take up the challenge. In the ensuing brouhaha, the original book was almost forgotten; it has now been released, and does feature page after page of Mohammed depictions. ...


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I can understand why devout Moslems would take offence at three of them.

The bomb turban thing is probably the most offensive and might be construed to depict (Muhammed=Islam) = Terrorists.

The comments in the "woman under thumb" are easily read as offensive.

The "no virgins left" one is in bad taste especially as the lead "suicide bomber mrtyr" appears to be wearing the remains of a smoking backpack.

The others appear to be a mixture of that strange European "humour" that I don't understand.

For those Moslems who consider the Prophet Muhammed to be a holy and special person, any depiction of him in a negative or non-honouring fashion would cause offence.

In the same way, for myself as a Christian, any depiction of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who died on a cross to pay for my sins (i.e. He is a holy and special person), in a negative, belittleing or non-honouring fashion is offensive, especially when His Name is used as a swearword.

The response to the offensive depiction of Jesus (Isa) in Jerry Springer, for example, was reletively low key (only a minority of a minority complained) and more or less brushed aside, which I guess is to be expected in a secular society such as the UK. The reactions we are seeing in the news come from societies which are definitely not secular and in which Islam religion has a much greater significance.

Anyway, thank you for posting the images and giving me the chance to form my own opinion of them,
Do i feel offended by these images? Yes i am!! of course i am. I love my religon and i believe and love the prophet mohammed (Peace and blessings of allah be upon him). But i do not agree with those idiots who are going on streets and making a scene. I would rather pray to God for those who published these, so that instead of making fun of a Prophet of God they do something for Humanity. I would rather pray to God and ask for forgiveness for which one of my wrong doings in someway might have caused them to publish these images. My religon is about peace, and not the one which causes hate. "Love to all, Hatred for none".
Just to be clear, I didn't post the images to offend, I posted them to generate debate. I classed them as fairly harmless, in the context of the range of discourse that takes place in our society - though some of the images are clearly mischievous.

I really don't think the "perfect" religion exists, they all have good and bad within them, and of course function through the imperfect medium of human beings. Because religions, and their followers have flaws, it is important we can freely challenge the ideas and actions promoted by them. :hrmph:
Under the same umbrella; I made a commotion about the Jerry Springer show thing from last year, depicting Jesus as homosexual. I am a muslim and was very upset by that depiction of Christ and equally by the Cartoons. Forget the fact that Muslims never ever depict any of the prophets to make sure idolatry doesnt exist but the context was very tasteless and just shows how much people don't want to understand how different but how similar the muslim world is.
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i dont know why you had to post them to show your version of freedom of speech. Everybody knows about this because it is all over the news, so you think that posting them again made a better point then so be it. It does not change anything on my mind and i dont think any peace loving person would have any change of thoughts. Freedom of speech has its limits too, one must remember that this is going to play very well in hands of bunch of extremists who are looking for such events. And it can trigger a roit which god forbid we all do not want under any circumstances.
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Well I for one was glad to have the opportunity to look at them myself instead of reading others opinions of them. It has been said numerous times in relation to these cartoons that every political caricature has a grain of truth in it. So it is not then a little unfortunate that the artist was unable to seperate the religion from those who seek to use it to further their own agenda's.

I do not subscribe to the notion that Islam as a religion is inherently bad in anyway, certainly not more so than christianity or any other religion out there. I know they were designed to be provocative and controversial but one or two are perhaps unnecessary and lacking in intelligence.

However, Muslims need to understand that we cannot and will not pander to their crazed antics! They are no more special in western society than any other religion be it christianity, paganism, hinduism or even satanism. We should be dismantling all forms of state protected religion not seeking to enshrine new ones. Political correctness has a very real limit before it becomes a negative thing more likely to create more problems than it solves.

On the plus side the artist has achieved his aim of inspiring debate and we have learnt that once again as ever the BBC is utterly spineless.

A big thank you to the poster and ISPR for letting people have the chance to form their own opinions!
sheedatali said:
i dont know why you had to post them to show your version freedom of speech. Everybody knows about this because it is all over the news, so you think that posting them again made a better point then so be it. It does not change anything on my mind and i dont think any peace loving person would have any change of thoughts. Freedom of speech has its limits too, one must remember that this is going to play very well in hands of bunch of extremists who are looking for such events. And it can trigger a roit which god forbid we all do not want under any circumstances.

I posted them because contrary to what you have stated, everybody does not "know" about them, because the British press have _refused_ to display them even though there is no law preventing them doing so.

Freedom of speech may have limits but they must surely be agreeable to the vast bulk of society. Systematically inciting violence ,for instance, is unacceptable, but a simple visual representation of a historical figure does not seem credible reason to impose censorship to me, not in Western Europe. Far worse "insults" have been hurled at other segments of society.

You may well be correct about extremists, but that is the predictable nature of religions the world over, and is probably the way it always has been and will be. :shrug:
Dont forget that Islam is quite a few hundred years younger than the various forms of Christianity and that much less mature a religion, if you deduct that number of years and look back in history, anyone who dared to publish anything like this about Jesus would have been put to the death.
I personally think they are overreacting, but I am not surprised.
Eventually they will realise that, like all religion, it is just a crutch to support weak minded people.
PS I'm agnostic
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I once heard "Religion removes individual thought" and what we have here is a fine example of how true the saying was with nearly every Muslim in the land ranting / seeking to enact violence.

So freedom of speech is okay as long as you don't upset anyone heh! There's going to be no satirical magazines, comedians etc soon.

I don't need religion and whilst I don't want to upset anyone who needs it, why should I give them any more respect than an antheist? I want to live my life how I want to and not have to consult a book - whatever religious domination.

For those who dont know, an "antheist" is a worshipper of an religion based on the woman who used to be consdered a Goddess, Anthea Turner.
Sadly she turned out to be a false Goddess and instead became an sad, overweight trollop.
Most of her worshippers switched allegience and became Diabolists, people who worship the Lambourgini Diablo.

(Sorry rru I couldnt resist it.:laugh: )
It's purely and simply going towards censorship if we stop newspapers and broadcasters from showing images depicting a religion as bad. Every religion gets a bashing from time to time, but that's just part of the freedom that we have in our countries. I'm actually more annoyed about how the media reports on people rioting about the media in our country. They are the real criminals as they are hurting people directly. Attacking the west for one countries media is completely unacceptable.

Just my view anyway ;)
Bob2002, if you mean the "Mo" bit I didnt say anything because Mo was a saint, someone who tried to bring the people back from the evil corruptions of Central Office and restore the true faith before she was villified and finally crucified by King Antony and his royal court, the same people who are throwing the nations boy children into the river of death (AKA Iraq and Afganistan).
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Apparently my spelling of his name falls under the standard effects of Arabic transliteration - well that's what Wikipedia is telling me. :hrmph:
Let us all bow our heads for a mument in prayer and reflection......
To be honest, I couldn't care a hoot about cartoons, BUT as soon as it was said that I couldn't see them, I WANTED to see them.

Basically just to see what all the fuss was about.

So by kicking off and making it into a BIG news story I became interested.

If nothing had been said and just a low key complaint had been made to the people responsible, maybe I would of never heard a word about it.

I can see how the some might find them upsetting, but christians/catholics etc have been taking the mickey out of each other and even themselves for as long as I can remember.

I can also understand muslims being touchy about bomb stuff ( at this time ).

But after all, it's their members who have given the club a bad name.
I find that this inclusion of these cartoon highly offensive. You should be ashamed of yourself for daring to use the. I am white and born in England but I have respect for other people's religions.
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