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Tiscali 'Termination'....

I've just got a letter form Tiscli that states:

"We notice that you have extremely high usage on your Surftime Package.Unfortunately your current level of usage is adversely affecting the service we can offer other users. Please ensure that you significantly reduce your usage or we will have no choice but to terminate your account on 18th September, in accordance with our terms and conditions."

It then goes on to try and sell me Broadband, which I find insulting - they never replied to my enquiry about a 128k ISDN service, and I certainly can't get Brodaband ADSL or anything like it where I stay. :mad:

Question is - what is "significantly reduce"? 50% surrent usage? 30%? 1%? 10 minutes? 12 hours? WHAT? The terms and conditions don't seem to state anything - apart from the usual "we reserve the right to boot you for any reason we can think of at the time" (usual legal copout).

What is going on in these Tiscali-minds? E-mails to them go unanswered, and I aint phoning their damn 50p per minute line. Anyone had a similar experience?
Mayby i should ceck my Tiscali mail, I'm a heavy User as well, will post back and let you know if they want me off.

One thing to note is tho, if they do cut you off, ther classicly so bad at closing accounts they will probably forget, or close it but keep charging you - keep an eye out for this.
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Erm, well the curent usage is quite high.... I download stuff overnight. Programs, music, demos etc... The 'BEAST' goes on when I go in from work until I get up the next day. It's on all the time Surftime will allow.

I spent a fortune (well, to me it is) getting an ISDN line installed. I only use it single channel cos Tiscali dont want to know if you have 2 channels. I pay more for the ISDN line than it would cost to get ADSL. I spent it though - see my signature for the why. I still HATE BT...

But what I don't understand is these 'open ended' statements Tiscali choose to send me. If they say 'You should only be on 10 hours out of every 30 hours Surftime week' I'd stick to it. This vague stab at a warning just leeves me angry at them. I may use it for only 10 minutes in the next month and they would still BOOT me. <img border="0" alt="[Hrmph]" title="" src="graemlins/hrmph.gif" />
They certainly seem to have a hard on for you Deductive-Logic , Im also on the Tiscali Surftime package, 64k ISDN, and also apply heavy usage to the service. I work abroad, and every 28 days that i am at home, the PC is running and connected during Surftime hrs. Its configured to autodial after the cut off period, which is normally at about 2 1/2 hrs, and so far i havnt recieved any e-mails from them reguarding my usage. Perhaps the usage is calculated over a yearly average, and this is why they have left me alone. Ive been with them for 3 years from when they were formally Lineone, and have few complaints about the service they provide. I fail to understand their inconsistancy, by warning you of your usage, and not other users, who have similar up time.

Im happy enough with them just now, but if i get any indication that they consider my usage unacceptable then the first thing i will do is cancel the DD payments from the bank. then tell them where to stuff it.

as a vague and wooly guide, it costs ISPs a bit under 10p each hour you're online, so with a £15/mo connection they'd expect an average of somewhere about 150hrs/mo per account, you'll probably get away with more if you do small hours less if it's all primetime
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