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USB ADSL modem versus Router


LO al, I am finally moving to a broadband accessable house for the first time.
( Call me Mr. Chuffed)

I am an ex online gamer who gave up because 56K just wasnt viable anymore for clan play but obviously I am well keen to get back in to things.

I have heard that a router will definately give a better game ping . I have also heard that 1 meg won't really make much if any difference over 512K ??

What are the opinions of those here re the two points and should I definately buy myself a router ( info on which one would be nice too )

Cheers Mas

look foreward to fraggin you all in the near future :)
Router vs modem:

A USB modem is a drain on PC resources whereas a rpouter isn't, but it's only a small drain. TBH, there is probably little practical difference between the 2, but if you have a choice (with not too much of a price difference) I'd go for a router (ideally, with a built in Firewall for additional security).


I don't think going to 1mb will make the slightest difference is game/ping speeds, simply becuase the amount of data required for clan gaming doesn't come close to the limits of 512k. I'm not an expert, but I'm sure more knowledgable members will agree.

I'm not much of a gamer (if I so much as showed my rather old PC any game more advanced than Half Life it'd start crying), but Half-life and various other games of that time worked laglessly (I think I just invented a new word!) over a standard 512 connection.

Actually - another point - HL etc worked laglessly when I didn't have my software firewall running, so I'd recommends getting a router with a Firewall so that you don't need a software firewall. With Zonealarm running, I got a 2-second lag between pressing a key and the game reacting - I thought I'd drunk too much until I worked out what was happening!! :crap:
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Akbray's right. 512k vs 1Mbit for gaming won't make a big difference. It's really the upload that does, and all products are 256k upload anyway. The only difference I can see is downloading patches or maps for the game.

As for the router vs usb modem, a lot of people complain that USB modems can be slow, and switching to a router gives them a big performance boost. You also get the added security if it's SPI or a NAT router.
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Mas - are you moving to an ADSL-enabled area or cable-enabled area (or both)?

I don't know much about cable bb as it's not available near me, but it may have faster upload speeds, therefore it may be more suitable? I'm sure someone on this board will clarify this.
i have Blueyonder 3MB and i get 32k/sec upload - tbh i find no difference than my old 512k connection when it comes to multiplayer performance - pings to UK servers are much better though, around 1MS (NDO's is anyway)
Thanks to all who posted, to be honest you have all agreed pretty much with whats said elsewhere .

No, I wont have access to cable , its still a countryside address but fortunately its within reasonable distance of an ADSL exchange.

I shall get my 512k connection and go for a ' quality ' provider and I shall take the advice here and invest in a firewall enabled router. I am aware re the resource drain of a modem but as the chap says it is minor and you can compensate with a 'crack' fast P.C. but the firewall sounds a very good point indeed !!

Now I have to track down a reasonably priced router , the makers are all boasting " 4 devices in one " modem , router , firewall , amd WI-FI and I fancy this , so I now have to choose one thats reasonably priced and performs.

Would love to here any recomendations. ?????????????/

P.S ' half-life ' still rules in my book :)

Cheers Mas
I believe NetGear are good.

Also Linksys products are basically cut-down versions of Cisco products, so they are definitely worth a look.

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I was extremely lucky and I bought a cheap 4 port router off ebuyer.

It has a built in firewall (which I tested by leaving zonealarm running-nothing came at it at all) and my ping to UK servers is very good, generally in the 30s (in game).

If your that into gaming it helps to read up on the ISP you are looking at.

Your first port of call would be to narrow down your ISP's between the main factors-

Reliability, value for money, customer support.

Once your satisfied you have got those, post in the forum sections for those ISP's your looking at, asking how the pings are.

By the way, there is no differance at all from the 512k and 1mb for gaming. My freind has is on the same ISP as me, but has the 1mb package. He plays the same game and gets exactly the same ping (although occasionally more when hes downloading at the same time).
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