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Virgin on the ridiculous!!

I have been with Virgin for nearly 2 months and to be quite frank there service is terrible. Connection speeds are terrible at all times apart from the middle of the night. I'm lucky to get 45 to 50kbs second during daylight hours and i'm on a 2meg connection. Clearly a service for vampires only!
If any one is tempted by the no 12 month contract aspect don't bother because if you do cancel within this period they charge you an admin fee of £53.
What speeds do you get during the night (ie your best speeds)
and have you contacted virgin for assistance with the problem?
If so what have they done or what are they doing with you to resolve the issue. or what are they not doing or what have they not done?
Another post of yours on another thread implied you only suffer poor speeds
using bittorrent or downloading from newsgroups, is that the case or is it
as you say here always slow except in the middle of the night.
Have you tried any speedtests (for example on www.adslguide.org.uk)
or are you basing your speeds entirely on what you get in downloads via bittorrent or from newsgroups.
Have you tried those tests with any p2p software you have turned off.
Slow speeds can be down to almost anything, p2p file transfers that you are
unaware of, firewalls incorrectly configured, poor filtering or wiring within your
house, bt line issues, exchange capacity issues, isp bandwidth , and of course the number of other adsl users with whom you are sharing and what exactly they are doing.
Also some tweaking can help,
Dr TCP can help if you are using a usb modem for your connection
if you are using a router you can also find that a firmware upgrade can help.
As with anything else you could also find that it doesn't.

Virgin do have a cancellation fee that can be applied within the first twelve
months which I have to say is disappointing to say the least, even if
understandable given the costs of getting adsl activated on a persons line
in the first place. The biggest problem with it is that they are quite vague about it, they say it MAY be applied.
At the moment if pushed they say that the less time you are with them
the more likely it is to be applied, so say anytime in the first 3 months
you probably would be; anytime after the 9th month probably not, but
who can rely on what they say they are doing right now when in t&c's
which you can be held to they have reserved the right to charge you right
up to the end of the twelfth month.
Anyone know of anyone who has been charged the cancellation fee to date?
Virgin problems

I have sent several emails to Virgin and followed their advise to no avail. I have used Dr TCP to change settings, tried different filters, switched fire walls off etc etc. Virgin have not yet advised they will look into this for me. All they do is send apologetic emails which are no good to me.

I would'nt be so bothered if it was just p2p, bittorrent and usenet that was being affectd, although I'd still be annoyed. What really winds me up is speed of just browsing the web. This morning was a perfect example. Connected to the web and pages were not loading at all and when they did it was as slow as on dial up, and this is no exageration. I dont know what to do next. I don't want t ring a 25p a minute technical line just to be given a load of bull. I will just grin and bear it for three months, see how it goes and if its stil bad will request my mac code and go elsewhere.
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Not that Im saying this is in any way related, but the past few days my broadband connection has been dial up slow. Torrents would only go at around 13kb, and web pages took so long to load, many timed out.

Today however, has been good, torrents getting to roughly 50kb+, and web pages load fine whiilst torrent progs are open.
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