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ISP Review interviews AOL UK about broadband, dialup and spam

Interview with AOL UK
By Mark 'Winter' Jackson : Feb 2nd - 2004 : Page 1 of 4

"Availability and cost issues will mean it is many years before broadband is the most popular access form"

AOL was, along with a small group of other ISPs, one of the founding providers responsible for helping to introduce ‘consumer’ Internet access to the masses in the UK.

To help kick off 2004 we (ISP Review) conducted a quick interview with AOL UKs own Director of Communications, Jonathan Lambeth, in the hope of getting a few reader questions answered and learning a little from their experience in the market:

1. Who are you and what do you do?

Jonathan Lambeth. Director of Communications, AOL UK.

2. How do you (personally at home) connect to the Internet (by what method (ADSL etc.)) and is AOL UK your ISP of choice?

I have a cable connection as I cannot get DSL where I live yet and run AOL Broadband over the top. I will switch to a 1Mb DSL when it is available.

3. Do you believe that unmetered dialup pricing and related technology (56K) has finally settled down or could more still be done to make it better, if so, what?

It seems to be a highly competitive market at the moment which would suggest that the general pricing is unlikely to shift signficantly for a while. Usually the cheaper services charge for customer support and offer no additional features. It offers consumers plenty of choice and would be a good model for a regulated broadband market.

4. How long can dialup maintain its place in the market before broadband finally overwhelms it?

For some time yet. Availability and cost issues will mean it is many years before broadband is the most popular access form.

5. Does AOL UK support the full feature set of v.92 modems and if not, why?

AOL UK is currently evaluating V92 for the benefits it may provide versus potential problems. We want to make sure that the advantages of supporting the V.92 features outweigh the disadvantage so therefore V.92 is not actively supported on the network at this time.

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