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The following is a list of professionally written editorial articles and helpful guides from members of the ISPreview.co.uk team. In addition, we also conduct interviews with prominent industry figures and these have been similarly listed below.
 Article Categories - [History - 2006 to 2001, 2000 to 1999]
Date Author Title
31/12/21 Mark.J The 2021 vs 2020 Top Fastest UK Mobile and Home Broadband ISPs
We look at how the performance of key national broadband ISPs and mobile network operators has changed during 2021.
30/12/21 Mark.J 2021 vs 2020 - UK Broadband and Mobile Speeds vs the World
ISPreview.co.uk takes a look back to see how the United Kingdom compared against the top 50 world countries for fixed broadband and mobile data speeds in 2021.
29/12/21 Mark.J Solutions for Battery Backup of Fibre Broadband and VoIP Phone
A quick look at how you can protect your digital phone (VoIP) and full fibre (FTTP) broadband connections from power cuts.
20/12/21 Mark.J UPDATED - Summary of Full Fibre Build Progress Across UK Broadband ISPs
We summarise well over 60 alternative network ISPs, which are all helping to deploy full fibre (FTTP / FTTH) broadband across the United Kingdom.
16/10/21 Mark.J Gigaclear Interview - The UK Challenges of Building Rural Full Fibre
We interview the James Fredrickson, Gigaclear's Head of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs, about the challenges they've faced in deploying full fibre broadband across remote rural parts of the UK.
30/08/21 Mark.J VX Fiber - What UK FTTP Broadband Projects Can Learn from Sweden
We interview the Chairman of Swedish operator VX Fiber, Mikael Sandberg, about how full fibre broadband deployments differ between Sweden and the UK.
29/08/21 Mark.J Benchmarking Broadband ISP Speed Testers On a 10Gbps Line
We examine a batch of different web based broadband speed testers to see how they hold up when asked to test a 10Gbps capable FTTP line.
28/08/21 Mark.J The Top 3 Do's and Don'ts When Broadband ISP Engineers Visit
An engineer's light hearted perspective on what customers should and should not do when they come to work inside your home.
27/08/21 Mark.J Openreach's Director of Fibre Build Talks Scotland's R100 Rollout
We interview Openreach's Director of Fibre Build in the UK, Andrew Hepburn, about the challenges of deploying FTTP across rural Scotland under the R100 contract.
30/05/21 Mark.J Interview - AVM Talks Broadband Routers in a Time of Chip Shortages and COVID
We interview AVM UK's Matthew Tyler about the challenges of building broadband routers (FRITZ!Box) during COVID-19 and the shortage of semiconductor chips.
29/05/21 Mark.J ISP Choices on Openreach's UK FTTP Broadband Network 2021
A simplified summary of the latest UK broadband ISP choices on Openreach's new Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network.
06/04/21 Mark.J USB vs WiFi - Tethering 4G Broadband to a Laptop via Android Phones
We examine the practical and performance differences between 4G tethering (mobile broadband) to a laptop via USB cable and WiFi.
03/04/21 Mark.J How Much Does 1Gbps UK Home Broadband Cost - ISPs Compared
We take a look at how much each gigabit capable broadband ISP charges for their top 1Gbps (average 900Mbps+) tier in Q1 2021 and examine the price differences.
11/01/21 Mark.J The UK Best Broadband ISPs for Homes - 2021 Editors Pick
ISPreview takes a look back over the past year to produce an 'Editors Pick' summary of the best home broadband ISP options for 2021 by a mix of quality and money saving.
30/12/20 Mark.J 2020 vs 2019 - UK Broadband and Mobile Speeds vs the World
We take a look to see how the United Kingdom compares against the top 50 world countries for fixed broadband and mobile data speeds.
29/12/20 Mark.J The 2020 vs 2019 Top Fastest UK Mobile and Home Broadband ISPs
We examine how the performance of key national broadband ISPs and mobile network operators has changed during 2020.
27/12/20 Mark.J Why Buying Gigabit Broadband Doesn't Always Deliver 1Gbps
We look at some of the reasons why you won't always get the full speed out of a 1Gbps broadband package.
26/09/20 Mark.J Interview - Emtelle UK Calls for One Dig Strategy to Help Gigabit Broadband
We interview the Solutions Director of UK fibre supplier Emtelle about their view of the industry and what needs to change for Gigabit rollouts.
14/09/20 Mark.J Interview - Community Fibre CEO on Building FTTP, Obstructive Landlords and Skills
We interview the CEO of London Full Fibre ISP, CommunityFibre, about their broadband plans for the future and the challenges ahead.
30/08/20 Mark.J The High Cost of Broadband for USO Excluded UK Communities
ISPreview examines the cost of broadband delivery for those who fall outside of the 10Mbps Universal Service Obligation's (USO) £3,400 cost threshold.
29/08/20 Mark.J Voneus Interview - Examining the "unrealistic" 2025 UK Gigabit Broadband Target
We interview the founder and CEO of Voneus, Steve Leighton, about the UK Government's "unrealistic" gigabit broadband roll-out target.
25/07/20 Mark.J DrayTek Interview - A Brief Look Inside a Router Manufacturer
We interview DrayTek's Account Director, Richard Sutherland, to better understand what the future of broadband routers may hold.
09/05/20 Mark.J Interview - Scotland's R100 Boss Talks Future Broadband Plans
The Programme Director for the Scottish Government's £600m R100 (Reaching 100%) programme, Clive Downing, talks about their plans for deploying superfast broadband.
11/04/20 Mark.J How to Choose an External 4G or 5G Mobile Broadband Antenna
A guide that explains how to understand 4G or 5G mobile coverage and to choose an external antenna in order to get faster or more stable mobile broadband speed.
10/04/20 Mark.J Interview - WightFibre on Challenges of Bringing FTTP to an Island
We interview the CEO of WightFibre, John Irvine, about the challenges they've faced in deploying full fibre broadband across the Isle of Wight (England).
07/02/20 Mark.J Is UK 5G Mobile Dangerous to Human Health? A Fact Check
A lot of fears have recently been spread about the alleged dangers to health of new 5G based mobile networks. We take a look at the issue to examine what, if any, dangers actually exist.
28/12/19 Mark.J The Top 2019 vs 2018 Fastest UK Mobile and Home Broadband ISPs
We examine how the performance of key national broadband ISPs and mobile network operators has changed during 2019.
27/12/19 Mark.J Identifying BT and Virgin Media's Broadband Street Furniture 2020
A short guide to help people identify street equipment and cabinets from broadband operators including Openreach and Virgin Media.
21/12/19 Mark.J Interview - Openreach on UK FTTP Rollout, Competition and Future Plans
We interview Openreach's MD for Fibre and Network Delivery, Kevin Murphy, to talk about their future plans for fibre broadband.
09/11/19 Mark.J Interview - Zen Internet Talks Ending the Fibre Tax and Working with Altnet ISPs
The chairman of Zen Internet, Richard Tang, talks about the problems of the fibre tax, internet regulation, full fibre rollout and working with alternative networks.
17/09/19 Mark.J Interview - ISPA on the Risks of Brexit, DoH and UK Full Fibre Targets
Chair of the UK ISP Association, Andrew Glover, talks about the challenges of DNS over HTTPS (DoH), Brexit and full fibre broadband for providers.
25/08/19 Mark.J Interview - ITS Technology - Opportunity and Threat from UK Copper Switch Off
The CEO of ITS Technology talks about some of the markets current challenges, not least in terms of full fibre deployments and future plans.
03/08/19 Mark.J The Challenges of Boris Johnson's 2025 Full Fibre for All UK Pledge
ISPreview examines the feasibility of Boris Johnson's (UK Prime Minister) 2025 target for universal full fibre (FTTP) coverage.
20/07/19 Mark.J Broadband Segregation Risk as ISPs Shun Slower Speed ADSL Lines
ISPreview examines the problem of ISPs that reject orders from rural consumers because their broadband line speeds would be too slow.
16/07/19 Mark.J *UPDATED* Who is Building - UK Summary of Full Fibre Broadband Plans and Investment
A short summary of all the key plans and investments that are being made to deploy Gigabit speed "full fibre" (FTTP, FTTH and FTTB) broadband across the United Kingdom.
23/04/19 Mark.J Swapping to Broadband VoIP from a UK Copper Home Phone Line
A simple guide to help people who wish to move their fixed telephone line number to an internet based Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service instead.
13/04/19 Mark.J Openreach (BT) Interview - The Challenges of Sharing Cable Ducts for Fibre
We interview Openreach's Katie Milligan about the challenges of its revised Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) product, which opens their network up to broadband rivals.
11/04/19 Mark.J Explaining Why Big UK Broadband ISPs Have Concerns About DNS over HTTPS
We examine the impact of DNS over HTTPS technology on UK broadband ISPs, which may struggle to adapt as they lose control over centralised Domain Name Systems.
28/12/18 Mark.J A Comparison of Home Broadband Router Specs from the Big UK ISPs
A brief look at the broadband router options and features offered by some of the UK market's biggest ISPs.
27/12/18 Mark.J The Top 2018 vs 2017 Fastest UK Mobile and Home Broadband ISPs
We take a look back at how the performance of key national broadband ISPs and mobile operators has changed during 2018.
15/10/18 Mark.J Interview - Orbital Net (Vfast) Boss on 100Mbps Wireless Trial and Future Plans
The boss of UK ISP Orbital Net (Vfast), Darren Brown, talks about his trial of a 100Mbps wireless broadband service and full fibre challenges.
17/09/18 Mark.J Interview - Community Fibre's Path to 10Gbps Broadband for 1 Million Premises
The CEO of London ISP Community Fibre, Jeremy Chelot, talks about the challenges of aspiring to deploy FTTP broadband to 1 million premises by c.2025.
25/08/18 Mark.J Interview - Gigaclear CEO Mike Surrey on Building Full Fibre Beyond England
Gigaclear's interim CEO, Mike Surrey, talks about the challenges of full fibre broadband and extending their ISP network outside England.
18/06/18 Mark.J Interview - Dr John Cioffi on the Viability of 1 Terabit DSL Copper Line Broadband
The "father" of DSL, Dr John Cioffi, discusses the viability of his proposed Terabit DSL (TDSL) technology, which could in theory send 1000000Mbps down a traditional copper line.
09/06/18 Mark.J 2018 Update - VDSL Router Options for UK FTTC Fibre Broadband ISPs
We summarise a small selection of the latest and best consumer FTTC (integrated VDSL2 and ADSL modems) "fibre broadband" router options for the year of 2018, which may improve your network.
26/05/18 Mark.J Truespeed Interview - We Hope to Reach 200,000 UK Premises with FTTP
The CEO of TrueSpeed, Evan Wienburg, explains their approach to conducting a rural fibre optic broadband rollout and the challenges involved.
09/04/18 Mark.J Testing Satellite Broadband on a British Airways Flight to the USA
In-flight internet access (WiFi) is increasingly growing to become a key service differentiator. We take a trip to the USA on British Airways to see how far the technology has evolved.
04/04/18 Mark.J Should UK Broadband ISPs Stop Locking Users to Bundled Routers
We examine the sometimes controversial decision by major broadband ISPs to obstruct subscribers from connecting to the internet via their own third-party router instead of the bundled kit.
30/03/18 Mark.J Interview - Openreach on the Challenges of Delivering Fast UK Ethernet
Openreach's (BT) Kevin Murphy talks about the challenges and expectations of deploying high speed Ethernet and fibre optic leased lines across the United Kingdom.
08/01/18 Mark.J ISP Review's 2018 Choice of the Best UK Home Broadband Providers
ISPreview.co.uk takes a look back over the past year to produce an 'Editors Picks' summary of the best home broadband ISP options for 2018, which is sorted into categories for quality or saving money.
02/01/18 Mark.J A Look at How Other Countries Advertise Broadband ISP Speeds vs UK
We examine how a selection of other countries advertise their fixed line broadband ISP speeds and compare those with the United Kingdom's approach.
28/12/17 Mark.J The 2017 vs 2016 Top Fastest UK Home Broadband and Mobile Providers
We take a look how the national performance of key fixed line broadband ISPs and mobile operators has changed during 2017.
06/11/17 Mark.J Interview - CEO of Luminet Says UK Should Focus on Universal Gigabit Broadband
The CEO of Luminet, Sasha Williamson, has told ISPreview.co.uk that the United Kingdom needs to do better than a 10Mbps USO and should focus on universal gigabit broadband.
30/10/17 Mark.J Mini Interview - Gigaclear CEO Says UK Needs National Plan for "Full Fibre" Broadband
The CEO of Gigaclear, Matthew Hare, explains what changes the Government need to make in order to foster the roll-out of FTTH broadband across the United Kingdom.
25/09/17 Mark.J Interview - John Henry Group Reveals the Obstacles to Building UK Fibre Optic Networks
The Non-Executive Chairman of the John Henry Group civil engineering firm, Mark Heraghty, explains some of the challenges with rolling out new fibre optic broadband (FTTP/H) networks.
18/09/17 Mark.J Ultrafast Fibre Optic FTTP Broadband Networks Cover 1.1 Million UK Premises
An annual summary of the progress in deploying "full fibre" FTTP / FTTB / FTTH broadband networks across the United Kingdom.
19/04/17 Mark.J Retentions - Tips for Cutting Your Broadband Bill Without Switching ISP
Sometimes it's easier to negotiate a lower price with your existing ISP than to switch provider, we explain how and why you should try this.
18/04/17 Mark.J 2017 UPDATE - Which is the Cheapest Unlimited Superfast Broadband ISP
We attempt to identify the cheapest UK superfast broadband and line rental ISP bundles for 2017, which can be a minefield of different offers and discounts.
13/02/17 Mark.J The Changing Face of UK Home Phone Lines and Broadband Provision
We examine the demise of the traditional fixed home phone / voice line (PSTN / POTS), which over the next 8 years will be replaced by a broadband focused and VoIP dominated solution.
06/02/17 Mark.J *2016-17 UPDATE* - VDSL Router Options for FTTC "Fibre Broadband" ISPs
Once again we take a look at some of the latest consumer FTTC (integrated VDSL modem) "fibre broadband" router options for the coming year of 2016.
03/01/17 Mark.J The UK Electricity Costs of Home Broadband ISP Routers Compared
ISPreview.co.uk examines how much it costs (electricity usage) to run a modern home broadband router from several of the major ISPs and what factors influence the outcome.
21/11/16 Mark.J Call Flow Interview - Regulation Needed to Protect AltNet Broadband ISPs
The MD and Founder of Call Flow Solutions, Andy Conibere, talks about future broadband technology and the need to protect alternative networks from being "unfairly squeezed out" of the market by the dominant suppliers.
17/10/16 Mark.J Europasat Interview - Broadband USO is "unfeasible" Without Satellite
The CEO of Europasat, Andrew Walwyn, tells ISPreview.co.uk about the future of broadband via Satellite and why he believes that it's the only way to deliver the 10Mbps Universal Service Obligation (USO).
19/09/16 Mark.J Sckipio Interview - What Can We Expect from BT's G.fast Broadband Tech
We interview the CEO of Sckipio Technologies, David Baum, about what the next generation of ultra-fast G.fast broadband technology will deliver for BT and the United Kingdom.
16/09/16 Mark.J How Openreach (BT) Handles Full to Capacity FTTC Broadband Cabinets
We take a look at the issue of full to capacity FTTC "fibre broadband" street cabinets, which can prevent people from ordering a new connection on Openreach's (BT) network.
17/08/16 Mark.J Tips and Advice for UK Students Choosing a New Broadband ISP
A short and simple guide to help Students choose a new broadband ISP when living away from home.
31/05/16 Mark.J Reasons Why You Can't Get FTTC Broadband, Despite Being Covered
We look at some of the top reasons why it's not always possible to order FTTC "fibre broadband", despite the service being available in your area.
30/03/16 Mark.J Fragmented Internet TV Content Licensing Risks Igniting Piracy Surge
We consider what impact an increasingly fragmented and Internet content focused Pay TV market could have on consumer behaviour.
29/03/16 Mark.J The Importance of Video Compression to Broadband ISP Speeds
We look at the huge impact that different video compression methods can have on your broadband connection, data usage and viewing experience.
04/01/16 Mark.J The Best UK Home Broadband ISPs for 2016 - ISPreview.co.uk Picks
ISPreview.co.uk delivers an 'Editors Picks' style summary of the best home broadband ISP picks for 2016, which is sorted into categories for either saving money or quality.
30/12/15 Mark.J Examining the Changing Cost of UK Phone Line Rental and its Future
We investigate the rising cost of Line Rental (Phone) services and how it fits in with changes in the wider broadband market, which can create confusion for consumers.
29/12/15 Mark.J The 2015 Worst UK Home Broadband ISPs for Advertising Complaints
We take a quick look back over the past 12 months to see which home broadband providers suffered the most bans for bad or "misleading" adverts.
07/12/15 Mark.J Interview - Sky's Position on Separating BT from its UK Telecoms Network
Sky's Chief Economist, Alan Sewell, tells us about their calls for BT to be separated from control of their national broadband and phone network (Openreach) and what it means for consumers.
30/11/15 Mark.J Interview - IFNL Says All New UK Homes Need a Pure Fibre Optic Broadband Service
We interview the Wholesale Manager of Independent Fibre Networks (IFNL), Graeme Scott, to discover their thoughts on the national broadband network and its impact on new build homes.
05/10/15 Mark.J Interview - Spectrum Internet Says Gov Broadband Rollout is "5 years too late"
We interview the Managing Director of Cardiff-based ISP Spectrum Internet, Giles Phelps, about the Government's broadband strategy and the challenges of connecting rural areas.
30/09/15 Mark.J Interview - The Impact of Gigaclear's 1Gbps Broadband in Northmoor
A quick interview with Northmoor Councillor Graham Shelton and Gigaclear's CEO Matthew Hare, which examines the impact of a new 1000Mbps capable fibre optic broadband service on the rural parish.
03/06/15 Nicholas Hardiman How Openreach is Creating a New Fibre Infrastructure for Wales
In this guest editorial Nicholas Hardiman, an IT consultant, interviews BT Openreach's Senior Project Manager, Steve Jones, about the work being done to bring faster "fibre broadband" to Wales.
29/05/15 Mark.J Satellite Might Not be the Best Fix for UK and EU Superfast Broadband
ISPreview.co.uk takes a look at why using Satellite technology to deliver superfast broadband (30Mbps) speeds to the final 2-3% of the UK might struggle as a longer-term solution.
05/05/15 Mark.J A Guide to Switching UK Broadband and Phone Provider After June 2015
On 20th June 2015 the way in which UK consumers switch broadband and phone providers will change, we explain what this means and how the new system will work.
08/04/15 Mark.J Which is Really the Cheapest UK Phone and Unlimited Broadband ISP
ISPreview.co.uk takes a look at some of the ISPs that claim to offer the cheapest unlimited broadband bundles in order to see if they're telling the truth.
07/04/15 Keith Oddy 10 Top Tips for Boosting Your Home Wi-Fi Wireless Network Speeds
Is it possible to improve the performance of your home WiFi network? We suggest a number of tweaks that might help to boost your local network quality.
02/04/15 Keith Oddy The Confusion of Broadband ISP Speeds - Megabits vs MegaBytes
We take a brief look at the common confusion between Megabits and MegaBytes in order to show how the two are easily confused when referencing broadband speeds.
05/01/15 Mark.J Summary of the UK Best Broadband ISPs for 2015 - ISPreview.co.uk Picks
ISPreview.co.uk offers up a short 'Editors Picks' style summary of the best broadband ISP choices for the coming year of 2015, which has been sorted into categories for saving money or quality.
02/01/15 Mark.J The Top Broadband ISP Technology and Internet Policy Changes for 2014-15
ISPreview.co.uk takes a look back over 2014 and then forwards into 2015 to examine some of the United Kingdom's most significant broadband technology and Internet policy changes.
30/12/14 Mark.J Broadband Router Options for UK Superfast FTTC ISPs (2015 UPDATE)
We take a look at some of the latest consumer FTTC (integrated VDSL modem) "fibre broadband" routers for the coming year of 2015. This is a separate update to our original 2014 article.
29/12/14 Mark.J Top of the Worst - Annual Summary of UK ISP Advertising Complaints
ISPreview.co.uk takes a look back at some of the most misleading adverts for broadband ISP packages in 2014 and reveals the worst providers for banned promotions.
10/11/14 Mark.J Interview - Hyperoptic Talks UK 1000Mbps Broadband Coverage, TV and Uptake
We interview the Managing Direct of Hyperoptic, Dana Pressman Tobak, about their progress with rolling out a 1Gbps Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) network in UK cities.
20/10/14 Mark.J Interview - ITS Technology Group on Fibre Optic Marketing and Broadband Rollout
We interview the CEO of the ITS Technology Group, Roy Shelton, about Government broadband policy, marketing practices and rolling out fibre optic (FTTH/P) services in rural areas.
08/09/14 Mark.J Interview - BDUK CEO Talks FTTP, Broadband Maps and BT Competition
We interview the CEO of the Government's Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme, Christopher Townsend, about some of the projects most pressing issues.
01/09/14 Mark.J AVM Interview - The Future of FTTC and Ultrafast Broadband Routers
We interview AVM's Country Sale Manager, Matthew Tyler, about the future of broadband access, wireless networking and how their router hardware will evolve to take advantage.
26/08/14 Mark.J Let's Stop Having Different UK Definitions for "Superfast Broadband"
ISPreview.co.uk looks at the different and often confusing ways in which the government, providers, local authorities and the industry regulator describe the target for "superfast broadband" coverage.
20/08/14 Mark.J The Forgotten Importance of Broadband Internet Upload Speeds
ISPreview.co.uk examines how ISPs often fail to promote the upload speeds of their broadband service, which is despite its rising importance to modern Internet connectivity.
27/07/14 Keith.O Do We Really Need "Superfast" Broadband?
ISPreview.co.uk's Keith Oddy questions society's perception of "superfast broadband" and examines whether or not we really need faster speeds and why our expectations could be difficult to meet.
09/06/14 Mark.J Interview - CityFibre Talks 1Gbps FTTP Broadband Rollout with Sky and TalkTalk
ISPreview.co.uk's chats with CityFibre's Director of Strategy and Policy, Mark Collins, about their roll-out of 1000Mbps fibre optic broadband with Sky and TalkTalk in the UK city of York.
23/04/14 Mark.J 4G Mobile Broadband Could Doom Public WiFi Wireless Internet Hotspots
Can public wifi hotspots survive the growing power of Mobile Broadband connectivity or will they ultimately become the victim of their own fiddly sign-up forms, slow speeds and sporadic coverage?
17/04/14 Mark.J The Tricky Question of Censorship and Age Verification via Broadband ISPs
ISPreview.co.uk examines the difficulty, primarily from the perspective of websites and ISPs, of being able to accurately identify how old a specific customer or visitor actually is.
03/02/14 Mark.J GUIDE: The Importance of Connecting ADSL and FTTC Broadband via Twisted Pair Cable
It's possible to improve the performance and stability of your broadband ISP connection by simply changing the cable between your router and wall socket to a shielded twisted pair. We explain why.
06/01/14 Mark.J The Best Broadband ISPs for 2014 - ISPreview UK Editors Pick
An annual ISPreview.co.uk editor's choice selection, which reviews some of the Best Broadband ISPs in the United Kingdom for consumers to choose in 2014.
02/01/14 Mark.J Roundup - Broadband Router Options for UK FTTC ISPs (Integrated VDSL Modem)
A quick summary of the top ISP routers for subscribers to superfast broadband services, which are based off hybrid Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) technology (VDSL / VDSL2).
27/12/13 Mark.J Do UK Broadband ISPs Try to Hide Complaint Contacts and ADR Info.
ISPreview.co.uk investigates how easy it is to find contacts and information about the official consumer complaint process on the websites of major broadband ISPs.
09/12/13 Mark.J Point Topic Interview
ISPreview.co.uk interviews the bosses of telecoms analyst Point Topic about the current problems with broadband provision in the United Kingdom and how they could be solved.
04/11/13 Mark.J Gigaclear Interview
ISPreview.co.uk interviews Gigaclear's Sales Director, Joe Frost, about the government's approach to superfast broadband deployments and making fibre optic (FTTH) services available in rural areas.
07/10/13 Mark.J AB Internet Interview
We interview the Sales and Marketing Director, Neil tucker, of wireless ISP AB Internet about the challenge of providing broadband to UK rural areas and the threat from a new tax on wireless networks.
07/08/13 Mark.J GUIDE: UK Student Broadband and Phone Solutions for a New Term
A short and simple guide that runs through some of the basic considerations, options and offers for student focused broadband and phone solutions.
22/07/13 Mark.J A Look at the Future Fibre-to-the-Distribution-Point (FTTdp) Broadband Tech
ISPreview.co.uk takes a look at the future Fibre to the Distribution Point (FTTdp) broadband ISP technology, which over the next few years could be used by BT to boost internet speeds.
09/07/13 Keith Oddy 8 Top Tips for Keeping Your Wireless Broadband ISP Router / Modem Cool
ISPreview.co.uk offers up a bunch of tips to help you keep your broadband ISP routers and modems running smoothly during the hot summer months.
13/05/13 Mark.J Study: Big UK ISPs Should Make Support Contacts Easier to Find
ISPreview.co.uk asks whether or not some of the markets best known broadband ISPs do enough to make their support contacts easy for consumers to find.
03/04/13 Mark.J The Best Home Alternatives to WiFi Wireless Networks
ISPreview.co.uk takes a look at some of the best alternatives to traditional home wifi wireless networks.
23/01/13 Mark.J The Danger of Adopting IPv4 Internet Address Sharing (CGNAT)
ISPreview.co.uk investigations the potential pitfalls of adopting internet address IP sharing (Carrier Grade NAT) instead of IPv6 (includes feedback from several UK ISPs).
02/01/13 Mark.J The UK Best Broadband ISPs for 2013 - ISPreview.co.uk Editors Pick
The annual ISPreview.co.uk editors choice pick of the Best Broadband ISPs in the United Kingdom for 2013.
02/01/13 Mark.J Will the Real Fibre Optic Broadband Service Please Stand Up
ISPreview.co.uk examines how "fibre optic" broadband is being advertised by UK ISPs and questions whether or not consumers are being misled by some of the claims.
27/12/12 Mark.J How to Identify Slow Speed as a Fault on FTTC Superfast Broadband Lines
Many consumers of BT's new FTTC superfast broadband ISP products do not know how to identify when slow service speeds should be reported as a fault. We explain the key facts.
10/12/12 Mark.J A Look at Virgin Media UK's Plan for DOCSIS 3.1 and 10Gbps Broadband
National UK cable ISP Virgin Media reveals its future plan to adopt the new DOCSIS 3.1 (DOCSIS NG) standard and possible 10Gbps broadband speeds.
03/12/12 Mark.J ASK4 UK ISP Interview
ISPreview.co.uk interviews the Chief Operating Officer of Sheffield-based UK ISP ASK4, Ross Bray, about the uncertain future of Yorkshire's Digital Region network and the years other main broadband related developments.
31/10/12 Mark.J Shetland Telecom UK ISP Interview
ISPreview.co.uk interviews the project manager of Shetland Telecom, Marvin Smith, about the project to bring fibre optic connectivity to the Shetland Islands and the UK government's current broadband strategy.
17/09/12 Mark.J Broadband For the Rural North (B4RN) UK ISP Interview
ISPreview.co.uk questions a founder of B4RN, a unique community-built and owned “hyper-fast” fibre optic (FTTH) rural broadband network in Lancashire, about the project and this year's other main telecoms developments.
17/08/12 Mark.J A Closer Look at Latency and Packet Loss on the UK's Biggest Broadband ISPs
ISPreview.co.uk takes a look at what the latest data from Ofcom can tell us about the impact of high network latency and packet loss on consumers at eight of the UK's largest broadband ISPs.
06/06/12 Mark.J Big UK ISPs Respond to IPv6 Readiness Fears
Several of the United Kingdom's largest consumer broadband ISPs have spoken to ISPreview.co.uk about the increasingly urgent issue of Internet Protocol v6 (IPv6) adoption and their current state of readiness.
05/06/12 Mark.J Technicolor Broadband ISP Router Manufacturer and IPv6 Interview
ISPreview.co.uk runs a short interview with Pascal Portelli, a Senior Vice President of global media and technology firm Technicolor, concerning IPv6 adoption and related support within the broadband router market.
12/04/12 Mark.J UK Comparison of Broadband Movie Download and Web Streaming Services
ISPreview takes a look at the various UK based broadband movie (film) video streaming services that have surfaced over the past couple of years and attempts to pick the best.
11/04/12 Mark.J Lack of Fast Broadband is NOT Just a Problem for UK Rural Areas
ISPreview explains why the lack of good broadband ISP connectivity, despite what some people might think, is most definitively not just an issue that has confined itself to the UK's many rural areas.
10/04/12 Mark.J How to Keep Your Data Private and Browse the Internet Anonymously
ISPreview takes a look at the various different methods of keeping your internet connect and personal data private and secure while going online.
09/01/12 Mark.J Editors Pick - The UK's Best Broadband ISPs for 2012
The ISPreview Editors pick of the best broadband ISPs in the UK for 2012, based on their previous performance throughout 2011 and reader feedback.
07/11/11 Mark.J Hyperoptic UK ISP Interview
ISPreview UK interviews the Managing Director of fibre optic broadband ISP Hyperoptic, Dana Pressman Tobak, about its new 1Gbps capable FTTH superfast broadband service, IPv6 support and many of the years other main developments.
17/10/11 Mark.J Fluidata UK Business ISP Interview
ISPreview UK interviews the Managing Director of business ISP Fluidata, Piers Daniell, about UK superfast broadband deployments, IPv6 uptake and its plans to help rural communities gain access to more internet access providers.
05/09/11 Mark.J GUIDE How to Choose a Broadband Internet Provider
A guide designed to simplify the process of choosing a new UK ISP by enhancing your knowledge of the broadband market, its different solutions and any potential pitfalls that you might encounter along the way.
08/08/11 Mark.J CityFibre Holdings UK Interview
ISPreview UK interviews the CCO of CityFibre Holdings, Mark Collins, about the firms plans to restart their ultrafast fibre optic FTTH broadband network in Bournemouth and put right the i3 Groups mistakes.
06/06/11 Mark.J The First Year of Superfast FTTC Broadband - UK ISP Experiences
ISPreview UK takes a look back the first year of fttc fibre optic broadband internet access technology and questions ISPs about their experiences, before looking at what the future has in store.
26/04/11 Mark.J NETGEAR Broadband ISP Router Manufacturer Interview
ISPreview UK interviews the NETGEAR worldwide networking kit manufacturer about IPv6 adoption and its future broadband isp product plans.
01/02/11 Mark.J WiBE UK Mobile Broadband Signal Booster REVIEW
ISPreview UK reviews the Deltenna WiBE Wireless Broadband Enabler, which claims to deliver vast improvements to Mobile Broadband signal reception and performance, even in some of the most rural locations.
17/01/11 Mark.J UK ADSL Broadband Internet Connection Tips and Tweaks
Simple UK ISP tips and tweaks guide to help improve the performance or stability of your ADSL (up to 8Mbps) or ADSL2 (up to 24Mbps) based broadband internet access connection.
05/01/11 Mark.J Editors Pick - UK Best Broadband ISPs for 2011
The ISPreview Editors personal pick of the best broadband ISPs in the UK for 2011, based on their previous performance throughout 2010 and reader feedback.
20/12/10 Mark.J Interview with UK Community Fibre Optic Developer Fibrestream (NextGenUs)
Exclusive interview with Guy Jarvis, the founder of community broadband developer Fibrestream (NextGenUs), concerning UK next generation broadband developments in 2010/11 and the future market impact.
29/11/10 Mark.J Interview with UK Hull Broadband ISP KC (KCOM Group)
Exclusive interview with Nick Thompson, the Director of Consumer Affairs for broadband ISP KC, concerning UK next gen broadband developments in 2010 and the operators attitude towards competition in the Hull (Yorkshire) region.
01/11/10 Mark.J Interview with UK Business Broadband ISP Timico
Exclusive interview with Trefor Davies, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of business ISP Timico UK, which covers all of the years main events from next gen broadband to how the government intends to tackle illegal copyright file sharing.
25/10/10 Mark.J The Definition of UK Superfast Next Generation Broadband
ISPreview investigates the various different UK definitions of superfast Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband and how incorrect or weak interpretations could fail the entire market.
20/09/10 Mark.J Broadband Solutions for Remote and Rural UK Communities
ISPreview investigates the potential current / future solutions and challenges facing parts of the UK, especially rural areas, where a fast broadband service has yet to reach.
25/06/10 Mark.J Examining BT's 100Mbps FTTP Fibre Optic UK Broadband
ISPreview.co.uk takes a close look at what consumers can expect from 100Mbps next generation fibre optic UK broadband ISP services, with a particular focus on the BT Fibre-to-the-Premises FTTP product from BT.
04/05/10 Mark.J Interview with UK Rural Broadband ISP Rutland Telecom
ISPreview.co.uk interviews David Lewis, Managing Director (MD) of UK rural broadband ISP Rutland Telecom, about the challenges of bringing superfast internet access to remote locations.
07/04/10 Mark.J, Zen Internet Uncovering UK Broadband ISP Fair Usage Policies and Traffic Shaping
ISPreview.co.uk and UK ISP Zen Internet examine the Fair Usage Policies and Traffic Shaping or Management measures employed by some broadband providers.
15/02/10 Mark.J Exposing Hidden and Confusing UK Broadband ISP Charges
ISPreview exposes the unusual stealth, hidden and downright confusing additional charges that some UK broadband providers will levy against their consumers, often unfairly.
04/01/10 Mark.J Editors Pick - Best UK Broadband ISPs for 2010
The ISPreview Editors personal pick of the best UK broadband ISPs to choose in 2010, based on their previous performance throughout 2009 and reader feedback.
21/12/09 Mark.J TalkTalk UK Broadband ISP Interview
Exclusive Independent interview with UK Broadband ISP TalkTalk. This article covers next generation broadband, illegal file sharing and the promise of universal 2Mbps broadband for everybody.
01/12/09 Mark.J UK ISPA Interview with James Blessing
Exclusive Independent interview with James Blessing on behalf of the UK Internet Service Providers Association ISPA. This article covers next generation broadband, illegal file sharing, universal 2Mbps broadband and more.
16/11/09 Mark.J Top Tips for Improving Mobile Broadband Performance
Some handy tips, tricks and tweaks you can make to improve your chances of getting a good Mobile Broadband signal..
19/10/09 Mark.J Andrews and Arnold AAISP UK Broadband ISP Interview
Exclusive Independent interview with Adrian Kennard of UK ISP Andrews and Arnold (AAISP). This article covers next generation broadband, illegal file sharing, universal 2Mbps broadband and more.
12/10/09 Mark.J Ericsson Next Gen UK LTE Mobile Broadband Interview
Exclusive Independent UK interview with John Cunliffe of mobile kit manufacturer Ericsson about future Long Term Evolution (LTE) 3G and 4G Mobile Broadband technology.
01/06/09 Mark.J Avanti UK Rural Satellite Broadband ISP Interview
We interview Avanti, a UK satellite broadband ISP, about their new services and the possibility of satellite being used to help close the country's rural digital divide.
26/05/09 Mark.J UK Broadband ISP Email Support Quality Rated
We test the email based customer services/support quality of 19 UK broadband ISPs to find out who does the best.
02/03/09 Mark.J How to Use Mobile Broadband - Vodafone
Simple guide to help explain what Mobile Broadband (3G) services can and can not do in terms of speed, latency and connection limits.
02/02/09 Mark.J UK Music - Illegal File Sharing Interview Part2
ISPreview interviews UK Music, an organisation representing the UK's commercial music industry, about combating illegal file sharing (SECOND PART).
22/01/09 Mark.J UK Music - Illegal File Sharing Interview Part1
ISPreview interviews UK Music, an organisation representing the UK's commercial music industry, about combating illegal file sharing (FIRST PART).
12/01/09 Mark.J Editors Pick - Best Broadband ISPs for 2009
This is my own personal unscientific choice of the best ISPs for 2009, based on their previous performance throughout 2008 and reader feedback.
13/11/08 Mark.J Entanet Interview Q4-2008
ISPreview interviews Darren Farnden, Entanet's Head of Marketing, about Phorm, anti-piracy measures, 24Mbps services, next-gen fibre broadband services and market problems.
21/10/08 Mark.J Be Broadband Interview Q4-2008
ISPreview interviews Oli White, Head of Marketing for Be Broadband, which is now owned and operated by O2 Group.
14/10/08 Mark.J ZyXEL UK Interview Q4-2008
ISPreview interviews James Harris, Head of Product Management for ZyXEL UK, a manufacturer of xDSL, Security, VoIP, IP DSLAMS, Wireless, Home Plug, Routing and IP switching equipment.
13/10/08 Mark.J IDNet Interview Q4-2008
ISPreview interviews IDNet's director, Simon Davies, about its forthcoming services and recent industry events (next-gen broadband, File-Sharing rules and 24Mbps etc.).
19/08/08 Mark.J BT's 100Mbps Fibre Broadband Interview
ISPreview interviews BT about its £1.5bn plan to bring 100Mbps next-generation fibre optic (FTTC, FTTP) broadband services to 10m homes by 2012.
21/07/08 Mark.J Top 10 Wireless (Wi-Fi) Security Tips
Ten useful tips to help you secure your home and or business wireless (Wi-Fi) network against malicious hacking attempts.
25/06/08 Mark.J Alexander Hanff (Anti-Phorm Campaign) Interview *UPDATED*
ISPreview interviews anti-Phorm campaigner Alexander Hanff about his views on the controversial advertising technology.
27/05/08 Mark.J ISPs Raise Concerns Over Data Retention Proposals
ISPreview has consulted with several UK Internet Service Providers to unearth their thoughts on the government's new personal privacy invading data retention proposals.
21/05/08 Mark.J Mini-Interview with BT (Phorm, iPlayer, FTTx etc.)
ISPreview interviews BT's Group Communications Director, Peter G Morgan, regarding next generation broadband solutions and its pro-Phorm stance.
11/03/08 Mark.J To Ban or Not to Ban (Illegal File Sharers)
ISPreview investigates how the government and industry plan to tackle online file sharing (P2P) piracy. Includes exclusive feedback from several UK Internet Service Providers.
16/01/08 Mark.J Small ISP's Concerned By Unrealistic Consumer Expectations
Using feedback from several ISP's, we examine the growing difficulty that smaller providers have in keeping up with the largest players.
02/01/08 Vincent Morin Guest Author: Evolving ISP Networks
This article is a GUEST piece written by Vincent Morin, a Senior Director (Systems Engineering) for Ciena EMEA.
19/11/07 Mark.J PlusNet Interview
ISPreview interviews Neil Laycock, PlusNet's CEO, regarding next generation broadband, IPTV and ADSL2+ services.
12/11/07 Mark.J Vispa Internet Interview
ISPreview interviews James Ormerod, the MD of Vispa Internet, regarding next generation broadband, IPTV and ADSL2+ services.
05/11/07 Mark.J Entanet Interview
ISPreview interviews James Blessing, the COO of Entanet International, regarding next generation broadband, Ofcom's migration rules and ADSL2+ services.
23/10/07 Mark.J VirginMedia Interview
ISPreview interviews VirginMedia's head of Product Management & Development for communication services (e.g. broadband and voice), Paul Elworthy.
16/10/07 Mark.J Mobile Broadband Interview - part 2 (Orange)
We interview two of the UK's major mobile phone operators to find out what is in store for the new generation of Mobile Broadband (3G) services.
08/10/07 Mark.J Mobile Broadband Interview - part 1 (T-Mobile)
We interview two of the UK's major mobile phone operators to find out what is in store for the new generation of Mobile Broadband (3G) services.
08/05/07 Mark.J Broadband Congestion (Slow Speeds)
ISPreview investigates the problem of broadband congestion and why it's causing broadband services to slow down or restrict their products.
07/02/07 Mark.J ISP's Talk Migration, ADSL2+ & MAX
We interview three UK ISP's about some of the modern issues they face, from new migration rules to ADSL2+ technology.
16/01/07 Mark.J Tips For Avoiding SPAM *UPDATED*
We suggest some helpful hints design to prevent junk e-mails from clogging up your inbox.
16/01/07 Mark.J Choosing an ADSL ISP *UPDATED*
ISP Review's mini-guide for new surfers looking to get hooked up with broadband ADSL for the first time.
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 Cheapest Superfast Broadband ISPs
  • Vodafone £19.00 (*22.00)
    Speed 38Mbps, Unlimited
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  • NOW £20.00 (*32.00)
    Speed 36Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Hyperoptic £20.00 (*25.00)
    Speed 50Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Plusnet £21.95 (*38.20)
    Speed 36Mbps, Unlimited
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  • EE £22.00 (*30.00)
    Speed 36Mbps, Unlimited
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  • Gigaclear £17.00 (*47.00)
    Speed: 200Mbps, Unlimited
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  • Vodafone £23.00 (*26.00)
    Speed: 100Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Community Fibre £25.00 (*49.00)
    Speed: 920Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Hyperoptic £25.00 (*35.00)
    Speed: 150Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Virgin Media £26.00 (*44.00)
    Speed: 108Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
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Cheapest Superfast ISPs
  • Vodafone £19.00 (*22.00)
    Speed 38Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • NOW £20.00 (*32.00)
    Speed 36Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Hyperoptic £20.00 (*25.00)
    Speed 50Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Plusnet £21.95 (*38.20)
    Speed 36Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: £70 Reward Card
  • EE £22.00 (*30.00)
    Speed 36Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
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Cheapest Ultrafast ISPs
  • Gigaclear £17.00 (*47.00)
    Speed: 200Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Vodafone £23.00 (*26.00)
    Speed: 100Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Community Fibre £25.00 (*49.00)
    Speed: 920Mbps, Unlimited
    Gift: None
  • Hyperoptic £25.00 (*35.00)
    Speed: 150Mbps, Unlimited
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  • Virgin Media £26.00 (*44.00)
    Speed: 108Mbps, Unlimited
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