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ISP Review interviews Duncan Ingram (Senior VP) BTOpenworld

BTOpenworld Interview - Part 2
By Mark Jackson : November 30th 2001 : Page 2 of 3

"G.DMT may allow BTopenworld users to choose the modem that they wish to buy in the future."

15) What is BTOpenworlds opinion of ISPs being forced into censoring the Internet themselves and systems, such as the R.I.P act, helping to close down the freedom of the online world?

BTOW takes seriously the issues of security and freedom with regard to the net. We work with a number of organisations and meet with national and European government bodies to offer advice and put forward our views. We of course comply with any legislation in this area.

16) Can users of BTOpenworlds xDSL USB product expect more 'modem' options in the future or will it always be the same Alcatel model that's currently supplied? (Details if possible).

The Alcatel SpeedTouch USB is a common and fully supported platform - this is suitable for mass usage. G.DMT may allow BTopenworld users to choose the modem that they wish to buy in the future.

17) It's a well-known fact that BTOpenworld are exploring broadband Satellite services for a rough price tag of £100 per month, currently in trial. Can you shed a little more light on the advanced features and technologies involved (Two-Way Digital, Satellite name, Speeds, services etc.)?

The speed of the service is up to 512kbps downstream and up to153kbps upstream. The technology is based on services offered by firm Gilat who has successfully implemented services in the US and across Europe. The service will be aimed at business users, SMEs, and we hope to announce details of pricing in the near future. Details are available at

18) It's another well-known fact that ISPs are actively exploring two new methods of 'cheaper' broadband R/ADSL installations (Self-Install, Wires Only etc.). Can you tell us a little more about the systems, potential cost savings involved and what kind of work the users themselves would have to do?

The Self-installation or wires only product (G.DMT) is currently being developed by our wholesaler, BT. BTopenworld will be trialing this service later in the year and should offer a full G.DMT service at some point in the future. Consumer prices have not yet been set.

19) Has BTOpenworld ever considered entering the 'Wireless DSL' market, much as Tele2 and NTL have begun to involve themselves with.

BTopenworld is always looking at new technology and platforms, although we are not currently trialing Wireless broadband services.

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