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Why E-Mail SPAM Laws Fail
By Mark Jackson : January 8th - 2002 : Page 1 of 3

"SPAM is simply junk E-Mail, messages from sources you don't recognise or containing commercial/pornographic content"

E-Mail addresses are like houses, some are poorly managed and dirty, while others remain clean and well kept. Much like a house, an E-Mail address and its associated software needs constant management to avoid clutter. But what if the dirt/clutter came from a source you couldn't see or control?

It's a daily battle we all face, trying to keep E-Mail Inbox(s) clean and free from trash/junk E-Mails (SPAM). It doesn't seem to matter who or where you are or even if you've just created a brand new account, you're still not safe. Somehow and someway the marketing world will always find your address and start their bombardment of junk mails (SPAM).

In this item we take a serious look at the problem of SPAM and why nobody will ever be safe from it, even if it were to be banned in the UK.

What's SPAM?

If you're reading this then it's a fair bet to say you're using the Internet and have an E-Mail address in-toe, as such you're probably already aware of SPAM. SPAM is simply junk E-Mail, messages from sources you don't recognise or containing commercial/pornographic content that you simply don't want and never asked for.

It doesn't seem to matter whether you take every possible measure in the book to keep your address private or not, sooner or later you'll get a junk message and once you do there's almost no stopping it. It'll most likely contain sexually explicit material or commercial advertising and 90% of the time it'll come from North America; despite a ban there.

The majority of the most problematic SPAM is almost always related to commercial activity and advertising. Groups gather together hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of E-Mail addresses and send a message/advert out over a period of days to everybody on the list.

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