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Entanet 2008 ISP Interview
By: Mark Jackson - November 13th, 2008 : Page 5 -of- 5
"Entanet has pledged to protect end users from Phorm and not to provide data to outside sources without the consent"

14. Phorm, the controversial system that works with ISPs to anonymously monitor what websites people visit for use in targeted advertising campaigns, has caused a great deal of concern among some people due to fears over a loss of personal privacy, among other things. What are your thoughts on this system, is it a good or bad thing?

Entanet: Alongside other ISPs, Entanet has pledged to protect end users from Phorm and not to provide data to outside sources without the consent of the customer. However (and this relates to releasing data rather than anything to do with Phorm), the Interception Modernisation Programme threatens this pledge (again see ,“Are we living in 1984?”)

15. Has the current economic climate (credit crunch) had any negative impact upon your ISP and if so, how?

Entanet: Increasing competition in the industry is enough for any communications provider or ISP to face, let alone the consequences of a recession. We’ve not yet seen any significant shift in attitude or buying habits from our channel’s customers, but won’t be surprised to see larger connectivity projects (e.g. Ethernet leased lines et al) postponed. As an industry it’s our job (i.e. CP and ISP alike) to continue to promote investment as a means of managing communication cost and improving efficiency and competitiveness. For its part Entanet is certainly doing that – how often do you hear about a privately owned business like ours being the only company to take on a product like Wholesale Broadband Connect and be the first to launch ADSL2+ broadband on BT21CN?

16. What kind of services and or features do your customers ask for today that they didn’t five years ago?

Entanet: It’s obvious to state greater bandwidth and greater speed but it’s true. Bearing in mind most of our channel partners serve businesses, the applications they’re using are placing greater demand on their connectivity. Therefore service reliability in these and other terms have become a prerequisite. That won’t change which is why we’ve taken the steps we have on BT21CN. Building out our network is also enabling us to expand our coverage of the UK in terms of Ethernet services, our close proximity to businesses making them more affordable.  As you can imagine with a business like ours, there are a number of developments on the horizon – we’re increasingly involved in the preparations of FTTx, Wholesale Broadband Connect Converged, Wholesale Voice Connect and also hosted VoIP.

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