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WiBE UK Mobile Broadband Signal Booster REVIEW
By: Mark Jackson - February 1st, 2011 : Page 3 -of- 5
"The WiBE's download performance managed to be almost double that of our Vodafone dongle"

Deltenna WiBE urban uk mobile broadband speed test Take note that the WiBE appears, at least in some situations, to take several minutes to run through its start-up cycle and as a result we had to be quite patient before the link was ready. In fairness many fixed line routers also need a couple of minutes to properly establish an internet connection.

Urban Testing (Average - Good Signal)

Our urban test took place in a location (5th floor city-style apartment) with average to good signal quality. All of our tests were repeated multiple times (only a representative sample of our test data has been published) over a period of several hours (usually straddling either side of the peak and off-peak periods), which in most cases have been whittled down to a single average result.

We also conducted the same tests with our Vodafone USB Modem (Dongle) and did so while giving it the best possible height to stand a fair chance against the WiBE. Both devices were tested in broadly the same location which, as stated above, was always near a window.

Vodafone USB Modem vs WiBE urban uk mobile broadband speed test

Vodafone USB Modem
- Average Download Speed = 1633Kbps (1.6Mbps)
- Average Upload Speed = 215Kbps (0.21Mbps)

WiBE (Vodafone SIM)
- Average Download Speed = 2902Kbps (2.9Mbps)
- Average Upload Speed = 702Kbps (0.7Kbps)

We were extremely pleased with the WIBE's results here and, due to the fact that our Vodafone USB Modem could already receive a reasonable HSPA / 3G+ signal, hadn't expected to see such an improvement with the WiBE. The WiBE's download performance managed to be almost double that of our Vodafone dongle, while its upload speed was three times higher! We even saw the download rate peak, albeit only very occasionally, at 6Mbps+.

However it should be said that both the Vodafone USB Modem and WiBE Vodafone links still suffered from almost equally big and sporadic blips in performance, with download speeds occasionally dropping to 50-80% lower than normal, albeit only for short periods (a few seconds or minutes). This appears to be an issue more with Vodafone's HSPA network than our hardware and it is not uncommon to see such blips during normal usage with other operators too.

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