Editors Pick UK Best Broadband ISPs for 2012 - Page 3
Editors Pick - UK Best Broadband ISPs for 2012
By: Mark Jackson - January 9th, 2012 : Page 3 -of- 3
"ISP quality and performance can change like the wind"

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General Commendations (for the budget conscious)

The ISPs we’ve listed on previous pages are of our own choice, although many other providers are also worth considering. Most of those we list below haven't quite made the top recommendations, often due to a lack of consumer feedback, but can still be worth trying (more of a risk etc.). Readers are urged to check out our ‘Top 10 Reader Reviewed ISPs’ page and the ‘Reader ISP Reviews’ section in general for further options.

* Eclipse Internet (Improving)

* Aquiss (Reasonably well rated vISP)

The pricing and recommendations of this article are only valid for the date published. ISP quality and performance can change like the wind; though we attempted to pick providers that have shown fairly consistent performance and reliability over the past 12 months.

Be aware that there is no such thing as perfection and experiences do differ, especially with broadband being a shared “best efforts” service. Even poorly rated ISPs can deliver an excellent service; although the ratio of dissatisfied customers to satisfied ones tends to be higher (i.e. you will have a statistically bigger chance of getting burnt).

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