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ISP Review interviews Duncan Ingram (Senior VP) BTOpenworld

BTOpenworld Interview - Part 2
By Mark Jackson : November 30th 2001 : Page 1 of 3

"BTopenworld are currently looking at the possibility of offering a static IP product for consumer users"

11) We would like to know if BTOpenworld plan to offer existing customers a static IP address, namely those whom subscribed before the option was made a standard for the service?

Static IP will continue to be an added value service at £10 per month for 5 IP addresses or £20 per month 13 IP addresses. Other ISPs charge for this too. BTopenworld are currently looking at the possibility of offering a static IP product for consumer users in the future.

12) Recently some government ministers have proposed different variations to the existing R/ADSL standards, such as half-speed packages offered at cheaper prices. What would be your reaction to BT Ignite / BT Wholesale offering such a thing, since most people only need something just faster than ISDN?

BTopenworld is looking at options for new packages. This includes self-installation of our existing products and could potentially include lower specification products if these were to become available.

13) We've always considered the word 'broadband' to be a definition of technology and not a specific measurement of speed as the government might have us believe, what's your opinion on its definition?

The Term "broadband" tends to be used to describe local connection speeds greater than 128kbps, which are permanently open, and can deliver interactive services, usually for a flat fee.

14) What are BTopenworld's opinions on the current rollout (slow?) for R/ADSL services and their prices, much of which has been heavily criticised by almost every group outside of BT?

Experience around the world shows that roll out of DSL services is always challenging. The UK roll out has been very aggressive and to a demanding timetable. There are now 1,000 ADSL enabled exchanges, meaning that 60per cent of homes are connected to these exchanges.

(See Question 5) Regarding price, everyone has an interest in this falling - this includes ISPs, government and wholesalers. BTopenworld is doing its bit and is the cheapest in the UK. New products such as self-install should see prices fall in the near future.

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