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Articles Backup (2001 - 2006)

From time to time a member of the ISPr team, or one of our own readers, will write a general article related to the ISP industry. These are more professionally written editorial items than the general clutter of everyday news. Below can be found interviews, helpful guides and other interesting pieces.

Date Author Title
07/12/06 Mark.J Year in Review 2006
We take a look back at the past 12 months developments and what can be expected for 2007.
23/08/06 Mark.J Free Broadband?
ISP Review examines the growing trend of "free" broadband promotions.
24/07/06 Mark.J Thunderstorms, Master Sockets & ADSL
Personal editorial on speeding up ADSLMax and the impact of thunderstorms on a broadband line.
07/06/06 Mark.J ISP's On ADSLMax Concerns
We question three ISPís over some of the issues hampering BT's 'up to' 8Mbps ADSLMax technology.
27/06/05 Mark.J Pipex Interview
We chat with Pipex's Managing Director, Dominic Crolla, about modern and future Internet Access.
08/03/05 Mark.J MetroNet Interview
We interview MetroNet's General Manager, Paresh Morjaria, about the past and present.
22/02/05 Mark.J SurfAnyTime Interview
We interview SurfAnyTime's Managing Director, Derek Lewis, about the past and present.
15/02/05 Mark.J Telewest Interview
We interview Telewest's director of product strategy and development, Chad Raube, about the past and present.
08/02/05 Mark.J AOL UK Interview
We interview ISP AOL UK's Communications Director, Jonathan Lambeth, about future technology and services.
01/02/05 Mark.J NDO Interview
We interview ISP NDO's Development Director, Sam Hill, about future technology and services.
13/12/04 Mark.J Looking Forward - 2005
We take a quick look back at 2004 and at what could be in store for the coming year (2005).
26/03/04 Mark.J Extreme Broadband Caps
ISP Review investigates the growing use and viability of broadband usage caps (limits).
02/02/04 Mark.J Interview with AOL UK
ISP Review conducts a brief interview with ISP AOL UK regarding SPAM, broadband and dialup.
12/12/03 Mark.J The Future of Broadband
ISP Review takes a look at what the future holds for broadband Internet access technologies.
10/10/03 Mark.J Powerline Interview No.2
ISP Review issues a follow-up interview with Dr Keith MacLean regarding its trials of 'Powerline' broadband technology.
25/08/03 Mark.J ISPs & The BIG FRIACO Discount
We ask several UK ISPs why it's so difficult to pass on (end-users) BTs 17% cut in unmetered dialup (FRIACO) costs.
02/06/03 Mark.J The Future of File-Sharing
We investigate the problems, both legal and bandwidth wise, related to Peer-2-Peer File-Sharing.
24/02/03 Mark.J Powerline Interview
ISP Review interviews Keith MacLean over the future 'Powerline' broadband technology.
01/01/03 Mark.J Year In Review - 2002
ISP Review looks back at an eventful year of Internet access & technology through 2002.
30/08/02 Mark.J The Mobile Internet
ISP Review looks at using mobile phones for wireless Internet access in the UK.
27/06/02 Mark.J BT 'No Frills' Broadband
ISP Review investigates BTs new BT 'No Frills' Broadband ADSL product.
10/06/02 Mark.J Web Browser Mini-Reviews
ISP Review takes a look at some of the best mainstream web browsers.
24/04/02 Paul ISP Security & Responsibility
This is a semi-commercial item written by a guest writer to show the need for firewalls.
27/03/02 Mark.J Expectations - Unmetered Usage
We investigate the common misconceptions surrounding unmetered usage.
14/02/02 Ross Safe Surfing (Parents & Children)
Brief look at the options available on safe surfing for you and, more importantly, your children.
22/01/02 Anurag Improving Wireless Internet Access
Anurag Lal (iPass) talks about making business wireless Internet access easier.
08/01/02 Mark.J Why E-Mail SPAM Laws Fail
ISP Review investigates the problem of E-Mail SPAM and why the law doesn't work.
30/11/01 Mark.J BTOpenworld Interview - Part 2
23/10/01 Mark.J BTOpenworld Interview - Part 1
25/10/01 Mark.J The Unmetered Chaos
The diminishing trust in unmetered ISPs.
13/06/01 Mark.J Choosing The Right ISP
Advice for picking an ISP.
25/04/01 Mark.J 3G Broadband Wireless
The new broadband wireless technology and its future.
21/03/01 Mark.J New Modem standard v92
We explain the v.92 modem standard.
01/03/01 Mark.J C9s Oftel Complaint
Oftels official conclusion to CloudNine's complaint of BT being Anti-competitive.
28/02/01 Mark.J The Commercial Internet
Is the net turning more commercial?

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