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fibre optic cable rural broadband b4rn.org.uk

3rd January, 2019 (21 Comments)

Real estate company Strutt & Parker has suggested that UK farmers, many of which aren’t exactly swimming in lots of spare cash, should consider investing to build their own “private” broadband networks instead of waiting for whatever the Government’s 10Mbps+ Universal Service Obligation (USO) will deliver.

BT Mobile SIM

28th December, 2018 (16 Comments)

The Mobile division of BT (BT Mobile / EE) has begun recruiting for a new “Auto-PAC Switching” trial, which they say aims to ensure that the “improvements we are putting in place give the best customer experience possible when porting a mobile number / account from one supplier to another.”

p3 uk map mobile network test

20th December, 2018 (8 Comments)

Mobile operators EE and Vodafone have come top in P3‘s annual 2018 UK Mobile Network Study, which used a range of different benchmarks to test 3G and 4G (voice and data / broadband) covering some 26% of the population in 22 cities, 35 towns and along 7,300 miles of major roads.

wireless mobile network operator uk mast and spectrum

17th December, 2018 (7 Comments)

After years of delay and court battles Ofcom have today set the annual licence fees (ALF) that O2, Vodafone, Three UK (H3G) and EE will pay for their 2G, 3G and 4G Mobile services in the 900MHz and 1800MHz spectrum bands. The regulator has separately proposed fees for UK Broadband’s (H3G) holdings at 3.4GHz and 3.6GHz.

mobile wireless signal disconnected uk

10th December, 2018 (11 Comments)

One positive outcome of last week’s O2 network outage (here) is that it has triggered a debate about whether mobile operators should introduce Automatic Compensation, like broadband ISPs will soon receive. On top of that others have called for more roaming flexibility, so users can use rival networks during downtime.

o2 uk

6th December, 2018 (36 Comments)

Mobile operator O2 (Telefonica) confirms that an unspecified “global software issue” has been identified as the cause of a major mobile data (mobile broadband) connectivity outage on their national UK 3G and 4G network this morning. Mobile providers in other countries are also believed to be affected.

rfbenchmark q3 2018 mobile download speed map eu

6th December, 2018 (4 Comments)

RFBenchmark has published its latest crowd-sourced study into Mobile Broadband (3G, 4G) speed across Europe, which reveals that the United Kingdom delivered an average download rate of 17.7Mbps (up from 16.9Mbps last year), uploads of 9.03Mbps (up from 7.85Mbps) and latency of 77ms (better than 101ms).

mobile operator smartphone problems uk spanner

3rd December, 2018 (1 Comment)

A new report from Billmonitor has accused Ofcom of showing “little interest” in tackling the allegedly “Wild West” market for B2B mobile services. The investigation claimed that only one in ten small businesses get a “fair deal” from their mobile operator and EE is the most expensive UK provider for business contracts.

mobile network masts four uk 3g 4g 5g

27th November, 2018 (13 Comments)

The latest biannual mobility report from Ericsson has revealed that the world is home to a total of 7.9 billion mobile subscriptions and this will hit 8.9 billion by 2024. Over the same period the amount of monthly mobile data (3G, 4G and 5G) traffic consumed by a Smartphone user will rise from 5.6 GigaBytes today to 21GB.

mobile mast red vector uk

23rd November, 2018 (6 Comments)

A new report from OpenSignal, which uses crowd-sourced data to test 4G or 3G based Mobile Broadband network performance, has revealed that in 33 countries Smartphone users now experience faster average download speeds on a mobile network (4G / 3G) than via WiFi. But not in the United Kingdom, we’re the reverse.

broadband internet video and movie streaming

23rd October, 2018 (0 Comments)

Vodafone has been named by crowd-sourced testing company OpenSignal as the best Mobile Network Operator in the United Kingdom for streaming video over a data (3G / 4G mobile broadband) connection, although they were very closely followed by arch rival EE (BT).

ee rural mast

15th October, 2018 (0 Comments)

A new cross-party report has warned that there is “no silver bullet for how to improve rural mobile coverage” in the United Kingdom, but it has recommended five ways in which the Government could boost 4G network coverage enough to help achieve or beat the current target for 95% geographic coverage by 2022.

speed broadband meter on grey background uk

11th October, 2018 (3 Comments)

The latest October 2018 report from OpenSignal, which uses crowd-sourced data to test 4G and 3G based UK Mobile (Mobile Broadband) network performance, has revealed that EE is continuing to hoover up most of the awards for mobile download speed, upload speed, latency and availability.

three uk mobile broadband

4th October, 2018 (131 Comments)

Mobile operator Three UK has today quietly removed the “Personal Hotspot” usage caps on their 4G mobile plans, which means that customers can now use all of their monthly data allowance to support Tethering (i.e. using your phone as a mobile broadband router for connecting other computers to the internet via WiFi etc.).

wireless mobile broadband mast vodafone uk

2nd October, 2018 (10 Comments)

The national telecoms regulator, Ofcom, has today launched a new investigation that aims to establish whether or not EE and Vodafone provided “accurate information” in response to their requests for 3G and 4G mobile coverage predictions across the United Kingdom.

uk map of england wales scotland and northern ireland

2nd October, 2018 (3 Comments)

The telecoms regulator has today published their latest Q2 2018 update to last year’s Connected Nations report, which uses more recent data from April 2018 to provide the latest coverage statistics for UK mobile and fixed line broadband networks. For example, “full fibre” (FTTP) coverage has risen to 5% (1.4 million premises).

world broadband internet speed

28th September, 2018 (5 Comments)

A recent update from OpenSignal, which uses crowd-sourced data to examine Mobile Network Operator (MNO) performance, has revealed that the United Kingdom ranks just 30th in the world for average mobile broadband download speed (19.01Mbps). By comparison South Korea came top (45.58Mbps) and India bottom (5.63Mbps).

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