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1Gbps ISP Options on Openreach’s UK FTTP Broadband Network – 2024

Thursday, Apr 4th, 2024 (12:01 am) - Score 7,400

After skipping this study last year due to workload, we’ve today published an updated summary of the key UK consumer ISP choices for 1Gbps speed packages on Openreach’s Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based broadband network – currently available to over 13 million homes and businesses.

The current market is chocked full of alternative full fibre networks, but despite this Openreach remains the largest open-access provider of such infrastructure, and as such none of the main ISPs can afford to ignore the operator’s significant and growing coverage – this will eventually ensure its position as the largest FTTP network in the UK.

NOTE: BT is investing up to £15bn to ensure that Openreach’s full fibre network covers 25 million UK premises by Dec 2026 (6.2 million in rural or semi-rural areas) and they aspire to reach “up to” 30 million premises by 2030.

Nevertheless, many consumers still find themselves confused about what their choices are, and we’ve thus attempted to extract a few of the more consumer friendly Openreach-based options from our UK ISP Listings to help. But this guide is not intended to be an exhaustive list, just a reasonably reflective one.

In order to narrow the list down, we’re only going to cover those more established ISPs that offer packages based off the operator’s 1Gbps (1000Mbps) tier, both at a national level and at consumer affordable prices. Most of these providers will also offer slower package options too, but if an ISP is cheap for 1Gbps, then it’ll usually be cheaper on the slower tiers too.

Due to the advertising rules, such packages tend to be promoted as having average downloads (i.e. a median speed as recorded at peak times) of around 900Mbps+ (uploads of 100-115Mbps), although in the future this rate may increase as providers adopt Openreach’s new 1.2Gbps tier (the advertised average for this will be 1000Mbps+). Providers that don’t offer a gigabit package have been excluded from this list.

Gigabit ISP Choices on Openreach’s FTTP Network

The following table excludes some of the more expensive business providers (e.g. those above £100+), as well as any that didn’t show key package details on their website (sometimes due to an order or availability system not working), failed to clearly display whether their prices included VAT, didn’t allow customers to take broadband without bundling an energy service, or where we couldn’t ascertain whether the packages were even Openreach based.

Something else to note is that we aren’t highlighting any of the other value-added features that may come with these packages, such as cloud backup, static IP addresses, access to public Wi-Fi hotspots and phone services etc. Not all providers make it easy to figure out what extras they include, and attributing value to added extras can be notoriously tricky – often subject to personal preference.

We have not taken a view on the service quality of these providers, thus the list below is purely a limited price comparison.

NOTE: All packages include unlimited data usage, except AAISP’s where we’ve used their 1 TeraByte option. Some ISPs discount the price for their first contract term, so for those we’ve put the post-contract price in brackets (where we could find it). The data is from late January to February 2024 (retained for historic purposes, so we will not be keeping the tables below updated as they act as a record).

Biggest Openreach ISPs – 1Gbps Plans

ISP Price New Install Contract Router
Vodafone £36 (£58) £0 24 Months Yes
Plusnet £41.99 (£62.92) £0 24 Months Yes
Sky Broadband £42 (£63) £0 18 Months Yes
TalkTalk £49 (£?) £0 18 Months Yes
Shell Energy £49.99 (£69.15) £0 18 Months Yes
BT £52.99 (£57.99) £0 24 Months Yes
EE £52.99 (£61) £0 24 Months Yes
Zen Internet £55 £15 18 Months Yes

Smaller Openreach ISPs – 1Gbps Plans

ISP Price New Install Contract Router
1p Broadband £44 (£49) £10 18 Months Yes
Direct Save Telecom £52.95 £8.95 18 Months Yes
No One (Trunk Networks) £52.99 £0 24 Months Yes
CIX £54 £0 12 Months No
File Sanctuary £54 £0 12 Months No
Cuckoo £54.99 £0 12 Months Yes
1310 £55 £0 24 Months Yes
Aquiss £55 £0 12 Months No
iDNET £57 £0 24 Months Yes
webmate £58 £0 12 Months Yes
Spitfire £58.80 £0 24 Months Yes
Freeola £58.99 £0 1 Month No
Stream Networks £59.94 £60.00 24 Months Yes
Pop Telecom £59.99 £0 24 Months Yes
Pulse 8 £60 £75 1 Month No
Vispa £60 (£67) £0 24 Months Yes
Your Co-op £62 £60.00 24 Months Yes
Unchained £70 £25.00 12 Months No
Cerberus Networks £72 £48 12 Months No
Optanet £72 £0 24 Months Yes
AAISP (Andrews & Arnold) £75 £100 12 Months Yes

In previous years we’ve tended to focus on the entry-level c.100Mbps packages in these comparisons, but as times change we’ve started to view Gigabit tiers as being more useful and some ISPs have even stopped selling the slower tiers. But as stated earlier, providers that are cheap for c.1Gbps are usually cheap for c.100Mbps too.

The data reveals that the average monthly price for a 1Gbps package during your first contract term, across all the listed providers and packages, comes out as £56.09. But we can also see that most of the smaller providers don’t play the first-term discounting game (i.e. big price cuts, until you reach post-contract) and thus, if we just look at the biggest players, the monthly average in that first term drops to £47.49. By comparison, the monthly average for just the smaller players comes out as £59.36.

Vodafone clearly came out as the cheapest ISP during the data gathering period (£36), although like most providers their post-contract pricing (£58) is much closer to the general average. On the flip side, AAISP (Andrews & Arnold) were the most expensive and their base data cap of 1TB remains a market oddity, but they’re also renowned for excellent service / support quality and their packages include Static IP addresses by default.

In the future we intend to come back and see how the pricing of these plans changes over time, although this will depend a lot on Openreach’s wholesale pricing and that is somewhat restricted by market regulation, as well as the usual competitive dynamics of the market.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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15 Responses
  1. Avatar photo RightSaidFred says:

    Just an update on Vodafone mid-contract price rises in their documentation…

    Despite their documentation implying a price rise based on package product before the fixed in-contract discount, they do in fact just apply the rise to the after discount price that you pay.

    Totally bizarre wording in their contracts followed by examples that support what their contracts say, but thankfully they don’t actually apply the rises in the way that is suggested within their contracts.

  2. Avatar photo Hamas supporter says:

    Also worth remembering that most of the bigger CPs will allow you to haggle the costs over the phone, especially if you can prove you can buy the same package cheaper elswhere.

  3. Avatar photo Brian says:

    Worth checking if your chosen ISP is a member of the Ofcom automatic compensation scheme, other wise if Openreach take a month to fix a fault your may find yourself out of pocket.

  4. Avatar photo Michael Paul says:

    Just a reminder that you’ve got Cuckoo on your list but they’ve binned off Openreach now so it might be worth a caveat or removing them from the list!

  5. Avatar photo Big Dave says:

    Mark, will they be reporting the Q1 build for this year soon?

  6. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

    Anyone reselling icuk (cix/file sanctuary/etc) is now likely 18 month contracts after the icuk changes on the 1st of April.

    1. Avatar photo binary says:

      CIX is still offering 12 month contracts.

  7. Avatar photo Jordan says:

    https://www.fibrely.co.uk/ this isp seems new? and cheap for 1gbps on openreach, £40.

    1. Avatar photo Ben says:

      FKA Origin

  8. Avatar photo lamerrrrr says:

    Options? No options here

  9. Avatar photo Giorgio says:

    Is there any reason Rebel Internet was left off this list?

    1. Avatar photo XGS says:

      ‘But this guide is not intended to be an exhaustive list, just a reasonably reflective one.’ presumably explains it.

  10. Avatar photo Roland says:

    I would just like FTTP from any provider…

  11. Avatar photo Nigel jones says:

    One of the top criteria for me Is whether they offer dual stack ie including ipv6.

    It’s a must for me these days

    (Happily with Giganet/openreach 500/70 for now)

    Oh and when will openreach offer faster uploads!

    1. Avatar photo Mark says:

      110 up on vodafone

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