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28th April, 2022 (34 Comments)

New research from the University of Cambridge – supported by BT and Huawei – has attempted to identify the theoretical limits of Openreach’s standard UK copper broadband lines (unshielded twisted copper pairs), while harnessing up to 12GHz of spectrum. The result is faster speeds are possible, but full fibre is still the future.


19th August, 2021 (32 Comments)

Openreach (BT) might have shelved the use of hybrid fibre G.fast (ITU G.9701) broadband technology in the UK, but the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has continued to develop a sequel to that technology called MGfast (G.9711) and it will soon become more widely available, with speeds of up to 8Gbps being promised.

26th August, 2017 (52 Comments)

Researchers from ADTRAN and BT are working towards conducting the first lab trials of G.mgfast technology in 2019, which could become the successor to today’s hybrid-fibre G.fast technology and one that might conceivably push broadband speeds up to 5-10Gbps over traditional copper lines.

9th May, 2017 (9 Comments)

California-based ASSIA, which supplies broadband management systems to ISPs, has today announce that “extreme high frequency sub-millimeter waves” could in the future be used to push broadband speeds of up to 1Tbps (Terabit per second) down a single 100 metre twisted-pair copper line.

18th October, 2016 (34 Comments)

A new trial of the future XG.FAST technology, which could one day replace Openreach’s forthcoming G.fast based ultrafast broadband service, has beaten last year’s BT trial by pushing a peak aggregate speed of 8000Mbps over 30 metres of twisted-pair copper (BT achieved 5.6Gbps at a similar distance).

17th October, 2016 (9 Comments)

A new report from Ovum, which was jointly commissioned by BT and Australia’s nbn, has forecast that some 29 million subscribers will be using a G.fast based ultrafast broadband connection by 2021 (3% of the global fixed broadband market) and most of those will be in Western Europe.

19th September, 2016 (23 Comments)

The co-founder and CEO of Sckipio Technologies, David Baum, has suggested to ISPreview.co.uk that BT’s plan to roll-out 300Mbps G.fast broadband technology could save as much as £980 per home vs a pure fibre optic (FTTH/P) network and even faster speeds should be possible in the future.

29th February, 2016 (39 Comments)

Not an iceberg’s chance in hell. The Institute of Directors, which represents around 35,000 business leaders and directors, has called on the Government to go beyond their current ambition to deliver a Universal Service Obligation of 10Mbps broadband for all by 2020 and take us to 10,000Mbps by 2030.

4th November, 2015 (48 Comments)

Do you want to see the United Kingdom replacing all of its ageing copper telecoms cable with high-capacity pure fibre optic lines (FTTH/P), which can delivery ultrafast Gigabit broadband speeds? If so then you should probably lend your support to today’s annual Gimme Fibre Day 2015 event.

20th October, 2015 (61 Comments)

Forget BT’s plan to deploy “ultrafast” 300-500Mbps capable G.fast broadband technology to 10 million UK premises by 2020 (here). Today the operator has joined with Alcatel-Lucent to test future XG.FAST (G.fast2) technology, which under lab conditions has just pushed aggregate speeds of 5.6Gbps over 35 metres of copper cable.

9th July, 2014 (22 Comments)

Telecom giant Alcatel-Lucent appears, perhaps to the dismay of fibre optic campaigners, to have given the traditional copper telephone line a new lease of life after its Bell Labs research division claimed to set a new world record by delivering “ultra-broadband” speeds of 10,000Mbps (Megabits per second) over the aging infrastructure using a prototype technology called XG-FAST (G.fast2?).

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