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Vodafone UK Scrap “Free” Demon Email Service for Broadband Users

Monday, July 25th, 2016 (2:53 pm) - Score 11,170

Vodafone UK has informed customers of their business-focused ISP sibling, Demon Internet, that the “free” email service they received with their broadband subscription is going to be scrapped within the next 30 days.

In fairness the writing has been on the wall since last year, when the ISP announced that all their Demon Web Hosting, Domain and “some email” products would transfer to intY Limited on 31st March 2015. But at the time the change didn’t affect any other Demon broadband service.

Last week all of Demon’s remaining email customers were separately left fuming after an “internal outage” resulted in significant disruption to email connectivity, but at least now they won’t have to worry about dodgy email anymore because Vodafone has decided to scrap the lot.

Vodafone’s Customer Notice (Demon Internet)

We’ve been busy reviewing our broadband service. As part of our ongoing upgrades, we’ll no longer be offering free email with our broadband products.

Your free Demon email will stop working 30 calendar days from the date of this email. So if you’ve been using it, make sure you have a new email service set up and ready to go. Apart from this, your Demon broadband service will continue as normal.

Suffice to say that some customers aren’t happy with this development, which is particularly understandable since most of Demon’s remaining customers are business orientated subscribers and thus precisely the sort of people who would need an email account.

Luckily there are a lot of options out there for free or hosted email services and we always recommend keeping email separate from your ISP, which is partly to protect against of situations like this one. Credits to one of our readers for highlighting this development.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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92 Responses
  1. captain.cretin says:

    Nothing to do with the new owners then.

  2. I.A. Towse says:

    Demon persist in talking about their “free” email service, but it isn’t “free”, it’s part of the package I pay for. No question of a deduction in the package now, of course – I have asked and have been told it will be logged as a complaint. I chose Demon and the package I have, because I get 24/7 tech. support, and on the rare occasions I have needed help, it’s always been on a weekend evening. I now fear that I shall be paying the extra money for the email address to continue, and I’ll get another email telling me that Demon/Vodafone are no longer providing broadband either…

    1. Conrad Shail says:

      Did you get an email warning you that this will happen? Demon are telling me I did on the 25th July 2016., my In-box thinks otherwise…..

    2. John says:

      Hi Another soon to be evicted Demon account holder of 20 + years. 30 days to adjust to this situation is outrageous. As is said so many times here we contracted for broadband and email and now this is divided as of no consequence so that Vodafone can ostensibly drop our ‘free’ email accounts. If there is an Ombudsman overlooking this we should all write to him.

      Vodafone this is an appalling way to treat the most loyal customers. Unless there is change (unlikely) I will be steering clear of your company permanently and advising my friends accordingly. Lets hope this complaint which is miniscule in Vodafone term proves to be the Acorn that take hold and they cant ignore and ride roughshod.

    3. Myles says:

      When I left Demon in 2011 when dissatisfied with service and support, I was paying £23.48 per month. They offered to reduce my charge to £10 a month. I still left, but since then I have always negotiated the cost of the package when contract is due for renewal.

      I’ve been with Plusnet now for five years and have gradually got my cost down to £1 a month broadband and £6 a month telephone package, giving free calls anytime. I still have to pay the line rental, but I had to do that when with Demon anyway!

      Demon were great when they first started. I was a customer for 16 years. But their service gradually deteriorated when the support shifted to overseas.

  3. Jazzy says:

    In 2016 no one should be taking ISP email accounts. I have used gmail for years and it’s completely reliable, totally smartphone/desktop/ipad friendly and I have my business .co.uk email address to forward to it.

    Gmail/Yahoo type email addresses don’t look as professional but they will never let you down

    1. captain.cretin says:

      Unless you go to China for business or pleasure, where you will find it is blocked much of the time.

  4. Carol Dutton says:

    I’m absolutely fuming, having been a Demon customer for nearly 20 years. How the corporate director, or whoever he is, thinks that no longer offering e-mail can be deemed an upgrade is beyond me. I will definitely be changing my ISP and no longer buying any Vodafone SIM cards when I go abroad.

    1. Nicholas Bannister says:

      I totally agree with you. I was a Cityscape customer before it was taken over by Demon, a long time ago. I cannot accept Demon’s statement that: “As part of our ongoing upgrades, we’ll no longer be offering free email with our broadband products.” IT IS NOT AN UPGRADE. It is a cut-back of Demon’s service, and therefore should be accompanied by a CUT in the Demon monthly payment. I notice that they are recommending that customers should go to a paid email service provider – thus keeping the money that we pay for the email service it will no longer provide and trying to get us to pay for it from another source. This is disgraceful. Vodafone has now grown so big it feels it can ride roughshod over customers. Maybe the time has come for the telecom ombudsman to take a look at the way Vodafone behaves.

  5. AMartinD says:

    It’s a huge inconvenience for me; I’ve been a Demon customer for over 21 years and one of the features of the service I’ve found extremely useful in that time is the ability to have multiple separate mailboxes via my hostname. I’ve currently got six separate active mailboxes and I’m now going to either move to an alternative ISP (eg Zen) that can give me a roughly-equivalent capability or set up multiple Gmail accounts, one for each of my existing Demon mailboxes. It’s a level of hassle and annoyance that I could well do without.

    As has already been stated, how Vodafone can regard the cessation of the email service as an upgrade is beyond belief – providing such a service is surely fundamental.

    One thing I haven’t yet been able to ascertain is whether the outbound SMTP service is also being discontinued – if it is and I start to use Gmail then I’ll have to reconfigure my email client (Pegasus Mail) to use the Google SMTP servers so yet more hassle… grrrr!

  6. Peter W says:

    30 days to try and contact all the people and organisations you’ve given your email address to over two decades is, frankly, disgusting. I complained to Vodafone, and received the following response:

    Thank you for your email regarding the Demon email closure.

    It is understandable that you are very upset about what has happened with Demon emails and I am terribly sorry situation.

    Whilst I appreciate the fact that you have been with Demon for over 20 years, it was a business decision to close the email services with a 30 days notice and unfortunately, we are unable to extend the notice period or reduce the monthly broadband cost.

    Please be informed that eventually all the Demon customers would be moved to the Vodafone fibre optic services and as part of this move it was decided that the Demon email services would be moved to Namesco (3rd party company specialized in domain, web hosting and email hosting).

    Please log on to http://www.vodafone.co.uk/broadband for further details regarding the Vodafone fibre optic broadband services.

    Furthermore, I am sorry to know that you are considering to leave Demon. Please be informed that there is a 30 day notice period to cancel the Demon account.

    In order to cancel the Demon account, please contact our Demon Customer Service Team on 0345 272 2666 option 4 and 1. Alternatively, you can reply to this email when you are ready to close the Demon account.

    Or if you wish to migrate your Demon broadband service to another service provider, please contact the new service provider and place an order for a broadband service. They will send a notification to our Demon Cancellations Team and they will in turn send you a Notification Of Termination letter (NOT letter) with the proposed migration date.

    The Demon account will be cancelled once the broadband service is migrated to the new service provider.

    If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to reply to this email or contact our Customer Services Team on 0345 272 2666.

    Details concerning this email have been added to the notes on your Demon account.

  7. Roland says:

    Details of the Demon ‘offer’/stitch-up here.



    Basically, subscribers can keep their Demon email address, provided they sign up to either an Office365 Business Essentials (ie. online only version of Office) or an Exchange Online Essentials subscription, with a discount on the first 12 month subscription.

    Suspect many will sign up as the price is similar to that charged by email only service providers and they get to keep an email address that has most probably been shared with banks, HRMC, suppliers, customers etc..

  8. Ange R says:

    As well as now having to pay extra to namesco to keep my demon email address which I’ve had for over 20 years, I’m find I’m now unable to send or receive emails. I was given no notice of the set-up they have now explained (on the phone) that they’re doing, and tomorrow will require another long wait on the phone to get a technician to explain how to get Outlook to recognise my address. As others have said, Grrrrrrr!!!

  9. Dee Dee says:

    I received this this morning after believing the first was a spam/hoax and thinking it was kids messing about – having run the unhelpful useless bunch of idiots at DEMON who never seem to understand that some of might not be techically minded, I vented my spleen that this was breaching the original contract we had all signed up to back in the 90s when they were one of the first internet providers. I am totally hacked off that after getting loads of new marketing fliers and business cards that this means either ditching it or adding an additional cost to my small business which means £37 a year per email address…..I would seriously take this through the papers, press etc as there is nothing a company hates more than its customers venting their spleen…… totally an utterly hacked off by this company and as far as Vodafone go, they are just as bad and the new guy is going to get a very strongly worded letter from me – I might not be as big as bloody Vodafone but I will certainly tell them what for and as far as Demon are concerned, they can whistle!!

  10. Viv says:

    In the good old days Demon was a first class provider with a reliable service and helpful and knowledgeable tech support. However with each merger/takeover their service has deteriorated. With the latest Vodafone incarnation it is evident that any remaining Demon customer is top of their hit list for absolutely appalling service.

    To be given only 30 days notice of such a massive change to email is outrageous, but I suppose one shouldn’t be surprised if you look at what the increasingly fewer and fewer Demon customers have had to put up with over the years.

    Namesco have provided us a really good web hosting service for the last year or so – their tech support is really first class. Our email hosting will be going to them and when that’s all sorted we will be able to move to a faster/cheaper/better broadband provider.

    Just wish that Vodafone would have the decency to come clean about their plans – it’s the very least we deserve!!!

  11. Doug says:

    The same thing just happened to me and the Vodaphone/Demon customer service monkey had the cheek to refer to me as a “valued customer”. After nearly 20 years with a demon email address I am going to have to change it with all my contacts within the next 30 days. Needless to say my broadband contract is moving too and I will NEVER buy anything from Vodaphone again.

  12. Denzil says:

    As a ‘Valued Customer’ of 22 years I feel disgusted by what Demon have done. Loyalty seems to be a word missing from their dictionary. I’m sure that during the last few years many like myself have only stayed with Demon as we kept being told that their fibre option was ‘coming soon’. We could have easily jumped ship to another ISP with fibre for less than half the price Demon charge for non-fibre broadband. But at least the wait is over now and we know that they were lying. I’m happy to say that none of my 5 mobile accounts are with Vodaphone (and now never will be) who had already got rid of the Demon forum probably because they didn’t like what they read there. Over the years I have paid a small fortune for my ‘Free’ email (not sure how they think its free). I will probably pay another £30 to keep the email address going for a year to give me some time. During that time I will be taking my broadband business elsewhere. It has to be said that Demon has always provided me with excellent dial up / broadband services, allowing me to work from home and connecting to networks all over the world. I only hope my next ISP provides a similar level of service. A sad day.

  13. John Stirrup says:

    Vodafone are going to lose another “valued customer” of 20 years with their so-called “upgrade”. I might have stayed with them if they could offer fibre broadband, but the message was
    “I am terribly sorry but I am unable to confirm the timescale for the launch of the fibre optic service for now and I really do not wish to give you false promises.”

    So long Vodafone!


  14. Pete says:

    Some years ago I had a Vodafone contract for my mobile phone and suffered poor customer service at every contact. I cancelled the contract and left. So after having reliable Demon service for many years – first dial-up then broadband with both business and personal accounts over he years – I was concerned when first Thus appeared and then, shock-horror, Vodafone. I agree with many of the comments already made above. Just what sort of company gives longstanding and loyal customers just 30 days in the middle of the holiday season to migrate their emails? The answer, clearly, is a company that no longer wants them as customers. To Vodafone, therefore: “Your message is clear. You haven’t changed from the shabby company I knew and left years ago and which I now intend to leave again. Shame on you – but a benefit to another company (pretty much any of them out there) who will treat me much better than you.”

    1. Henry Love says:

      Well said. Like most complainants I am a long standing customer of Demon and am not happy with the behaviour of a company that treats its customers in such a shabby manner. I will not use Vodafone because it is very clear that the culture of the company is one of business and customer indifference. VOdafone will fail in uk and the skittleball will go on to knock out its other country businesses.
      Why change, under duress, to a different part of a failing company. If you have shares in Vodafone , sell.
      If you can do it consider buying short.

  15. Dannocks says:

    One thing seems to have been missed and that is while the web hosting moved last year, demon still control the email records for your mycompany.com domain. This product seems to have been lost in the noise and even namesco had no idea how they could get demon to release it despite namesco being owner of the transferred domain. For “free” demon email transferees namescos forwarding system at their front end mens you only need to have one account to forward the emails to external gmail addresses. Setting up outgoing to preserve the demon bit can be done with a local mail server or client with an authenticated smtp route. Namesco do one for a 1.50 a month.

  16. David says:

    I have been a loyal Demon customer for probably 20 years. Since being taken over the service has got worse and they have been in The Last Chance Saloon for some time. The only reason left for me to stay with Demon (Vodafone) was the hold they had over me with the hostname.demon email address which I cannot afford to lose.

    This latest episode has reminded me how little some big companies value their customers and the stupidity of the decisions they can make.

    My reaction has been to:
    – complain one last time (knowing it will fall on deaf ears)
    – transfer my email to namesco
    – change ISP to a company I know will be be good

    Hopefully I will never have to deal with Vodafone again! The old Demon has not existed for some years. Sad, but true.

  17. H says:

    My interpretation of Vodaphone/Thus/Demon’s despicable behaviour is that they are ‘struggling’: it seems they can’t (or don’t want to) spare the time to explain the implications & options to their Customers (i.e. us) & help us through a painless transition. I spoke to Demon in response to the ’30 days’ notice’ email & I found them rude & abrupt; they might as well have not answered the ‘phone at all, or just told me to ‘go away & stop bothering them’; they have made no effort to retain my custom or to reassure me! They say they are ‘sorry’, but if they were truly sorry they wouldn’t be treating us so badly! I hate smarmy gits who make false, empty apologies.

    As far as I’m concerned, Demon email was never free but is part & partial of the contract I signed up to 20+ years ago; Demon was by no means cheap, but I didn’t mind paying that bit extra for (what used to be) a reliable service, good customer support & (what I once believed to be) an honourable provider.

    I won’t be be signing over to Vodaphone because my recent experience of their hasty, desperate penny-pinching has shown them to be untrustworthy; I have never heard a good word spoken about Vodaphone, & now I know why! I think it’s only a matter of time before Vodaphone disappears too, & I’ll have to go through all this hassle again!

    Good luck everybody…!

  18. John says:

    Has anyone any ideas for getting a mass of people contacting them to extend the 30 days. The idea is obviously to stampede people into a names.co.uk sign-up. Any possibility of trading standards getting involved.

    1. Lyndon says:

      I too have been a Customer of Demon for nearly 20 years (started with Prestel) I concur with the disgust expressed in all the comments. I intend to raise several complaints about Demon with the Communications Ombudsman. Each complaint will cost Demon £500 for the investigation regardless of the outcome. I encourage as many as possible to do the same to teach Demon/Vodafone that such arrogant and arbitrary of longstanding Customers has financial penalties. Complaints could include > failure to give sufficient notice of termination,> false reference to “free” email which was actually included in monthly fee,> failure to provide redirection service for more than 30 days, > failure to provide means to advise email contacts of new address (they told me to look it up in Google !) That’s £2000 worth and if many of us complain it will hurt Demon, regardless of the Ombudsman’s ruling. Demon’s behaviour is outrageous, we do not want companies with these bad ethics trading in our economy.

  19. Curlew says:

    All should contact Watchdog (some already have). Just google it.

    1. Joanna Roseff says:

      I have googled it and found nothing – can you be more specific

  20. SMK says:

    Having just returned from a 3 week holiday to no demon email, I wondered what on earth was going on. Now I know. But we received no notification from Vodafone and rely on it for business use.

    I’m as apoplectic as everyone else – it continues the appalling ‘customer service’ that Vodafone has offered since its takeover, with empty promises of fast broadband services etc.
    Our demon email addresses were the only reason we stayed, so I guess whilst I’ve lost my entire 3 weeks backlog of business email whilst on holiday, at least we’re now free to dump Vodafone unceremoniously, as they have done to us. Like all the others on this thread, we will NEVER buy anything from them again.

  21. David H says:

    Twenty years ago I started with Demon dial-up and have been with them ever since through the various re-incarnations and moving to ADSL. Over that time I have felt that they were were trying to get rid of us private users. I quote from their latest website: “We’re dedicated to providing high-quality business broadband services to small and medium businesses …”. There was a time when their network status updates were timely and accurate. Recently you were told there are no faults even when email was clearly not working. So now they have achieved their objective and got rid of me. I am moving the email to namesco because I am so bound in to someone@mydomain.demon.co.uk but am peeved that my “free” email service will now cost a significant amount. I have arranged to move my ISP to one that provides a fast fibre service. So-long Demon. It was nice knowing you (for the first few years anyway).

    1. Joanna Roseff says:

      BT internet will let you keep your email addresses – I have just signed up with them and will be keeping two .demon.co.uk addresses at no extra cost. And there is the added advantage that there can be no passing the buck over whose fault it is that the connectivity is slow or keeps dropping.

  22. Conrad Shail says:

    I went with Demon many years ago when compuserve accounts were one of the only other options. Been with the all these years only to get the plug pulled… not even an email telling me.. Demon are saying I have had an email sent to my address on 25th July 2016.. my In-Box tells me otherwise…. I have asked for proof, I will probably be brushed off. Emails are an important part of business and I don’t want to subscribe any more to Google data lake by using an Gmail account. I have been data profiled to death… my shirts are white enough thank you…. Is there any chance of compensation for such a shoddy service? Thanks a bunch Vodafone, I wish you luck in your endeavours..

  23. Richard says:

    I have only stayed with demon because they hosted the e-mail service. They will have understood that and removing the e-mail service is clearly intended as nudge to terminate and move to another provider. The result is that I will move to another provider. The conclusion is that they regard the business as unprofitable or not something they want to pursue. Does anyone know why they are trying to exit this business? Or is it just some unprofitable customers that they wish to offload?
    I would quite like to know.

  24. Dave Taylor says:

    I have just returned from what was a pleasant day at my allotment and a few pints in my local brew pub to find the email about the “kind” upgrade that Demon have offered.

    To say I’m angry is the understatement of the 22 years I’ve been a paying customer of Demon, particularly as I’ve just very recently upgraded my Demon broadband and started a SmartTalk package with them – not a word uttered by my account manager about changes

    I’m too infuriated to think rationally or technically at the moment, and may have to return to the pub.

    In the meantime, could someone tell me that if I have access and edit rights to the MX records on a non Demon hosted domain of mydomain.co.uk, I can redirect email to mydomain.demon.co.uk to mydomain.co.uk, regardless of Demon withdrawing their email service?

    And for the record, I didn’t receive a July email regarding this.

  25. Peter W says:

    Totally agree with all the foregoing. I was a Demon customer since 1994 (perhaps one of the first?) and received an excellent service which gradually went downhill with each successive takeover. Fibre optic service was constantly ‘jam tomorrow’ and never materialised.

    I was very concerned about having to subscribe to Namesco (extra cost, and who knows what will come next?) and the possibility of having to change ISP altogether (unpredictability, cost etc), but here’s a thing: I bit on the bullet and changed to BT Internet Infinity 1 – absolutely seamless. Good advice/communication skills from call centre staff who did what they said they’d do and the costs look like being about what I was paying for Demon. So unless you’ve got a problem with BT, then you might give it a go. I’m now two weeks into a much better service all round.

    How do we get these comments spread further?

    1. stephenroi says:

      I thought the email was a scam from Nigeria. It turns out that as a customer for over 20 years, I am no longer of any value to Vodaphone so my email account stopped working to day. It seems Vodaphone have adopted Nigerian practices….I will deal with them accordingly.

  26. Alastair H says:

    Like many of the previous posts I have been with Demon for 20+ years. Great in the early days, if there was a problem, you talked to someone technical who understood the problem and could give you an answer. Those were the days. It gradually got less good, but I needed less help, so I muddled along. Then Vodafone took over, my heart sank, a dreadful bunch of money grabbing sharks. Now we find them saying we are getting something free, when we are paying for it!!!!! Is there no limit to their twisting of the facts? So they are not going to give us what we have been paying for but we will still pay the same.

    Well Vodafone, I will deal with the email, once this is done I will change ISP, and then I will change my phone service provider, Giff-Gaff seems like a good option, does anyone know of any problems with them?

  27. Jo Aldridge says:

    Like everyone else I am appalled at how we have been treated. I have been with Demon for 17 years. I signed up to Names.co but they are rubbish and I am unable to log in at the moment. I will never use Vodafone for anything in the future.

    1. Alastair H says:

      This is interesting, why are namesco rubbish? I have just signed up with them as it was the lazy to go and I keep the demon email address.

      The one advantage I can see at the moment is that you keep the email address, but aliases have to be notified to namesco before you can receive emails. That means unlike demon/vodafone, spam emails to dreamt up aliases will be blocked. I get quite a few of these so not having to deal with them will be worth the amount I have to pay namesco.

      At least namesco have a UK based call centre, and they have already tried a non-uk based centre and changed back to uk, so there are not the culture hiccups.

  28. Lyndon says:

    I too have been a Customer of Demon for nearly 20 years (started with Prestel) I concur with the disgust expressed in all the comments. I intend to raise several complaints about Demon with the Communications Ombudsman. Each complaint will cost Demon £500 for the investigation regardless of the outcome. I encourage as many as possible to do the same to teach Demon/Vodafone that such arrogant and arbitrary of longstanding Customers has financial penalties. Complaints could include > failure to give sufficient notice of termination,> false reference to “free” email which was actually included in monthly fee,> failure to provide redirection service for more than 30 days, > failure to provide means to advise email contacts of new address (they told me to look it up in Google !) That’s £2000 worth and if many of us complain it will hurt Demon, regardless of the Ombudsman’s ruling. Demon’s behaviour is outrageous, we do not want companies with these bad ethics trading in our economy.

  29. David Rimell says:

    Four years ago Demon told me that I was paying too much for my Broadband account which I’d had since 2003 and that if I signed a new 2 year contract they could give me the same service for less money. I refused on principle to sign a new contract. I had signed a contract ten years ago. Why should I be paying more than a customer who’d signed a contract ten days ago.

    Demon replied that it wouldn’t be fair to the new customers. So I challenged them to ask their new customers if they thought it unfair that customers who had been paying more for their internet for ten years or more should finally be charged the same as new customers. You will of course know what Demon’s (non) response to that was.

    So I carried on paying over the odds because of the one crucial factor that I needed my email address. I can’t remember how many calls I had from BT or other providers offering me a far better deal which I declined on the basis that I could not afford to lose my email address. So what a stab in the back this is. I can not believe this can be legal. Demon demand a 24 month contract to start a new account. And yet they give 30 days notice to terminate something that has (for me) thirteen years of personal, professional, legal and financial issues to sort out. The implications are an absolute minefield. Every thirty seconds or so another bomb goes off in my head about what happens when an email from so and so bounces back.

    Even if I had a new ISP and a new email address right now – I couldn’t possibly deal with it in 30 days. But it’s going to take me probably more than 30 days to find to find a new ISP. And to rub salt into the wound – I don’t even use Demon’s mail service. I use Mac Mail. All my emails get saved on my own computer. All I ever got from Demon was an email address.

    Companies like Vodaphone make massive profits from us. And yet knowing full well the incredible problems that deleting someone’s email address with 30 days notice – they just do it. They could have warned us two years ago. But that would have been a bit too ‘customer service’ for a shark like Vodaphone.

  30. Jude E says:

    I,too, have been with Demon since it was prestel, and have just returned from a week away to an email telling me I have 30 days to notify all my contacts that my email address has changed, or move to namesco. As the original contract with Prestel included email as part of the package, it seems to me that this “upgrade” is breaking that contract, so I intend to follow Lyndon’s example and complain to the Ombudsman. I shall also stop using vodaphone for my mobile, and change my broadband provider to one which offers fibre optic for about the same price as my current copper line.
    Each change of owner has meant a worse service, until we now, with Vodaphone, are shunted off as unwanted, while they continue to charge the same price for a much reduced service.

  31. Clifford Robinson-Hull says:

    My father joined Demon when it first started and was around with the ever so cumbersome Turnpike software I always tried to get him to move to a cheaper and easier to use company but he stayed because everyone knew his email address. Recently he was moved to Namesco and left with logging into the online version of Office 365. Namesco said there was a problem setting up his imap/smtp setting in Outlook and in the process destroyed his entire mailbox by recreating a new one. It was only luck I found a backup of the pst and copied across. He today the Namesco said there was a problem with his Outlook 2010 configuration and his only option was to used the online login.
    It was actually the fact Outlook 210 isn’t compatible with Office 365 I installed one of my licenses of Office 365 personal on his pc, logged into with his email and password and is able to access his mailbox with the standalone Outlook 2016 client. Much better and easier to use than Outlook Web Access.
    It is my recommendation none of the technicians at Namesco have any IT technical understanding and can only be classed as 1st line support representatives that only reset passwords.
    If anyone wants to install Office 365 I would recommend they purchase the home edition 5 user license which I purchased last year for £59.

  32. John F. says:

    I just want to echo all the above comments: outrageous is a very mild term for what Vodaphone have done.
    Demon wasn’t business oriented when I first signed up to their Dial-Up service and ever since they have been reliable and provided good service.
    Which is why I’ve stuck with them despite their prices being distinctly uncompetitive.
    Like others,for me it’s Namesco for the (compulsory minimum) 1 year to temporarily preserve my “Demon” address while I ditch Vodaphone at my leisure (not theirs) and switch to a competitive ISP.
    Vodaphone just added to their reputation being a pretty crap company. They’re certainly ooff my christmas card list!

  33. Tim Crowther says:

    As well as email, I also have web hosting provided as part of the deal I signed up to with demon 20 years ago. Presumably, Vodafone are intending to breach contract on the web hosting as well as on the email service? If I transfer to Vodafone as my ISP presumably I would have to go elsewhere for web hosting and losing my website name would mean that the very good search engine rating I now have would be lost and I would become a nobody.

  34. John Beattie says:

    Looks like breach of contract to me. As for 30 days to change over, that is just appalling.

    Vodafone and their pals in namesco (I wonder what the contract looks like between them?) have benefited by 12 months of managing my email address.

    However, over the next year, I shall be moving to a domain that I own and an email provider, domain manager and ISP that I trust. Shame, like many of the people on this chain, I’ve had a demon email address for a long time (1992 for me).

  35. Richard B says:

    I’ve been with Demon since 1993 and despite paying for the service a year in advance, I got the one month warning at the end of August. The invoice even states broadband and email! That created panic at their end. I just wanted away from Demon – exit without penalty and a refund.

    I’ve just moved to Zen Internet. It was a very easy process.

    I registered my own domain (in my name)with them and they provided a popbox where all the email to that domain ends up. It works just like Demon did before they moved to MS exchange.

    The service includes a static IP as standard and 1GB of webspace which I can also point the domain to. There are also 10 POP mailboxes unrelated to the domain.

    All I pay for is the standard unlimited broadband price and the name registration.

    Customer service is good too. The front line guys can access technical personnel whilst your still on the phone.

    It’s like being back with Demon – when they were good.

    1. LIonel says:

      It hurts doesn’t it? 16 years with demon. first they took away my web space, a handy ftp ‘drop box’ I used a lot. Now they want rid of my email too. It’s going to take a while notifying 16 years worth of email contacts – some of which will be lost forever – I’m switching as soon as it’s convenient. No reduction in monthly fees to compensate for the extra workload of course. I’m getting pretty fed up with the arrogance displayed by IT providers generally. My list of gruntles is growing week on week.

  36. John Mann says:

    With Demon since 1993. My email stopped today. I wonder how they will contact us to tell us about the next “upgrade” (which will presumably be cessation of broadband).

  37. Mr Shaun Revell says:

    I have been a Demon customer for many years, on Monday the 19th September I returned to UK after three weeks holiday only to find my business email had been scrapped. I phoned Demon customer services and after a long fight they agreed to put me back on for 28 days while I sorted out informing the “world” that my email address had changed. Demon kept on telling me they had informed me in August about this change in their contract but that was rubbish. It is now eight days since I was put back on and they have scrapped me again, this time for good it seems, they are now denying what was said last week! (Good job I recorded the call last week). I think the way Vodaphone are treating their long time customers is disgraceful and I for one will be avoiding anything that company is involved in be it ISP, PHONES OR ANYTHING!!!!!!!

  38. J Gregson says:

    My email stopped working a couple of days ago, when I phoned tech support I was told we wrote to you a month ago about this, you should have taken some action before now. I checked my in box but could find no record of the email (but I suppose I might have deleted it thinking it was spam). I’ve been a Demon Customer since the very beginning mainly because I never wanted to change my email address and originally customer service and technical support was the best although it has deteriorated in recent years.

    I am shocked by this really poor customer service especially when I come on here and see that people have been complaining about this since July, yet Vodaphone think it’s OK to carry on treating customers in the same way. I am absolutely disgusted.

    I am looking at other options now!

  39. Peter Brindley says:

    My experience reflects that described in most of the messages above. I have been using Demon in its various guises for getting on for 20 years. On Friday 24 September I paid Vodaphone – online, by credit card – for the coming year’s service for Home Office, as it used to be called, of broadband plus the Demon email address received when I first subscribed. I use that address for something which sends me messages every day. No messages have been received since the day after I paid. I spent a long time talking to a helpful lady in India(?) on the Demon helpline, and she phoned me back the following day to see if the problem had been resolved, but in the end it transpired that neither she nor I knew that the plug had been pulled. She eventually passed me to a colleague, who mentioned the (fictitious?) email said to have been sent to me in August about the forthcoming changes, and also referred to names.co I have spent over 2 hours trying to get through on the phone to names.co, but permanently engaged, and neither Safari nor Firefox can get me into their web site. So far my outgoing mail server (Demon) is working ok but I do wonder if the plug will be pulled on that too, which would cause BIG problems …….

    1. Peter Brindley says:

      This is, in a sense, a reply to myself about my message of 28 September. In that, I wondered whether the plug would be pulled. sooner or later, on the “outgoing mail server (SMTP) = demonsmtp (Offline)” part of what was Demon Home Office, for that is the only outgoing mail server I have access to.
      In respect of incoming mail I am fortunate, in that I already had a number of non-Demon addresses, and have changed the only important one which was still using a Demon address for me.
      I am baffled though, that my “accounts” window is showing demonsmtp as being Offline, but I am able to send messages out without difficulty and test messages I send to myself are coming back without delay – are there other forces at work.
      Should I be looking, as a matter of urgency, to set up another ISP as a means of sending my messages OUT – any advice for this 81 year old brain would be most welcome.

  40. Philip says:

    I got my first email about this 2 days ago tell me my email would stop on the 3rd October. I thought it must be a scam so I forwarded it on to Demon. Heard back straight away that it was genuine !!!
    I have taken advantage of the unlimited email addresses and have hundreds of them. What am I to do ? I even transferred my home home to Vodafone for ease of accounting. Needless to say, which ever way I go, it will be as far away from these shysters as possible.

  41. Mary says:

    Can anybody recommend a better provider? And is there any provider that would allow me to keep my demon email address? (I don’t want to transfer to the packages recommended by Vodafone because as soon as I manage to negotiate this mess, I intend to cancel my account with them.
    I received no e-mail warning of this so the first I heard of it was a letter that appeared to be junk mail dated 30th Sept. (And they are still demanding 30 days notice to close the account.)

    I am techno-phobic, I admit. There are thousands of e-mails in my in-box. Is there a way to inform the senders of a new email address without going through the whole lot manually? (I’m sure there must be – but I don’t know how!)

    Also, does the old in-box disappear when Vodafaone pulls the plug? I use it as an address book but I don’t have any back-up.

    1. Mike says:

      Regarding the thousands of e-mails in your in-box, I believe the only way you can notify the senders without going through the whole lot manually is if you have their addresses noted in your e-mail software’s Address Book.

      I sympathise with your plight as I am in precisely the same position.

      As for whether your in-box will disappear when Vodafone pulls the plug, all I can say is that I wish I knew the answer to this. There is a total lack of information from both Vodafone and Names.co regarding this transfer process. Yet another reason to sue the socks off them.

      One thing you must do is to locate your Store Folder and then copy all the files in it. What email software do you use? Is it, for example, Outlook Express or something else?

    2. Mary says:

      Thanks, MIke. I don’t think I ever used the address book, unfortunately.

      How do I locate the store folder? I’m not even sure what the software is. I’ve got a rather elderly Mac. I’ve a feeling it used to be Outlook Express, maybe it still is – but I have a nagging feeling that it changed at some stage.

      I’m afraid I used my in-box to store my whole life which I now see was a terrible mistake.

  42. Mike says:

    I signed up with names.co on the strict understanding that they would not start the transfer procedure until I was ready (I’m in the process of switching computers). Nevertheless, after one week they went ahead and severed my Demon connection and now I am unable to send or receive any e-mails. Once you have signed up with them, trying to contact names.co by phone is absolutely futile – they simply do not answer. All you get is a recorded message suggesting you ring the next day.

    Has anyone thought of banding together and bringing a class action against Vodaphone? These scoundrels deserve a good thrashing in the courts.

  43. Mike says:

    What on earth is Vodafone up to? I thought what they had done to me was bad enough, but having read this, I now feel as though I’ve got off lightly:


  44. Mary says:

    Thanks, MIke. I don’t think I ever used the address book, unfortunately.

    How do I locate the store folder? I’m not even sure what the software is. I’ve got a rather elderly Mac. I’ve a feeling it used to be Outlook Express, maybe it still is – but I have a nagging feeling that it changed at some stage.

    I’m afraid I used my in-box to store my whole life which I now see was a terrible mistake.

    1. Mike says:

      Before I give you instructions on how to locate your Store Folder, can you tell me how you access your e-mails? Presumably you click on some icon in order to open your Inbox; does that icon have a name attached to it? When you open your Inbox, is there any heading that indicates what program you are using? When I open Outlook Express, there is a heading at the top of the screen that reads:

      Inbox – Outlook Express

      I’m afraid we are both learning some hard lessons here, the main one being that the whole digital revolution is built on inherently unstable foundations and that nothing, absolutely nothing is built to last.

  45. Mary says:

    Thanks, MIke – I click on an icon on the toolbar. It’s a blue square with a red circle showing the number of unopened emails. There’s some kind of picture on it; my eyesight is too bad to decipher what. But no mention of Outlook express.

    I know I used to have Outlook Express but I think it changed to something else; probably last time I bought a new Mac, but that must be about eight years ago. I’m sure it must be something that comes as standard because I wouldn’t instigate changes myself.

    1. Mary says:

      I’ve tried creating a new folder , then highlighting the emails and copying/pasting – but that doesn’t work.

    2. Mike says:

      Type this into Google exactly as show below:

      mac “emails stored”

      and you will find quite a few sets of instructions that tell you how to locate your Mac’s e-mail folders.

      Bearing in mind the unfortunate experiences that some of the Demon users have written about on this page, I think it is probably extremely important to copy ALL your e-mail folders onto an external hard drive or a memory stick, before you start to transfer to another e-mail provider.

  46. Mary says:

    I’ve been on the phone to Demon and apparently the email software is Macmail.

    If it helps anyone else, they have assured me that this has something called POP which means that past e-mails are automatically copied into the computer and won’t just disappear come Oct 30.

    I was wondering about transferring to namesco, keeping the email address but ditching Demon/Vodafone as a server. Demon says you can do this. BT say it isn’t possible. Don’t know who to believe!

  47. Mike says:

    Sorry, I did not see your latest message when I sent my message about where to find your e-mail folders. Obviously you have found them. I’m very surprised you can’t copy and paste. However, it occurs to me you might be trying to copy and paste the actual e-mails. Am I right? If so, then that won’t work. If your Mac is anything like my Windows machine, then the e-mails you need to copy are in a coded format and hidden away in an obscure part of your hard drive. Do you have access to any Mac helpline? Perhaps there’s an online Mac help group that could advise you.

  48. Mary says:

    Thanks, Mac – yes, I was trying to copy and paste the actual emails.

    Should I believe what Demon said about POP copying them automatically? Does that mean they are already copied onto an external hard drive? Sorry, I know I sound stupid … this is all way out of my comfort zone!

    1. Mary says:

      I meant, of course, thanks, MIke …

    2. Mike says:

      “Should I believe what Demon said about POP copying them automatically?”

      I would take that with a pinch of salt. I imagine it depends on how large and how extensive your e-mail archive is. Mine is very large and very extensive and goes back to 1998. I will be surprised if all of that transfers successfully. In addition I have the added complication that Outlook Express has now been abandoned by Microsoft and I need to transfer not only to a new e-mail provider but a new e-mail program. All my Outlook Express messages will have to be converted from one format into another. From everything I am reading the chances of that happening without major mishap is pretty remote. This e-mail archive of mine is my life’s blood – I rely entirely upon it for my work, but it looks as though I am about to lose it all. What a catastrophe.

      Again, I stress you should try and contact some kind of Mac users group and ask them for help. You really need to back those files up.

  49. Mary says:

    I know how you feel, Mike. I’m not sure what counts as exteensive but there’s about 11,000 e-mails in the inbox, plus an archive inbox of what got rescued from Outlook Express days.
    I located the e-mail folders as per your instructions – but I still haven’t worked out how to save them. I’ve never used a memory stick. I don’t really know how to do anything except google and send e-mails. I’ll try to find a Mac group as you suggest. Thanks for all your help.

    1. Mike says:

      Memory sticks are very easy, just make sure you buy one big enough. Right click on the folders you need to copy and write down the size and then add them all up.

      11,000 messages in your Inbox pretty much equals what I have. I reckon you will neeed a 16 GB memory stick to be on the safe side. Check first that your Mac has a USB slot to plug the stick into.

  50. John Brimley says:

    I too have been with Demon as it was the default provider when I first bought my Mac 20 years ago. All we can do is boycott Vodaphone and spread the word when we inform our friends and customers…….what price loyalty!

  51. Gary says:

    Me too! Also a member of the 20+ years club. I only use Demon for POP3 download of emails. The fact that you can have anything@yourdomain.demon.co.uk is incredibly useful. I register a different “anything” username with everybody (Tesco, BT, insurance, etc) and it allows me to validate that the email is genuine. It also helps identify the source of spam (which used a email address only given to a certain high street company). 30 days. Disgusting.

  52. EvieRose says:

    A real shame that this take-over happened. I am constantly trying to watch catch up TV and the constant buffering makes this impossible. Not happy at having to pay “extra” for my email – are Vodafone going to reduce my monthly bill? Of course not.

    That’s always the problem when a larger company buys a smaller one – service goes down, prices go up. I’ve only ever had Demon as my ISP from the word go, and this is how loyalty is rewarded. The Demon product offering used to be second to none – hence my loyalty – but the tak-over by bloody Vodafone has ruined it.

  53. Dr Richard Rawlins says:

    A very helpful theme.
    I share many of others’ attributes: 20+; non-techie; grossly disatisfied; will complain to OffCom.

    Meanwhile, advice please.
    Many references to ISP providers, but which one?

    I already have Sky for TV. BT for telephone line.
    Thinking of switching to BT.
    Is BT likely to be OK?

    Many thanks.

    1. Mike says:

      I know several people who have BT as their ISP and they all say the same thing – the quality of the connection provided is acceptable but if anything goes wrong, you are on your own – technical support is more or less non-existent.

      While I’m here, let me put in a good word for Names.co. At the moment contacting them by phone is a nightmare – on the first occasion I was on hold for over 2 hours and eventually gave up and on the second occasion my patience ran out after 1 hour. However, there is a reason for this – they are simply being swamped by Demon refugees. Demon is offloading customers on to them at a rate they simply can’t cope with.

      I have to say that when I eventually did get through, I found them very helpful. You need to ring as early as possible in order to get a response from them and even then you will have to wait a while. They estimate the situation will begin to normalise towards the end of November.

  54. A.Noid. says:

    Got the email today, ugh, I’ve been using my demon email address for over 20 years now and they give us 30 days to ‘get our affairs in order’?!

    And they have the gall to say that the email addresses we’ve been using were in fact free?? FREE?! Get to fuck! I’ve been paying yearly for that email address!

    vodafone are nothin’ but a bunch of inbred wankers! I’ll have nothing to do with that scum forever more.

  55. Mary says:

    Should you decide to leave Vodafone, I now have it in writing from their customer complaints dept that they will waive any cancellation charges.

    1. Mike says:

      I would say that indicates Vodafone is tacitly admitting it is in breach of contract.

      Having been booted off Outlook Express thanks to Demon, I have signed up with Names.co and am now enjoying the delights of the online version of Outlook. It’s hard to put into words that are not totally obscene just how dreadful this e-mail program is. I shall soon be migrating to Live Mail once it is installed on my PC. I do hope it is an improvement. If not, I am tempted to walk away from the Internet once and for all. There is only so much I am prepared to endure.

  56. Andrew says:

    As above have been a Demon customer for 20+ years, as a Home user have found the service since Vodafone took over has got worse and worse, it is as if they want to get ride of all demon customers, I think the take over is simply asset striping excorcise.
    I boot up my email client last night after restoring it to another computer whixh has not been working for the last month and half to find the email not working. Call from Demon taody to inform me of this and that I was notified by email. As i stated I cannot get the email to get the notification, they said it was a business decission.
    Simply put the agreement I signed up for in 1995 was a package that included email in the cost and I have not signed anything since, so they are clearly in breach of contract and should be prosecuted for this.

  57. Andrew says:

    Does anyone have contact details on how to complain to higher authority on this and get some action taken against Vodaphone ?

  58. Cherry Klein says:

    I have now registered with Names, but can’t access their website from my computer because my operating system is too old. That will mean that in order to access my mail, if indeed i ever manage to work out how to set it up, i will have to use a public computer to do so till I’ve upgraded. Names are worse than rubbish. I hung on for 2 hours the other day to speak to their “dedicated Demon team” and then didn’t even get through to them – just to the ordinary tech support. Like everybody else, I’ve been with Demon as a paying customer for 20 years – it’s an absolute disgrace to be treated like this. My Demon address is printed on my business cards – I’ll probably have to re-do those as well when the horrid new service doesn’t deliver – literally!!

  59. Tim says:

    I managed to get up and running on the basic namesco 1-year option within the ridiculous 30-day deadline. My question is:

    Now my email address is working through namesco is it possible to ditch the Demon broadband such that the email address continues to work – or is there still a link for my ‘xxxxxxxx.demon.co.uk’ domain name back to my Demon account?
    (Basically, am I now in hock to both Demon/Vodaphone and Namesco!?)


    1. Mary says:

      I’ve been trying to work that out, too, with no success – everybody I asked gave me a different answer.

  60. Mark says:

    Not much to add to all the anger above, really. I too am waiting for an answer to Tim’s question above, and will post here if I get one. The message I received so far is:

    “xyz.demon.co.uk currently exists on a different account with us, as such I cannot link them together unless they are pushed to the same account. We can merge the two accounts into one, but to do this we will need you to create an enquiry in both accounts agreeing to the merge.”

    I presume that means I have to ask Demon/Vodafone if they agree, but it’s not 100% clear. I have about 50 addresses to change in the short time remaining, and even though in IT myself, the process has been far from painless.

  61. Peter Brindley says:

    [not quite understanding how this works I posted this (below) just now as a “reply” to the message I mention, so it has appeared just under that message (though with today’s date). Thus it will not be seen by those who have already read all the other messages – please excuse me for posting it again here ………. ]

    This is, in a sense, a reply to myself about my message of 28 September. In that, I wondered whether the plug would be pulled. sooner or later, on the “outgoing mail server (SMTP) = demonsmtp (Offline)” part of what was Demon Home Office, for that is the only outgoing mail server I have access to.
    In respect of incoming mail I am fortunate, in that I already had a number of non-Demon addresses, and have changed the only important one which was still using a Demon address for me.
    I am baffled though, that my “accounts” window is showing demonsmtp as being Offline, but I am able to send messages out without difficulty and test messages I send to myself are coming back without delay – are there other forces at work.
    Should I be looking, as a matter of urgency, to set up another ISP as a means of sending my messages OUT – any advice for this 81 year old brain would be most welcome ???

  62. Mary says:

    The Vodafone CEO is nickjeffery@vodafone.com
    ALso, see this link to an ongoing Mail on Sunday campaign against Vodafone:

    Also scroll to end of this Daily Express story for journalist’s contact details:

  63. Jon says:

    Spoke to names.co.uk today, 1st November. They gave me a plausible explanation of what was happening and told me that my email could be reinstated for a short period. Have set up a new account to which to transfer the email. However Demon/Vodafone have failed to reinstate which means that by the time the new account is activated I will have lost 48 hours of emails and a billion times as much in good will, contacts and deletions from people’s mailing lists. This is hugely, hugely damaging. (I tried to follow the instructions when they sent the rather curt and confusing emails out a few weeks ago – they were nonsense. My business was then suddenly cut off at 12 noon on Monday) How do we sue for the damage?

    1. Mary says:

      They cut mine off on 31st. then reinstated me temporarily – they promised until 7th but in fact it cut off on 5th.
      Meanwhile, I’d changed to BT which was supposed to start on 4th … they managed to cut my phone/internet off completely for five days. The engineer was here for two hours this morning, then I was hanging on the phone for six hours – I’m not joking – trying to access my new BT account. Except I didn’t have a password. Many hours later, having been told that I might need to start again with another BT email address – and by this time I’ve already contacted hundreds of people to give them the first one – somebody in BT customer relations (I think) manages to get me into the account through the back door. And there in my new e-mail box is the password. Yes, they sent the password to open the new e-mail account to the new e-mail address. It’s like selling you a car with the keys locked inside. Man at BT says this is ‘for security.’
      Meanwhile, I keep getting irritating messages telling me that Demon is failing to connect …. and have no idea how many e-mails are still going to that account. And what happens to them, do they bounce back or are they just sitting there?

  64. Colin Lindsay says:

    Now the broadband is down and customer service useless at keeping me informed. Final straw I hung up and rang another isp

  65. Satan says:

    I’ve been a Demon Customer for 21 years and moved through its various incarnations. Ditched Turnpike about 3 years ago (now outlook13). Fortunately I have several domain names and have not used the ‘demon’ email address except for forwarding to from the domains for about 18 years. I am still awaiting my notification email and only found out about this change by chance when I was informed by my cloud based spam filter that they were unable to log in.

    I have now set up everything to run through Gmail. Good spam filter, free, can easily alias ‘from’ addresses, and can easily divert incoming emails into different accounts so, to the outside world, no change.

    On the plus side Namesco are crediting me my subscription but what a fiasco!

  66. Donna says:

    Me too, along with everybody else, been dropped at a moments notice after 22 years with Demon. I had been fed-up when Vodafone took over the Demon service because I had already vowed never to use Vodafone again when I was ripped off by them on my mobile. Now they are doing it again…

    WORSE… VODAFONE CONTINUES TO TAKE MONTHLY CHARGES FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT BY DD… and can I get to talk to anyone… NO! I just spend an hour phoning different Customer Services numbers and pressing buttons, I did get one woman and as soon as I mentioned demon invoices, she cut me off.

    I dont want anything more, EVER, to do with Vodafone… but I do want my money back since they cut the service in OCTOBER… AND now are still sending invoices through to 2017… and charging. I have already had to pay for my new service.

    I did cancel the direct debit at my bank, but it seems they are still able to take by reinstating… it is Robbery. I have cancelled again with my bank and told them… STILL WANT TO GET MY MONEY BACK AND ENSURE THEY DONT TAKE ANY MORE… but how to contact them and stop their invoices?

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