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UPDATE Unstable Ethernet Ports Hit Virgin Media UK SuperHub 3 Routers

Friday, Aug 5th, 2016 (9:24 am) - Score 36,152

Some customers who use Virgin Media’s latest SuperHub 3.0 (ARRIS TG2492S/CE) broadband router have spotted that the new kit appears to suffer from an unusual problem when running in modem mode, which causes the related Ethernet port to stop working for a few seconds every 35 minutes or so.

The bug, which was first spotted all the way back in March 2016 and still hasn’t been resolved nearly half a year later (here), occurs in such a way that most subscribers may never even notice the brief blips in connectivity and indeed anybody using the SuperHub 3 in normal router mode will be unaffected. But for others such drops can cause a great deal of annoyance.

According to the complaints, the issue presents itself when the SH3 is in modem mode and hooked-up to another router (e.g. SH3 Port 1 is plugged into an Ethernet port on another router). Sometimes power cycling the SH3 (fancy words for the classic “turning it off and on again” approach) will cause the Ethernet port to work normally again for a short period, but the bug always returns.

Example of the SH3 Ethernet Port Flapping

Unixtime   Action   Real (local) Time   Time between events (HH:MM: SS)
1460154096   DOWN   08/04/2016 23:21   –
1460154171   UP   08/04/2016 23:22   00:01:15
1460156254   DOWN   08/04/2016 23:57   00:34:43
1460156327   UP   08/04/2016 23:58   00:01:13
1460158414   DOWN   09/04/2016 00:33   00:34:47
1460158483   UP   09/04/2016 00:34   00:01:09
1460160574   DOWN   09/04/2016 01:09   00:34:51
1460160641   UP   09/04/2016 01:10   00:01:07
1460162736   DOWN   09/04/2016 01:45   00:34:55
1460162801   UP   09/04/2016 01:46   00:01:05
1460164895   DOWN   09/04/2016 02:21   00:34:54
1460164957   UP   09/04/2016 02:22   00:01:02

ISPreview.co.uk understands that Virgin Media’s firmware team are aware of this problem, although the pace of progress towards a fix continues to be frustratingly slow and in the meantime some customers have even had their SH3 routers replaced with Virgin’s older SuperHub 2AC kit.

VM User uxbridge_man said:

“I’ve got my SH3 plugged in exactly as I had with my SH2ac in modem mode. The SH3’s Port1 plugged into a Ethernet port (ether1) on my router (Mikrotik CCR1036). Every works fine, for about 30 minutes, and then the super hub shuts down its Ethernet port for about 30-60 seconds, then brings it back up.

So the engineer has been out, we’ve replaced the modem, PSU and Ethernet cables, and as he was leaving, about 15 minutes after going live, the modem flapped ports again. The engineer obviously couldn’t really do anything else.”

VM User jholzherr said:

“I’m having the same exact issue with my Hub 3.0.. engineer sent out today and replaced box with another hub 3 and the same thing is happening.. Come on Virgin, let us know you at least know about this issue.. I’m giving it until the end of the month and I’ll be changing to another provider if it’s not fixed.”

VM User aoemerson said:

“Just want to add to the chorus of people having problems with the SH3 – getting connection drop-outs every 30 mins or so like clockwork with the SH3 in modem mode.

Has anyone had any joy in getting some kind of compensation? Are people who have been given a SuperHub 2ac happy with that result?”

VM User br0ken said:

“I’m getting this too – drops every 36 minutes give or take – which equates to every 35 minutes plus one minute or so to reboot and “update” (the ui on always says it’s updating every time it reboots)”

Virgin Media have promised to furnish us with an update on the situation, hopefully later today, and we will of course update as soon as it comes in.

UPDATE 6th August 2016

Virgin has informed us, via a short update, that they are actively investigating the issue but have apparently not yet been able to replicate it in the lab or over their live network, which suggests that it may be due to a specific combination of elements (some readers have suggested that it might only show up when connected to an Arris based Cable Modem Termination System [CMTS]).

Apparently Virgin are trying to collate more samples, which will be difficult since this is one of those bugs that may only be spotted by a smaller proportion of users. The operator is asking for those affected to help identify which third-party routers are showing the issue with their SH3, although they haven’t provided a contact address or fault ID for supplying that information and so we recommend posting it clearly on the relevant forum thread.

By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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