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Bigblu Broadband UK ISP Customers on Avanti Satellite Cut-off

Friday, July 26th, 2019 (3:53 pm) - Score 2,575
big blu broadband uk isp

Customers of UK ISP Bigblu, specifically those who use broadband packages based off the Satellite network from Avanti (HYLAS), have been suddenly and unceremoniously disconnected from their internet connections after Avanti “suspended the supply of satellite broadband to us with no notice.”

The problems appear to have started on Wednesday 24th July 2019 after the provider’s Facebook page reported that they were “currently experiencing an outage on our Avanti service.” The provider added that they were “trying to resolve the problem as quickly as possible to ensure limited disruption.”

Bigblu’s support agents have since informed some angry customers that the problem occurred after Avanti “suspended the supply of satellite broadband to us with no notice” and, while they attempt to resolve that issue, they’ve also been offering a “range of newer, faster and better value satellite services which we can offer customers” (no doubt not on Avanti’s platform).

According to one of those customer’s affected (Claire): “I understand from having had a number of calls with BigBlu today that the Avanti satellite was going to be removed from service sometime in Aug. This is why Avanti customers have been receiving sales calls and emails trying to get us to move to a new package over the last few months … the only difference is that it happened earlier than BigBlu anticipated.”

Bigblu’s Current Service Status Notice (26th July 2019)

We would like to share our apologies once more for the outage which has been affecting our Avanti customers. We’re in the process of contacting you all directly to help reconnect your service. We appreciate the frustration this has caused and would like to reassure those affected that our team are working hard to resolve this issue. If you are currently struggling with connectivity please send us a private message.

ISPreview.co.uk has reached out to both Avanti and Bigblu for a comment but unless a solution can be found to resolve the dispute then customers could be left to wait awhile before they can get back online. Changing to a different Satellite tends to require an engineer visit (either a new dish or re-alignment of the existing dish – except different satellites may not always work on the same dish), which could take a few days to arrange.

Meanwhile a big question mark also exists over whether or not Bigblu intends to refund for loss of service and, despite what the ISP says, some of those affected say they’ve yet to be contacted and are struggling to reach the provider. It’s worth noting that people who tend to use Satellite often do so as a last resort, usually because they can’t get a good connection by any other method.

UPDATE 6:45pm

We’ve had a statement from bigblu.

A Spokesperson for bigblu told ISPreview.co.uk:

“On Wednesday, 24th July Avanti took the unilateral decision to suspend broadband services to our customers, we cannot go into any further detail than this at this stage. While we are discussing resolutions with them, we do not have a timescale as to when connectivity will be restored.

However, our team are working hard around the clock to rectify the situation for our customers to minimise any further disruption. We understand how frustrating this situation must be for our customers and are in the process of contacting them directly to help them get reconnected as soon as possible.

As an additional gesture, we are offering a free upgrade to one of our next generation broadband packages which offers fibre-like speeds with no limits at no extra cost and with an exclusive offer in recognition of the inconvenience our customers have experienced.”

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17 Responses
  1. Avatar Guy Cashmore

    Many rural customers who went with satellite a year or two ago, simply because they had no other option, will probably find that 4G is available now, 4G is likely to be cheaper, faster and give a better user experience.

  2. Avatar Matthew Walker

    Customers who wish to resume service with there current equipment can do so with Bentley Walker using the following link.

    • Avatar Beverley

      We changed to Bentley Walker the day before Avanti disconnected as we were so fed up with Bigblu trying to get us to change to an inferior package and a lot of hassle to do so. Customer services at Bigblu are awful and loads of phone calls only to be cut off after on hold for 20 minutes each time
      The experience with Bentley Walker is so different. They are superb. Switching was so easy and we were back on line within a couple of hours. The staff when you phone are knowledgeable and polite and know what they are talking about
      Absolutely no regrets about switching

  3. Avatar Simon Jeffreys

    I am one of those BigBlu customers who was unceremoniously cut off, and I am fuming! OFCOM should investigate as between Avanti and BigBlu.

    • Avatar Jamie Abbs

      Hello Simon, The simple answer here is BigBlu have not paid Avanti for their services and possibly hoping to transfer the majority of customers onto a Tooway System. (This is certainly what they tried on with us!)

      An ofcom investigation will hopefully get to the bottom of this.

      I transferred over to FBS UK Ltd whom to date have been very helpful and migrated my old Satellite onto a new 4G service. This has proved to be a revelation for us and the teenage kids!

  4. Avatar anthony walker

    Freedomsat owned by Bentley Walker Ltd can reconnect you almost immediately , the dispute between Big Blu and its supplier Avanti does not need to iconveinece you , many customers just like energy providers have switched to Freedomsat for a better deal and no need to have any headaches with more holes drilled in your walls when the system you have is perfect adequate

    You can contact me anthony@bentleywalker.com and I will make sure you are looked after by friendly staff and from a Company with 74 years of trading who are a family Business and passionate about customer service and satisfaction

    • Avatar Beverley

      We are so impressed with your company. Sharon has been really helpful and we were back up and running within a couple of hours
      Really pleased to have left Bigblu. Thank you

  5. Avatar anthony walker

    Sorry should have said in the light of Guy Cashmere posting we also specialise in 4G with experts on hand to advise on the right equipment to maximise your performance

    Email us at sales@bentleywalker.com and copy me anthony@bentleywalker.com

  6. Avatar George

    Broadband Wherever can offer a range of internet solutions that will keep you connected in the most rural areas. View our full range of services at http://www.broadbandwherever.net

    We offer Satellite, 4G and Air-wave.

  7. Avatar Darryl

    It’s a given that 4G offers a much higher performance and much more cost-effective solution that satellite broadband, which should only be considered if there is literally no other broadband option. I switched over a year ago and simply haven’t looked back.

    I used this specialist ISP, who did an excellent job for me, are very highly rated on Trustpilot and who still seem to offer the widest and best-priced range of monthly tariffs from the three biggest 4G networks:- https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/4g-internet.co.uk

    • Avatar AnotherTim

      What do 4G-internet provide that isn’t available directly from Three/EE etc. at half the price?

  8. Avatar Darryl

    I’m on EE and pay the exact same monthly price as I can get from EE direct. Plus I was helped to get a BDUK grant and so didn’t need to pay anything for any equipment, including supply and installation of an external 4G antenna, which I very definitely needed. None of the big networks were offering that sort of service when I signed up… don’t know if they do yet?

  9. Avatar AirFibre Northern Ireland

    Anyone based in Northern Ireland can contact AirFibre on 02838440038 to see if they can provide a service.
    They’re a wireless p2p system that doesn’t have the same issues a satellite broadband connection would have in terms of latency, data limits etc.

    Both Business and residential grants available.

  10. Avatar Pamela Thain

    I didn’t know I had been cut off as I had been away, and the satellite is at my holiday home, I saw the recommendation for Bentley Walker so contacted them, I was very disappointed with them, I couldn’t get them to tell me the cost of packages I was just told go through the transfer process and it will tell you, they couldn’t seem to understand I didn’t want to do that I wanted them to tell me , they did tell me that the package depends on what modem I had and it was nearly a £50 difference and of course I had the more expensive one. I have decided to stay with Bigblu, they gave me a refund on my payment 3 months free service my new dish arrives tomorrow and I just have to wait a few days then for the engineers to come and install, they could answer all questions I had so to me it was all good, just looking forward to being back on line when I’m relaxing by the seaside

  11. Avatar RuralRip-off

    I’m with Bigblu using the Tooway service…until last night when it started going wrong
    Now I can only connect to their website and no other site…are they losing relationships with all their suppliers
    Of course no answer on their phone line, which of course has now gone for the weekend
    No other supplier would allow its customer service to close assuming they’ve had a major outage
    Poor service but I guess unsurprising when users have no other option

  12. Avatar Valerie Monaghan

    Both of Big Blu telephone numbers Sales 01869 222893 & Customer Service 01869 222900 are not working when I tried them several times today Monday 21 October 2019. Does anybody know what’s going on?

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