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Full Fibre Ltd Name Next 11 UK Towns for FTTP Broadband

Monday, Mar 22nd, 2021 (2:28 pm) - Score 23,312

Full Fibre Limited, which is currently building a new 1Gbps Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based broadband ISP network to cover “at least” 500,000 UK premises by 2025, has today named the next batch of 11 rural and semi-urban towns to benefit from their rollout (reflecting a coverage increase of c.100,000 premises).

The provider, which operates its network as a wholesale platform via iNeedFibre for other UK ISPs to harness (e.g. SWS, HFL Broadband, Connect Me to 2 Full Fibre, ANLX, Air Broadband, Cloud Wireless and fibrehop), has already started to go live across thousands of premises in locations such as Leominster (Fastershire project), Ivybridge and South Hams.

NOTE: Since last year the operator has been backed by multi-billion-dollar infrastructure investment fund Basalt, which now owns a majority interest in the company.

By comparison, today’s announcement will extend that to cover 100,000 premises across 11 “additional” locations, where the majority of premises will be able to access their gigabit internet services “within the next 12 months“. We note that Leominster and Shrewsbury are both mentioned in this list, despite already having been announced.


As before, the focus tends to be on “forgotten market towns” and areas (i.e. often those with between 5,000 and 40,000 premises), initially in the West Midlands, Central and South West of England, that might otherwise be left behind by the national FTTP rollout.

The 11 Locations
Bayston Hill
Cam and Dursley

Full Fibre CEO, Oliver Helm, said:

“Businesses across Britain, and the amazing people working for them, need access to ultrafast internet connections, at work and at home, to enable them to compete nationally and internationally, but those outside dense urban areas and major cities are being disadvantaged by the lack of investment in their digital infrastructure.

Full Fibre recognises the national necessity for both residents and businesses to upgrade to ultrafast fibre services, if they are to embrace modern digital services and educational tools. These chosen areas are currently restricted to ageing copper connections, not meeting with the needs of modern, homeworking families.

It’s vital that everyone in a community gets access to ultrafast, reliable services and the opportunities that come with it.”

The company’s announcement coincides with both Ofcom’s new regulatory changes to incentivise fibre rollout (here) and the Government’s updated plans to invest £5bn in delivering gigabit broadband across the country (here). Full Fibre’s investment in these new areas, including some of those mentioned in the Government announcement, should help to accelerate their access to gigabit broadband.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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10 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Joshua Hold says:

    So they’ve announced 9 additional locations?

    1. Avatar photo Socks Saxon says:

      And I thought I couldn’t count!! Maybe they are announcing they’re actually going to finish them… one day?

    2. Avatar photo Stephen says:

      The cheapest best road for which I pay for is vodafone at average speed 65mb at of £21.50

    3. Avatar photo Read the article before commenting says:

      Now come on I’m surr you can work it out… 11 take away 2 is …?


      11 “additional” locations, where the majority of premises will be able to access their gigabit internet services “within the next 12 months“. We note that Leominster and Shrewsbury are both mentioned in this list, despite already having been announced

  2. Avatar photo Denis Hickman says:

    What about surrounding villages were there is slow broadband

    1. Avatar photo Socks Saxon says:

      Haven’t a lot of the villages surrounding these areas had/getting gigaclear/Airband etc?

  3. Avatar photo Barry Rayner says:

    I dont trust them,I don’t like them and can’t count on them,they do just as they like….I have no doubt that when everyone else has fibreoptic I still won’t be able to get it. If in 30 years they haven’t moved a telecommunications box within a mile and a half of my place using a copper line (knowing my service is extremely poor & unreliable) and still charging the rate that others pay for a decent service…they ain’t going bother about me now or in the future. BUT THEY STILL TAKE THE MONEY!

    1. Avatar photo Barry Rayner says:

      This is BT, who own openreach entirely although they are run separately so I’m told!

  4. Avatar photo Chris says:

    If this can match Gigaclears’ 1Gbps up and 1Gbps down and not like Virgin Media where you get 1.14Gbps down and only 50Mbps up I will be staying in stourport, I currently have to pay for Gigaclear at a friends house for my servers to get a fast enough speed

  5. Avatar photo Christopher Graham-Wilson says:

    When is perth abd brdige of earn going to get fsster broadband and when make it a priority urgently please

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