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London ISP Community Fibre Cut 1Gbps Broadband to £25

Thursday, Jun 1st, 2023 (10:49 am) - Score 1,392

London-focused broadband ISP CommunityFibre, which aims to deploy a new Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network to cover over 2.2 million UK premises by the end of 2024 (720,000 premises have already been done), has discounted the price of their 1Gbps plan to just £25 per month for 24-months (£27 thereafter).

The only negative of the latest offer for new customers is that their one-off setup fee has slightly increased to £14.95. Otherwise, prices for CommunityFibre’s main packages start from £20 per month on a 24-month term for a 150Mbps (symmetric speed) plan (£22 thereafter) and that rises to just £49 per month for their top 3Gbps tier (£51 thereafter). All of the above packages include a WiFi 6 router and unlimited usage.

Consumers can also check out their Social Tariff – Community Fibre Essential, which offers a basic 20Mbps service for just £12.50 per month. But this is actually available to everybody, rather than just being restricted to those on state benefits, provided you’re covered by their new network of course.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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15 Responses
  1. Avatar photo tsd says:

    “*We may, at our discretion, on or after 1st April every year increase the monthly price of the following, but not limited to, broadband, call plans, call charges, Community Fibre TV, additional routers and WiFi in Every Room by the Government published Consumer Price Index (CPI) from January of the same year plus an extra 2.9%. For example, the CPI in Jan 2023 was 10.1%, so a monthly broadband price of £25 went up to £28.25 in April 2023. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details.”

    1. Avatar photo Zakir says:

      Im with Hyperoptic which they they don’t increase your price plan throughout your whole contract but they don’t have good offers which Community fibre offers for example Im paying £35 for 1gbps per month and if your getting 1gbps with Community fibre offer your still paying less then Hyperoptic even if they increase the price if your on 24 month contract.

      Community Fibre works out better Im only with Hyperoptic as have cabled my building a while back FTTB the only provider who can offer speeds up to 1gbps.

  2. Avatar photo father_ted says:

    While I disagree with price rises in fixed term consumer contracts, this is a pretty strong offer.

    Similar pricing previously ran as a time-limited promotion for a month or three, expiring yesterday. Looks like 3Gbps is the new 1Gbps.

    I’d say it makes good commercial sense – customers willing to spend £50/month are worth having, because they generally don’t use any more data than 1Gbps subscribers. The only substantial marginal cost is the CPE.

    It’s hard to justify any Openreach based 1000/115 service in preference to CF 3Gbps where available. The lack of static IP is possible to work around.

    Compare the prices for 1000/115: Zen £55, Vodafone £49, TalkTalk £49, Plusnet £42, BT £41.

    Likewise, for anyone who isn’t an enthusiast and wants a reasonably priced option, 1Gbps at £25 is a no-brainer. For the same money you could get Vodafone 80/20 at £25, nothing from BT/Zen (150/30 at £30), Plusnet 80/20 at £25 and so on.

    I hope they keep scaling successfully and don’t run out of IPv4…

  3. Avatar photo Obi says:

    Great news, this was the plan I was going for, now they need to speed up their build and reach my area. I’m shocked BT are ignoring Tower Hamlets for FTTP, giving the altnets & VM first movers advantage.

    1. Avatar photo Sam says:

      They can’t overbuild on every alt, everywhere at the same time

    2. Avatar photo Obi says:

      @Sam True, but in an area where they have strong market share, but only offer Superfast & ADSL, I feel like they should be thinking about defending their moat

  4. Avatar photo Phil O'Sophic says:

    I wonder if offers of slower speeds will slowly disappear the same way that capped download volumes did and (on mobile) capped minutes and texts. After all it’s the same principle, it doesn’t cost much to give away something that most people won’t use.

    1. Avatar photo Andrew G says:

      Logically you’d have thought so, but the evidence of other industries is that product differentials are maintained as long as possible. In economics the term “consumer surplus” is used to describe how some consumers will pay more than others for essentially the same thing. To exploit that and charge more to all those who will pay more (even though underlying costs are negligibly different), companies offer differentiated products where the price is much higher for a differentiated product than the cost difference, and thus the margin on that is hugely greater.

      Historically Philishave were absolute masters of this dark art, as were all mainstream car manufacturers (and car makers still are). In broadband its all much more primitive and based around dong-length measures of bandwidth. I don’t think anyone’s tried to offer a proper quality product (eg on latency, jitter, availability to gamers), but I could be wrong.

      Because in most industries most of the profit comes from the small number of premium customers, I’d say don’t expect the broadband industry to commoditise itself anytime soon!

    2. Avatar photo Goetz says:

      As far as I remember, they already removed the 300 Mbps option recently. When I signed up in March, I believe, there was still a 300 Mbps contract available. I went for 1 Gbps for roughly the same price that I paid at VM for (theoretical) 100 – 125 Mbps. VM often was much slower. So far I had no issues with CF, speed consistently better than with VM. Not always above 300 Mpbs even, but often around 500 Mbps on mobile devices and around 800 Mbps on the hub. That’s more than good enough for that price and more than enough for most – if not all – tasks.

  5. Avatar photo Christopher A says:

    Isn’t Greg Mesch/Cityfibre going to start complaining to Ofcom about them reducing their prices?

    1. Avatar photo Jack says:

      This makes zero sense as Community Fibre is currently not a wholesaler and they do not even have any overlap whatsoever with City Fibre

    2. Mark-Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      On wholesale, TalkTalk has apparently gained access to Community Fibre’s network

    3. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      That told you, Jack.

  6. Avatar photo Roger says:

    I’ve been stuck with VM for a number of years as it has been them or ADSL from the BT platform. Community Fiber has just deployed in my street and sent their door knockers around yesterday. Their solution for how to deal with the fact that I have 9 months left on my VM contract was to offer me 10 months free if I was to sign up. The installation date is Tuesday 🙂

    So for the next 9 months, I will have 2 providers, both offering around 1Gbit download and hopefully very different upload speeds.

    1. Avatar photo Paul D says:

      @Roger – Excellent result!

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