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Ogi Extend Full Fibre Broadband Build in South Wales to Tenby

Thursday, Oct 5th, 2023 (12:02 am) - Score 1,144

Infracapital-backed UK broadband ISP Ogi has announced that their rollout of a new multi-Gigabit capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network in South Wales is being extended to cover around 5,000 premises in one of Pembrokeshire’s most iconic seaside towns, Tenby.

At present the only other gigabit-capable fixed broadband network available in parts of Tenby is from Openreach, but Ogi clearly intend to change that. Tenby is the latest of over 60 communities across South Wales to benefit from the operator’s privately backed broadband deployment, which first launched in 2021 (this excludes the prior years, when they were known as Spectrum Internet).

NOTE: Ogi employs over 210 staff and aims to cover 150,000 premises in South Wales by 2025.

Surveying work is already underway in the town, with build activity due to start at street level in the town over the autumn when local construction embargoes are lifted. Assuming all goes to plan, homes and businesses in the area will be able to access Ogi’s ultrafast service from early 2024.

The operator has so far covered a total of 60,000 premises up to July 2023 (up from 47,500 in March 2023) and have added 6,000 customers “in less than a year” (here).

Ben Allwright, Ogi’s Chief Executive Officer, said:

“I’m delighted to be welcoming Tenby – one of Wales’s most iconic seaside towns – to the Ogi network.

Tourist destinations like Tenby are bursting with potential – and they deserve the best connectivity to help them thrive. As we’re seeing across Pembrokeshire, only Ogi can make that access a reality right now.

Our network is helping businesses to grow, wherever they are based; supporting people to work closer to where they live; and opening up even more home entertainment choices.”

Customers of the service can expect to pay from £30 per month for an unlimited plan with downloads of 150Mbps (15Mbps upload) and an included wireless router on a 24-month term, which rises to £60 for their top 900Mbps (90Mbps upload) plan. New customers will also get six months FREE broadband and evening and weekend voice calling.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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17 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Nosy neighbour says:

    It’s great to hear that Ogi Fibre Broadband is expanding its services to Tenby. More competition in the market is always beneficial for consumers, as it leads to better options and potentially lower prices.
    From what you’ve mentioned, it seems that Tenby already has FTTP (Fiber to the Premises) in some areas, and other providers are offering faster speeds or reduced prices compared to Ogi’s current offer. This competition will likely encourage Ogi to review their pricing and potentially make adjustments to stay competitive.
    While Ogi is known for providing a good service, it’s true that pricing can be a determining factor for customers when choosing a broadband provider. The £30 price for a 150Mbps line with only 15Mbps upload speed may seem expensive compared to other options available, such as BT Broadband’s faster option at £27. It’s always wise to shop around and compare offers before making a decision.
    It’s important for Ogi to stay proactive and continually assess their pricing strategy, especially as other providers like BT enter the market and offer competing services. Ultimately, customers will be looking for the best combination of speed and price, which will determine their choice of broadband provider.
    Additionally, it’s worth noting that the backers of Ogi Fibre are supporting another FTTP provider in England with lower costs. This indicates that there is potential for Ogi to improve their pricing as well.
    In the end, we can hope that Ogi Fibre takes note of the competition and adapts to meet the needs of customers in Tenby. It’s essential for them to consider competitive pricing while continuing to deliver a reliable and high-quality broadband service. This way, they can retain their customers and avoid losing them to larger companies as the market evolves.

    1. Avatar photo David says:

      Infracapital are the backers and Gigaclear are the other company they back in England, who offer 200mbps for £17 400mbps for £24, 830mbp for £49.

      Making Ogi’s 150mbps for £30 a definite experience option.
      This is something that will need to be better positioned to compete in today’s FTTP market.

  2. Avatar photo JJ says:

    “Expensive option” I think that was David.

    But true Ogi’s current offers are based on no competition, but that will soon change.

  3. Avatar photo Happy Days says:

    BT already have FTTP lines around Tenby and offer a more competitive price, Ogi definitely needs to bring the costs down to make it worth swapping over and having the disruption of having a new line to be fitted.
    But id rather Ogi became successful and to see the costs involved kept in the Welsh economy.
    But it’s going to have to give customers a better option price wise if BT’s FTTP prices are the same or lower as there’s just no point in going through it all just to pay more.

    1. Avatar photo TenbyBoy says:

      The only FTTP BT offer around Tenby at the moment are in new builds or the one estate where the minimum house value is £900,000+, although Openreach are currently building FTTP, having installed SHEs in 4 cabs around the town in the last month and are surveying the ducting in preparation to run fibre.

      I live in Tenby and find it hard to believe that Ogi are going to install more of their network (they already cover a large part of the town inside the town walls, having installed over the summer, which goes against their comments about an embargo being in place), when they know BT are cheaper and are also installing this autumn.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great they’re both installing and welcome the competition – just hope it happens.

    2. Avatar photo Kevin says:

      Tenbyboy, gumferston has had FTTP for over a year,and it’s down as far as kiln park on the exchange,so if it’s not live if you live around there get onto BT. Living just beyond the pool and I have it.

  4. Avatar photo Tom says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere BT may look at buying out such companies rather than build their own new FTTP infrastructure?

    1. Avatar photo occasionally factual says:

      No, Openreach are more than happy to build it all themselves then they know exactly what they have. Any purchase of a struggling alt-net would be poor value as you have no idea of what you are getting.
      Just like in the cable TV days of the 90s and Virgin are still paying for the shoddy work of some of the original companies.

  5. Avatar photo Bob says:

    As an existing Ogi service, am more then happy with the service. (I’ve gone for the top 900/900 service).

    But I agree with the comments RE pricing.

    I am happy to pay it and can afford too, but if there were cheaper competition in my area it would always be a factor considered.

    1. Avatar photo Kyle says:

      I’ve got Ogi and yes I’m happy with the service just not happy with the cost but I didn’t have any other option for FTTP.

  6. Avatar photo James-ob1 says:

    I am the same we got into a ogi contact last year then BT and the rest opened up the system for all, now Ogi’s become one of the most expensive and as far as I know do not offer a discount on repeat custom. So I’ll be off like many people in my street once it’s up

    Shame really it’s been a good service, just BT are offering me the same speed with higher upload for ten pounds less, and in this day and age that’s a big deal.

  7. Avatar photo dai says:

    “Tenby needs reliable WiFi in the town. All signals are absolutely useless once the town is full over the summer. It’s a nightmare to get any significant signal from any supplier. This is something the town council should introduce. It’s awful not having a decent data signal in this day and age. OGI could take full advantage of this to push their own service. The town just gets so oversaturated with people that the current system just grinds to a halt.

    OGI needs something to attract customers away from BT FTTP, as all the major players can undercut them quite a bit. Additional data services like BT WiFi (even that’s terrible in Tenby), but if OGI could make it happen, this would be a sensible start.”

    1. Avatar photo Dugggie says:

      Absolutely spot on. I could “Work From Home” in Tenby all summer if I could get a reliable mobile signal and contribute to the local economy. As it stands, it’s impossible. Last weekend (out of peak summer holidays) I couldn’t even connect to the inernet in the caravan I was it.

      I’ve tried multiple mobile providers but they are all much the same.

      I don’t get how this hasn’t been addressed by any of the telecomms companies yet.

    2. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

      Appears Ogi’s build in Tenby is not going to happen anytime soon. Their Principal Contractor, Network Plus have advised their staff working on the Ogi contract that all work will cease end of January due to lack of funds. This is likely to affect their other build areas in Pembroke

  8. Avatar photo FasterThan1G-FibreForAll says:

    Ogi need to come East a little ways from Tenby & paper the entire SWLJ Exchange in Fibre =)

    One thing of note is Ogi’s Speedtest node (on Ookla) located in Cardiff always sets the highest benchmarks when testing [944mbps / 111mbps]

    I’d like to see them run some 10G FTTP based PON past my property to put the squeeze on everyone currently serving my area VM02/BTW/VF more the merrier I say.. Yes I agree they need to drive that package cost down to make it more palatable for consumer

  9. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

    Appears Ogi’s build in Tenby is not going to happen anytime soon. Their Principal Contractor, Network Plus have advised their staff working on the Ogi contract that all work will cease end of January due to lack of funds. This is likely to affect their other build areas in Pembroke

    1. Avatar photo Mike says:

      For clarity, this latest article confirms that Tenby is still in the pipeline – along with other areas in Pembs.

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