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26th February, 2021 (11 Comments)

Low cost UK broadband ISP TalkTalk, which last year appeared to be taking a step back from their existing YouView (IPTV) based Pay TV products (here), appears to have quietly launched a new promotion that bundles their “fibre broadband” plans with a Freesat 500GB Recordable 4K TV Box (satellite dish and cabling not included).

24th February, 2021 (5 Comments)

TalkTalk has today shared a preview from the latest volume (2) of their new ‘Internet Insights‘ report with us, which is a quarterly analysis of the ISP’s network traffic and usage trends. For example, it notes that UK internet usage rose nationally by 40% during 2020, driven by streaming, online gaming and working from home.

19th February, 2021 (27 Comments)

The Broadband Forum has published a new technical report (TR-419), which proposes a different way for “full fibre” (FTTP) builders to cut their deployment costs via a Fibre-to-the-extension-point (FTTep) approach. In short, it’s another way of cutting out the need to replace the last few metres of copper with fibre.

sky broadband router SR203

11th February, 2021 (20 Comments)

Customers of UK ISP Sky Broadband may be pleased to learn that the provider is now deploying a new firmware (software) update for their latest SR203 and SR204 Sky Hub wireless routers, which the provider says should finally fix two of last year’s biggest bugs with VoIP timing and DHCP networking.

9th February, 2021 (22 Comments)

Customers of UK ISP BT, specifically those who take out their new VoIP style Digital Voice product (typically offered as a phone solution alongside broadband packages), will soon be able to access the operator’s new ‘Advanced Digital Home Phone‘ handset that comes with Alexa Built-in (Amazon’s smart voice assistant).

4th February, 2021 (78 Comments)

The BT Group’s latest Q3 2020/21 results reveal that Openreach’s G.fast and Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based “ultrafast broadband” (100Mbps+) network now covers a total of 6.88 million UK premises, with 4.05m coming from FTTP alone (up from 3.5m last quarter). The take-up rate for their full fibre services has also improved.

Vodafone UK broadband and mobile

3rd February, 2021 (10 Comments)

UK ISP and mobile giant Vodafone have today published their latest results to the end of 2020 (financial Q3 FY21), which saw their fixed broadband base grow to 876,000 customers (up by +38k in the quarter vs +45K in Q2 FY21), while their mobile base slowed its decline to total 17,337,000 (down by -43k vs -200k in Q2 FY21).

3rd February, 2021 (22 Comments)

UK ISP BT and EE has today combined to launch their new converged Halo 3+ package (add-on), which is a hybrid solution that is intended to give customers the “best” all-in-one broadband (e.g. full fibre FTTP as standard), WiFi coverage (“the UK’s only unbreakable Wi-Fi connection“) and mobile (mobile Broadband) connectivity.

telephone uk red ringing broadband

3rd February, 2021 (15 Comments)

A new survey has warned that 24% of UK businesses (33% for SMEs) aren’t aware of the plan to withdraw traditional copper line phone services (PSTN – WLR, LLU SMPF etc.) by December 2025, which will see both homes and businesses being migrated over to a modern all-IP based network for broadband and voice connectivity.

1st February, 2021 (41 Comments)

Three of Openreach’s street cabinets, and an unrelated mobile phone mast in Chelmsford (Essex), have been seriously damaged after arsonists attacked them this morning, which has sadly left almost 3,000 premises (homes and businesses) without access to either broadband or phone connectivity during a pandemic!

30th January, 2021 (12 Comments)

Openreach (BT) plan to increase the wholesale price of their strongest maintenance level across almost all of their broadband and phone products (WLR, LLU, SOGEA and FTTC/P) for UK ISPs, although the change will mainly affect ISPs selling business packages with a stronger commitment to fault repairs.


7th January, 2021 (13 Comments)

Mobile operator and ISP Vodafone UK has launched a new promotion to help small businesses (1 – 50 employees) get through the COVID-19 crisis, which will give new customers (and existing ones who are eligible for an upgrade) 12 months’ of free broadband service on a 36 month minimum term. But only on FTTC.

Shell Energy Broadband

6th January, 2021 (0 Comments)

Energy provider and UK ISP Shell Energy is giving away three months of bill credit (worth up to £134.97) on their top “Superfast Fibre” (FTTC) and “Ultrafast Fibre” (G.fast) home broadband and phone packages, which will be available to take by new customers until 8th February 2021.

sky broadband 2020 uk isp logo

31st December, 2020 (12 Comments)

UK ISP Sky Broadband has added a further discount to the monthly price of their “Superfast” (average download of 59Mbps) and “Ultrafast” (145Mbps) broadband packages for new customers. On top of that they’ve also re-added the Free Anytime Talk (calls) plan to these at no extra cost.

SpeedTest broadband fast download

29th December, 2020 (15 Comments)

As usual we’re ending 2020 by taking a quick look back over the year to see how average download and upload speeds have changed across the top national fixed line home broadband ISPs and mobile network operators. Predictably, the rising take-up of faster connections has resulted in a general improvement.

17th December, 2020 (0 Comments)

Digital security specialists at Trustwave (SpiderLabs) have once again found “numerous security vulnerabilities” in one of D-Link’s home broadband routers, specifically the DSL-2888A, which could allow a malicious WiFi or local network user to gain unauthorised access to the device.

17th December, 2020 (11 Comments)

Ofcom has published their annual Connection Nations infrastructure report, which reveals that “full fibre” (FTTP) broadband ISP networks now cover 18% of UK premises (up from 10% last year) and 27% are within reach of a “gigabit” (1Gbps+) service (7.9 million). Meanwhile geographic 4G cover is given as a range from 79% to 85%.

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