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5th February, 2024 (11 Comments)

Mobile operator and ISP Vodafone UK has just released their Q3 FY24 financial results, which saw their fixed line broadband base grow to total 1.331 million customers (up by 39k in Q3 vs 27k in the Q2), while their mobile customers grew to 18.572 million (up by 330k in Q3 vs 218k in Q2).

2023 Openreach-engineers-inspecting-duct

30th January, 2024 (8 Comments)

Openreach (BT) has launched a new special offer for broadband ISPs that discounts the charge on 10Gbps Cablelinks for FTTP and FTTX/C lines (GEA), nationwide, when taken on Layer 2 Switches (L2S) built before 31st December 2023 to just £499 +vat (the regular connection cost is normally £1,270.58).

Vodafone Pro II UltraHub UK Router 2022

24th January, 2024 (9 Comments)

Mobile network operator and ISP Vodafone UK has now, after previously announcing that they were retiring both their old c.35-38Mbps Fibre 1 (FTTC / VDSL2) and related Full Fibre 1 (FTTP) home broadband packages for new customers (not existing subscribers), said this was done in error. But the related Social Tariff is still missing.

world broadband connectivity

20th January, 2024 (32 Comments)

The latest research from Point Topic has revealed that world fixed broadband lines grew by 1.6% (22.39 million) in Q3 2023 to total 1.42 billion connections, which compares with 1.87% (24.59m) in the same quarter last year. But the subscriber growth rate of “full fibre” (FTTP/B) networks in the UK almost stalled in the latest quarter.

2023 Openreach female engineer in exchange.jpg

18th January, 2024 (28 Comments)

Openreach (BT) has published the next round of 46 exchanges under Tranche 15 of their “FTTP Priority Exchange Stop Sell” programme, which reflects locations where over 75% of premises are able to get full fibre and can thus stop selling copper based phone and broadband products (i.e. FTTP is left as the only available product).

fttp testing node openreach

11th January, 2024 (36 Comments)

Openreach (BT) are expecting to reach a record peak quarterly build rate on their new gigabit speed Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based broadband ISP network of 1 million premises passed in Q4 FY24 (i.e. end of March 2024), which is up from the 860K seen in Q2 (Sept 2023). Commercial build costs are also said to still be below £300 per premises.

BT Etc EV Charger from UK Street Cabinet Plugged into Car

8th January, 2024 (49 Comments)

UK ISP BT and its digital incubation team, Etc. (that is their actual name), has this morning kicked off the first pilot of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger that has been repurposed from one of Openreach’s old street cabinets, which was “traditionally used to store broadband and phone cabling“. Up to 60,000 more could follow.


5th January, 2024 (0 Comments)

New customers of BT’s home broadband packages may like to know that the ISP has kicked off their January Sale today, which includes a number of headline discounts. For example, their 150Mbps and 900Mbps packages have now been reduced to £28.99 and £52.99 per month respectively on a 24-month term with free setup (rising to £33.99 and £57.99 post-contract).


4th January, 2024 (13 Comments)

Energy and telecoms provider UW (Utility Warehouse), which is also known as Telecom Plus, has today issued a press release where they claim to have “launched the cheapest broadband deal in the UK” for new customers, with prices from £19.99 per month for 18-months. But there are some caveats to this, so take it with a pinch of salt.

Network cable connected to wifi router on white background.

3rd January, 2024 (8 Comments)

Network access provider Openreach has revealed that broadband usage across their UK network of ISPs increased by around 9% during 2023 (up vs 2.5% in 2022) to total 94,722 PetaBytes (PB) of data. The results for 2023 also include data from both their “full fibre” and “superfast” networks, seemingly for the first time.

uk map broadband mobile isp computer network

19th December, 2023 (12 Comments)

The latest Connection Nations 2023 UK digital infrastructure report has today been published by Ofcom, which finds that “gigabit-capable broadband” ISP networks now cover 78% of the UK (up from 70% in 2022), while outdoor 5G mobile cover from at least one operator is available to 85-93% of premises (up from 67-77%).


14th December, 2023 (5 Comments)

A new report from business broadband ISP and communications provider Gamma and the Centre of Economics Business Research (CEBR) has claimed that 29% of UK businesses are still “completely unaware” of the upcoming move to switch-off the old copper-based Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in December 2025.

13th December, 2023 (57 Comments)

The UK telecoms, media and internet content regulator, Ofcom, has today introduced new guidelines that will effectively only allow broadband ISPs to use terms like “fibre” and “full-fibre” on their websites, and in contracts, if their network brings fibre optic cables all the way to your home (i.e. FTTP / FTTH).

telegraph pole and bt openreach engineer

11th December, 2023 (19 Comments)

Network access provider Openreach (BT) has today unveiled its usual round of annual price increases across their wholesale broadband and Ethernet products for UK ISPs, which touches on everything from full fibre (FTTP) lines to FTTC (VDSL2 / SOGEA), Cablelinks, ISDN and Ethernet Access Direct (EAD), among other products.

hand with fiber network cables connected to servers in a datacenter

8th December, 2023 (23 Comments)

Ofcom has today proposed to update their resilience guidance to provide greater clarity on how UK broadband ISPs, mobile operators and other digital network companies can “reduce the risk of network outages“. Separately, they’re also seeking feedback on the issue of inadequate power backup at mobile network sites.

Vodafone Pro II UltraHub UK Router 2022

8th December, 2023 (30 Comments)

Customers of Vodafone’s home broadband service, which is sold via FTTC and FTTP packages on Openreach and CityFibre’s national networks, may be pleased to learn that the ISP has finally confirmed to ISPreview – after some prodding – that they are starting to run a “limited trial” of IPv6 internet addressing.


7th December, 2023 (6 Comments)

Benchmarking firm Opensignal has today published a supposedly “definitive” study of fixed broadband speeds across the United Kingdom, which reveals which ISPs are delivering both the best service quality and speeds to consumers. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the table ends up being topped by CommunityFibre, Virgin Media and Hyperoptic etc.

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