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UK ISP TenTel Slashes Phone Line Rental to GBP7.99 Per Month

Saturday, October 11th, 2014 (1:43 am) - Score 5,098

Selkirk-based ISP TenTel, which recently entered the market with an aspiration to sign 20,000 customers in its first year of trading and 100,000 within five years, has moved to take on the big boys by claiming to offer the United Kingdom’s “cheapest telephone and broadband deals” and they’re starting by offering phone line rental from just £7.99 per month.

The provider claims to be slashing their prices this month in support of “customers who are angry over BT’s decision to impose a 6% increase on its home phone and broadband bills“, which is a move that other big name ISPs are following (i.e. pushing line rental near to the £17 per month mark).

In response, TenTel has announced that customers who take one of their broadband bundles will only pay half-price line rental of £7.99 per month and this price will be locked in for the next 12 months (note: £7.99 inc. VAT is well below the roughly £10 +vat wholesale price for standard line rental).

On top of that most of TenTel’s packages only seem to attract a 30 day contract and come with a free connection and free router (plus free delivery).

Robert McKechnie, MD of TenTel, said:

BT is driven by the battle for football ratings which is unfair on its millions of customers who don’t watch football. It’s unfair on pensioners and it’s unfair on low income earners.

We know that many of their customers feel like they’re being ripped off. We believe our job is to provide an excellent service to our customers at the lowest possible prices and we don’t have the distraction of supporting other things or lavish marketing expenses with our customers’ hard earned money.”

TenTel Bundles

hello broadband 2
* Download speeds of up to 17Mbps
* 2GB usage allowance

PRICE: £1.99 per month (plus £7.99 line rental)

hello broadband 10
* Download speeds of up to 17Mbps
* 10GB usage allowance

PRICE: £2.99 per month (plus £7.99 line rental)

hello broadband 50
* Download speeds of up to 17Mbps
* 50GB usage allowance

PRICE: £6.99 per month (plus £7.99 line rental)

hello broadband unlimited
* Download speeds of up to 17Mbps
* Unlimited usage allowance

PRICE: £9.99 per month (plus £7.99 line rental)

Otherwise there’s also a Tentel Advanced package, which gives customers unlimited broadband, line rental and FREE weekend UK calls for £199 per year. But take note that any data consumed in excess of the bundle (except unlimited options) will cost £1.50 per GigaByte. Also if you happen to need a new phone line installed then a standard charge of £60 applies.

However we note that a standard UK local and national call is 10ppm and a UK mobile call is 15ppm on Tentel, which compares with 9ppm and 12ppm respectively with standard BT charges (Tentels charges will still be higher even after BT’s 1st December 2014 price hike).

So does Tentel really offer the UK’s cheapest telephone and broadband bundle? As usual this depends on how you weigh the markets complexity of charges and special offers. Yes the line rental is a lot cheaper, but their call charges seem higher and the unlimited broadband aspect is more expensive than similar packages from rivals like TalkTalk (£1.75 per month for 6 months then £3.50) and others. In real terms the prices are a lot closer than they may first appear.

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14 Responses
  1. Robert McKechnie, MD of TenTel, said: “BT is driven by the battle for football ratings”

    Which part of BT exactly?? Rather a sweeping statement.

    1. adslmax says:

      I agree with him. BT is bloody useless and greed!

  2. adslmax says:

    TenTel is the most expensive phone stand alone £17.99/month

    Rip off!

    1. James says:

      Is it really a rip off when it includes line rental and unlimited phone calls?

  3. onephat says:

    What part of BT is useless?

  4. Phil says:

    The line rental might be cheap but the call charges are a bit on the high side. If they are hoping to make up the difference on call charges, with people using inclusive minutes on mobiles first, I think they might me out of luck there.
    The other cost that isn’t mentioned is what BT and the other phone providers like to describe as the “Call set up charge”. Most providers charge close to 16 pence just to connected your call, this is before adding almost 10 pence for the fist minute.
    I pay £13.80 for my line rental with Naims, 2p per minute any time ( second billing)and 2p connection charge, 11p per minute to most mobiles (all inc VAT)anytime, monthly contract. With the billing charged by the second and the same price anytime, I can make a 30 second phone call on Wednesday at 2pm or a Sunday at 5pm and I know it will cost me 3p. IF I don’t call any one during he month I pay £13.80 and if I chose I can leave got elsewhere without any penalty. oh and my phone line is still on the BT infrastructure and not slipped off in the background to some LLU service which can be expensive to move away from.

  5. dadey says:

    TYPICAL!!! OF BT they just out for money as usual is it because of the theft from your cables but say no more all the customers are basically mugs paying for your line rental same goes with all isp,s pure greed . BT company wont spend in replacing cable to make a better service that’s how greedy BT are.. they rather play bodge this and that . rip off Britain and Ofcom need shooting also .

  6. Phil says:

    According to Duedil (an online source of private company information) the the only registered Director for Tentel limited is Mr Peter John Darling.

  7. GNewton says:

    “Which part of BT exactly?? Rather a sweeping statement.”

    This question is irrelevant, for most people BT is just one big monopoly plc.

    What should have happened a long time ago is a genuine separation between a pure network infrastructure company and service providers using this infrastructure.

    And, there should be a clear separation between the line rental compoment, the voice telephone component, and the broadband service. No cross-subsidising between them.

  8. Bo Selecta says:

    Just checked their website and they say I can get up to 8Mb with them.

    I think I’ll stick to the 60Mb I already get.

    1. DanielM says:

      i got that too. its just a generic checker that only checks adsl max

  9. ravi says:

    looking for rolling contract for 3 months so i got tentel brandford is this correct option or do we have any other bradband also.

    Becase i spoke to the customer care they are going to charge me only monthly rental there is no installation charge and line rental…Can i belive this ?

  10. Elliott Went says:

    I needed short term or rolling contract broadband and Tentel was one of only a few that offered this in the UK. They’re a relatively new company with few reviews and I had my reservations, but given that the other 2 providers had nothing but awful reviews on all fronts, I decided to give Tentel a go and ordered the unlimited 30-day contract package (i’m sure there’s a marketing name for it better than that).

    I must say i’m so glad I did. I’m guilty of never reviewing anything I buy, but in this case I felt compelled to, because firstly they’re a relatively new company and I struggled to find barely a scrap of feedback online – I almost always base a decision to buy online at least halfway on reviews and feedback, so this should help anyone else in the same position I was in. And Secondly, my experience with Tentel so far has simply been nothing but pleasant. The process to order online was simple, I had a call from one of their reps soon after the order to confirm details and verify that my broadband should be activated and router would arrive within 7 days. I actually missed the delivery of the router because the postman tried to deliver to the wrong house (common mistake here), and the guys at Tentel called me and informed me the package was waiting in my local Royal Mail depot. When I did eventually get the router home, it was literally a case of plug and play. No setup, no waiting, just plug it in to the power and phone socket, connect to wifi, and i’m online. A couple of minutes after connecting the router I got another phone call from Tentel to confirm it was all working ok and gave me an indicative speed of around 20mpbs (which I verified myself). Obviously you expect the speed to fluctuate in the first couple of weeks but after 8 days online i’m still getting consistent high speeds so far. Impressive given the website indicates you can expect up to 17mbps!

    So at this stage I have nothing but praise for Tentel. Maybe i’ve become cynical having dealt with 6 or 7 ISPs in the last 10 years and my expectations are horribly low, but I honestly can’t complain so far. The test will be if I encounter any drops in service or line quality, and how that’s handled (had plenty of nightmares in the past), but until then I would highly recommend these Scottish chaps!

    Elliott W

  11. Abhi says:

    I took tentel Internet and recently moved my address,told them to transfer my internet after they gave me 3 weeks…after 3 weeks gave me another 2 weeks n know they can’t do anything. Seriously worse experience, never ever recommend anyone to go with this company

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