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Customers of UK ISP Origin Broadband Facing Shock Disconnection

Thursday, October 18th, 2018 (11:02 am) - Score 9,762

Sporadic reports are coming in this morning from customers of the Doncaster-based ISP Origin Broadband, which appears to be giving some of their subscribers just 30 days’ notice to change ISP before they are disconnected due to a “network restructure outside of our control.”

So far we know of very few Origin subscribers that have this morning received the notification email about their planned disconnection, which has been confirmed as authentic via Origin’s Twitter support team. What isn’t clear is why this situations is so suddenly occurring (“network restructure” is an odd term to use and one that doesn’t give us any real indication of the underlying problem).

We have shot off a number of emails to our contacts within Origin in the hope getting to the bottom of this and finding out how widespread the impact is. In the meantime we’ve pasted a copy of the letter they’re sending out below.

Origin’s Shock Disconnection Letter

Dear *******,

We’re sorry to let you know that, due to a network restructure outside of our control, we can no longer offer you your current services. We understand this is inconvenient for you and that’s why we’re giving you time to find another provider by giving you 30 days notice from 17 October 2018.

With any broadband provider, there’s usually a 14 day lead-time for your order to go through. We recommend you place an order before the end of October, so there will be no interruption of service. You’ll continue to receive a service from us until the 17th November 2018, but we won’t charge you for your last months bill for line rental and broadband. Please note, you may be charged for any calls outside of a pre-agreed plan you incur during this time

As a valued customer, we’re sorry we need to do this. We want to help your move go as smoothly as possible, so we’ve listed some websites where you’ll be able to see what’s available in your area: [sites]

If you need any further support, please contact our customer service team on 0330 024 17 77.

Best wishes

Your Origin team

UPDATE 11:55am

A spokesperson for Origin Broadband has informed us that they are in the “process of ending a commercial relationship” with one of their suppliers, who previously allowed them to serve customers where their network didn’t have coverage.

Origin Statement to ISPreview.co.uk

Over the last year we have been migrating these customers onto our own network, or other partners, to ensure service levels are maintained, or improved, for them. We have been able to offer the majority of these customers Fibre products instead of ADSL at a vastly reduced rate – and therefore enhanced their experience.

However, as the quality of service for all customers is a priority, we made the difficult decision to have to cease a very small percentage of users, and it is these customers who received a 30 day notice period to move to another provider.

We will be working closely with those customers to ensure they have a smooth transition to another provider.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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33 Responses
  1. Paul W says:

    I was with origin 7 months ago, worst mistake I have ever made. I actually paid over 500 pounds to cancel my contract as I had only been with them for 1 month. The way I looked at it was I pay them to do one or I stick with broadband that disconnected several times daily for over a year.

    1. Darren says:

      Disconnected several times a day for over a year but you was only with them for a month ???

      Perhaps i am reading it wrong

    2. Paul W says:

      It disconnected several times per day for the month I was with them so when I called to cancel they wanted the remainder or the contract paying so 8 paid it to get rid of them or I would have been stuck with the crap service for over 1 year which was the contract I signed up to.
      Hope this makes sense.

    3. Truthteller says:

      Origin are making hal their work force redundant

  2. Ashley H says:

    Im not surprises i was woth Origin for 7 months, daily drops, promised compensation, refunds etc, never received. In the end just gave up and cancelled my DD – so i thought! DD suddenly went live again and money started being taken out my account. Had to go to Ombudsman and they ruled in my favour. Awful Company

    1. Mykola Hnatiw says:

      That’s funny, they still haven’t managed to set my DD up yet, paid for the super saver 18 month deal back in February last year, that’s obviously now finished and they haven’t taken a penny, they say the bank cancelled the DD and the bank say they did… I rang up as I had a txt to say they couldn’t take payment and thought that was that, they took acc details etc and still 3 months later they haven’t managed to set it up. My online banking still doesn’t show a DD for them. My online account with them shows bills, but even they’re wrong, seems I pay for line rental @ £18.95, broadband @ £0.00 and a static IP @ £1.49 .

  3. Old Digital Region convert says:

    They were a Plusnet partner. Sounds like they haven’t paid the Plusnet bill.

    Too small to go with BT Wholesale…May go TTB, Enta or Chess?

    1. Pete L says:

      they have been migrating a lot of their base over to TTB for a long time,

  4. Bob Jones says:

    AFAIK Origin moved their customers from PN to Vodafone a couple of years ago.
    Rumors on the ThinkBroadBand forums are that Origin are now moving customers from Vodafone to TalkTalk (TT) wholesale.
    I guess the Origin customers who are not connected to a TT exchange are being “let go”.

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      Curious since TT’s unbundled (LLU) network has somewhat better coverage than Vodafone’s LLU.

    2. MM says:

      I suspect these will be the customers where they are on Vodafone but they cannot move them to TTB.

      TTB don’t do any 20C/21C services using BT Wholesale to partners leaving options limited.

      There are a handful of Vodafone exchanges that TTB don’t cover.

  5. Ray Fogwill says:

    I was with origin broadband for 9 months, by far the worst isp anywhere, doing customers a favour by dropping them, can,t see them being around much longer , total sh*t company.

  6. Tom O'Connor says:

    I have to say that I found the staff really helpful and willing to go above and beyond. I am affected by this mysterious situation. Reading between the lines, I am wondering if the fact that I live in the country may have something to do with it?

  7. Old Digital Region convert says:

    So by my count.

    Digital Region

    Now TTB?
    …..wonder who has got the bill they owe?

  8. Paul slack says:

    I stuck with origin for the full 12 month contract. At first they were really good, but towards the end service continually dropped. When I gave notice to end contract they became a nightmare, would not answer any emails, sent a bill for the cost of the router, then promised to reimburse postage if I returned it , which I did and they didn’t pay me. Total rubbish company

  9. James says:

    I didn’t receive a letter. Aww.

  10. Jeff says:

    I received the news of my pending doom with this company today.I had no problem with them atall ,i paid a year in advance three weeks ago i hope i get my money back .

    1. Paul W says:

      I hope so too.

    2. D Fell says:

      That’s worrying! For a network restructure you would think they would know in advance and wouldn’t take up front payments! Seems more and more like this is something decided by their supplier than by them

    3. Curious says:


      How did you pay?
      If Origin mess you about, go straight to your bank or your card issuer. Ask for an indemnity claim (for direct debit) or a chargeback (for credit/debit card).

      I’d be on the phone to them immediately now, though, just so you’re not having to chase it around after you leave.

      Tell them you want the refund done before your service transfers away. If you don’t get the refund by that day, start the process above.

  11. Billy says:

    Some people get all the luck. In my experience the only department at Origin that works as it should is Sales. The other departments are grossly understaffed to put it kindly.

  12. Jeff says:

    Hi paid by card still no refund i am waiting to talk to someone now as i have been waiting 20m mins on hold.They said two weeks ago my refund would take up to 7 days only trouble is i forgot to ask starting from when.

  13. Schmell DeDoffee says:

    Sad times at Origin Broadband HQ

    Major investor backs out leaving an uncertain future and financial woes!

    Official redundancy consultation were initiated on 14th of November 2018 announcing that 20+ employees need to be axed from the workforce as part of a cost cutting exercise.

    Further announcements since regarding restructuring of the workforce hint at a much higher number which may see the current staff numbers of approx. 110 cut by as much as half.

    Some core roles and teams within the business have already been cut or placed on “Garden Leave” with quite frankly little or no possibility of return.

    The company is desperately trying to downplay the whole charade and bolster morale among the workers but is compiling a list of employees to be made redundant on December 14th (it’s a hit list but they are not allowed to call it a hit list).

    When quizzed about the financial stability of the company and its ability to fulfill wage commitments to the current complement of staff on the next salary day the company was non committal and answered with a guarded “we are unable to answer that question at this moment”.

    Morale at the call centre is at an all time low, no one knows if they will still be employed in 2 weeks or if they will be paid but are urged to put the needs of the customers first and carry on with “business as usual”.

    I suspect that being made redundant 2 weeks before Christmas and not paid for the last 4 weeks of employment is unlikely to be at the top of anyone’s Christmas wishlist.

  14. Floop says:

    I’ve been with them for about 2 years, and for most of that time period, the fibre service was reliable, cheap and fast (I was on the vodafone infrastructure)
    I couldn’t fault their customer service because everything worked, I never needed to contact support.
    Since the recent network “upgrades” it has gone completely down the toilet, with regular dropouts, constant double NAT issues with onine gaming, and many websites being unreachable or actively blocking my origin IP for abuse of some kind, and getting support means leaving a tweet on twitter and hoping one of the social media team takes notice.

  15. Maria says:

    October 23 discovered that my £3.49 monthly payment for free calls after 7pm and weekends has not been applied for months. Online chat resulted in them agreeing it was their mistake and they owed me a refund. I requested refund calculation and as told i would be refunded ‘shortly’. I also requested to be put back on the £3.49 bundle. Since then heard nothing and can’t get onto customer portal to see what is happening.I have now emailed complaints department.
    Does anyone have any similar experience or advice on how to proceed?

  16. Dino says:

    I recently joined Origin and the service was 5H1TE from the start. I chose they BB MAX but that started at 32 Mbps even though my previous two providers gave 50 Mbps. They are that bad that over 40% of the time I turn the PC off and go for the Kindle only to find there is an outage that will last all night and will require the router resetting in the morning. I have complained to the CEO and although it got me to over 41 Mbps I was asked to contact them if I had any complaints, well they know what they can do, if I have a serious complaint I go to the top and if they don’t like it tough.

  17. John Hill says:

    Made my day reading that they are in trouble , edge of collapsing. This is a totally dishonest company, took approx £120 for a full year in advance for broadband and delivered virtually – nothing. Weeks went past of trying to phone them, they had an almost permanent sign in saying “sorry… etc etc due to problems”. Sent me the wrong modem twice. A totally deliberately dishonest bunch of shits and I hope they all suffer the Karma that they deserve. My average speed was 0.8 Megabit and less upload, not enough to power a hamster wheel. I gave up and went for one of the big names, all I got for trying to save money was two months of no internet and lost £120.00. Scumbags deserve to be unemployed, would like to use real English but may end up having this pulled then.

  18. john claydon says:

    My CONTRACT WITH Origin will end on the 31st March 2019.At that point I will have been with the for 2 years.Over that time I have had all the normal problems that most of their customers suffer with and now it seems I am over £70 in debt to them.
    They have not answered my last 4 e-mails asking for an explanation on how I can be owing them money when I have a record of all my direct debit payments and none have been missed.
    The service I receive from them is not reliable and often I cannot get onto the internet without rebooting my router.
    However trying to find a replacement supplier who does not have bad reviews is very difficult as they all seem to be as bad as one another.
    It is a shame that in this day and age you cannot get reliable value for money companies that put the customer first.

  19. Mike Co says:

    Origin down again. My “dashboard” shows an outstanding balance one month. My bank statement shows last payments all taken. 25 mins on hold.

  20. steve says:

    I signed up to a 12 month contract in Dec 2019. They took an initial payment but I’ve not heard from the subsequently. One month later and they’re still not providing me with braoadband, my order is still at the acknowledgement stage. Can I just cancel my Direct debit and look for another provider?

  21. john claydon says:

    After emailing Origin about my so called outstanding balance owing they agreed it was a mistake on their behalf and I actually didn,t owe anything.
    Now I have been told that I am £44-00 in debt and they require an immediate payment.
    This company goes from bad to worse and I feel that the 31st of March cannot come quickly enough so I can ditch this terrible company for good.
    The problem is where do I go as it seems most of the other suppliers are almost as bad.
    We are really let down in this country when it comes to things like this.

  22. Mo mo says:

    Call them for no net and say I will send u new router waiting 3 days nothing coming call them again say nothing has been send and no net on my house west time waiting over 20 mints to speak to them ..no good at all west of time and money

  23. Lucky s.o.b says:

    Origin are so poor at what they do I have had broadband for 12 months and not received a single bill since setting in motion a transfer to another provider. Got the sorry your leaving blurb and the transfer never happened. I don’t think they even know I’m still using their broadband. It does drop out loads but while it’s free and fixing me 25mbs I won’t be too upset 🙂

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