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ISP Zen Internet Slashes UK ADSL and FTTC Broadband Prices UPDATE

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 (8:54 am) - Score 10,283

Rochdale-based UK ISP Zen Internet has informed us that they’ve introduced a number of big price reductions (i.e. these are permanent changes, not temporary discounts) across their standard ADSL and superfast Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC / VDSL2) based broadband and phone bundles. Plus there’s a lifetime price guarantee!

Firstly, those taking out a 12 month broadband plan will now benefit from free setup / installation, which previously attracted a one-off charge of £55 on their FTTC based “superfast broadband” packages. But the biggest change is undoubtedly the reduction in price of their Unlimited Fibre 2 (66Mbps average speed) plan, which has seen its monthly rental cut from £43.99 to just £38.99 (just £1.99 more than their 35Mbps plan).

The pricing is clearly designed to encourage Zen’s customers on slower packages to upgrade, which may mean they’re trying to take advantage of Openreach’s (BT) new volume discount scheme (here). In any case it’s good news for customers and makes them cheaper than even Sky Broadband’s post contract FTTC prices, although Zen Internet are generally considered to be a much better quality ISP.

As usual all of the packages include “truly unlimited” usage, a good quality wireless router (FRITZ!Box), Static IP address, line rental and apply a 12 month contract term. Optionally customers can choose to only take broadband and thus leave their line rental with a different provider (reduces the monthly rental by -£10).

Unlimited Broadband (10Mbps Down / 1Mbps Up)

PRICE: £28 per month (£32 on a 1 month term)

Unlimited Fibre 1 (35Mbps / 6Mbps)

PRICE: £37 per month

Unlimited Fibre 2 (66Mbps / 17Mbps)

PRICE: £38.99 per month

Unlimited Fibre 3 (145Mbps / 30Mbps)

PRICE: £52 per month + £55 setup

Unlimited Fibre 4 (300Mbps / 50Mbps)

PRICE: £59.99 per month + £55 setup

The Fibre 3 and 4 packages can be either G.fast or FTTP based (you may pay a little more for FTTP depending upon phone setup choice) and their average speeds are only estimated due to insufficient data.

UPDATE 12:37pm

I neglected to mention an important change above. Zen has also introduced a new Lifetime Price Guarantee, which they say guarantees no price rise for as long as a customer stays with them. “As long as you stay with Zen, we promise there will be no price rises. That’s a lifetime guarantee. Of course, this doesn’t stop us reducing the price you pay, and we reserve the right to do so!,” says Zen.

The caveat being that this doesn’t apply to their “ultrafast broadband” (FTTP and G.fast) plans.

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22 Responses
  1. Avatar Rex says:

    1. Do we know if existing customers will have their price reduced?

    2. Will this also apply to FTTP customers on the Unlimited Fibre 2 package?

    1. Avatar NickP says:

      I spoke to Zen today and existing customers can get the new prices as long as they sign up for 12 months. As you have to renew your contract it’s not an automatic reduction though – you do need to contact them.

  2. Avatar Rex says:


    I’ve just spoken to Zen direct, the price drops are for FTTC only, FTTP (Unlimited Full Fibre products are not being reduced / effected).

    1. Avatar Spurple says:


      Couldn’t let it go 🙂

  3. Avatar Vince says:

    As far as I can see, the pricing has not changed for FTTP – still shows the exact same price for 350/50.

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      Yes as the article already says in the headline and first para, the price changes are for FTTC and ADSL plans. I just included G.fast and FTTP as we always try to give a wider overview of all packages when posting such things. Added a note to make this extra clear.

  4. Avatar Vince says:

    As far as I can see, the pricing has not changed for FTTP – still shows the exact same price for 350/50.

    eg the comment at the end “The Fibre 3 and 4 packages can be either G.fast or FTTP based and their average speeds are only estimated due to insufficient data.”

    …is bogus – the headline is correct! (which is a shame as it still means BT the cheapest for FTTP)

    1. Avatar Rex says:

      Well, Zen is £43.99 then £45 for 80/20 and £50 fixed for 154/30.

      I thought BT was more expensive – or certainly is when I check FTTP

    2. Avatar John says:

      Not sure that BT is, on the whole, cheaper for FTTP. The price hike after 18 months is substantial unless you’re prepared to go through the whole tiring process of haggling. Add-ons, such as Anytime Calls, have a hefty price premium. The first 18 months are seductively cheaper, though… However,Zen treats its customers like adults and the technical support, for broadband and telephony, is excellent. Plus a fixed IP address and a proper router. I wish there was more competition for FTTP, but I’d probably stick with Zen.

  5. Avatar Wujek Rysiek says:

    £39 for Unlimited Fibre 2, really? It is still £15 more expensive than Vodafone.

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      It’s usually unwise to look at an ISP known for quality and directly compare it with an ISP known for being one of the cheapest..


    2. Avatar Wujek Rysiek says:

      I haven’t had any issues with Vodafone broadband. Never. I am able to get 37/9 Mbit/s at any time.

    3. Avatar CarlT says:

      Cool. I’m sure given you’re fine everyone else complaining of issues is just making it up.

  6. Avatar Luigi says:

    It’s usually unwise to look at an ISP known for quality and directly compare it with an ISP known for being one of the cheapest.

    Spot on.

    I would consider Zen services as “Business service for consumer products”

  7. Avatar Barry says:

    That’s not a price cut, that takes the mickey. 70Meg unlimited should cost around £20/month, check out Vodafone.

    1. Avatar CarlT says:

      No-one is forcing you to buy from Zen, Barry. If you want to consider Vodafone’s loss making services, causing them to skimp on investment in the network they bought from Cable and Wireless, to be the benchmark that’s your call.

    2. Avatar Name says:

      Are you sales guy at Zen?

    3. Avatar Mike says:

      Comparing Zen to Vodafone is just a tad insulting.

  8. Avatar N Burnell says:

    Been with Zen for years. Run IT company, have migrated loads of (happy) customers to Zen. Some things should not be cheap, they should have quality of service, UK call centre, TRAINED support with no silly first and second level crud. I only get called to faults, when you get a fault with one of the cheap ones then I get paid to come and actually make them believe you have a fault! Then your savings go in my pocket. Zen are a proper company in a sea of bull****

  9. Avatar AnotherTim says:

    Are Zen’s offers only available in some areas? When I check my line there are no residential Unlimited plans available at all, and the cheapest has a cap of 50Gb/m for £30.79pm (expected speed 8Mbps).
    There is one Unlimited business plan, but that is £92pm.
    It is a shame, as I keep looking to move to a good ISP like Zen, but the prices are just too much compared to cheap ISPs given that the difference in performance is limited by the underlying ADSL line..

  10. Avatar Aaron says:

    Was Unlimited Fibre 2 really at £43.99 previously? They did not change me to that, I’m still paying £46.99 for it… I’ve been a loyal customer for 3 years as well.

    1. Avatar John says:

      I think you’ll find £46.99 was the 1 month rolling contract price. I was on that but was told that if I was willing to renew a 12 month contract I could get the lower price. As Zen is the best, I’m not really interested in shopping around.

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