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Broadband ISP TalkTalk UK Expands Android TV Hub Availability

Friday, Dec 15th, 2023 (2:02 pm) - Score 3,440

UK ISP TalkTalk has announced that their Android TV powered ‘TV Hub‘ box, which was initially only made available to their full fibre (FTTP) customers, has expanded its availability to include both new and existing customers on their FTTC based “fibre broadband packages” (Fibre 35 & 65).

The TV Hub costs an extra £5 to add (monthly term) and offers access to 70+ live TV channels, catch-up services (e.g. iPlayer and ITV), a wide range of streaming & subscription services (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and NOW TV), Google Play with over 10,000 apps, access to Google Assistant (voice search, smart controls etc.), 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Atmos sound compatible and Chromecast built in™. But it can’t record shows.

Matthew Poole, Head of Entertainment at TalkTalk, said: “We’re excited to announce we are now rolling out our great value TV Hub to new and existing fibre broadband customers this winter. Our TV Hub offers access to the widest range of entertainment services compared to any other major UK broadband provider. All wrapped up for just £5 a month, without any long term commitments.”

One easily overlooked aspect of this change is that it would appear to spell the end of TalkTalk’s seemingly brief relationship with the 4K TV box from Netgem, which rather awkwardly appeared between the end of their old YouView product and the arrival of the aforementioned TV Hub (here). The TalkTalk TV Hub hardware has been developed in partnership with Vantiva, formerly known as Technicolor, and IPTV platform YouView TV.

Finally, it may be worth mentioning that TalkTalk are still referring to FTTC packages as being “fibre broadband“, which comes in the same week as Ofcom moved to start the process of banning that practice (here).

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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22 Responses
  1. Avatar photo mnlbay says:

    Very little info can be found online about the TT TV Hub – but here’s a few notes:
    – It still uses a YouView interface – which is why it has Channel 4 app but regular Android TV does not
    – Like the old STB, when on TT network it will show TT logo – while on other networks it will show youview logo (and is still completely usable – only tried on Virgin, not BT/EE).
    – Device is produced by Technicolor – with the YouView service installed as a standalone app which serves as the main UI.
    – It is not possible to uninstall the core YouView mini apps such as ITV X, C4 – they’re not so much an issue but I don’t watch Pop Kids TV or GB News, so I don’t really need that icon on my app screen.

    1. Avatar photo tech3475 says:

      I’m curious if it’s possible to remove these via ADB? Presuming it has it of course.

    2. Avatar photo mnlbay says:

      Android apps can be – but the examples I have (C4, GBN, BBC) are mini apps within the primary YouView app (rather than separate apps listed in the OS settings).

  2. Avatar photo RightSaidFred says:

    How is this a product that anyone would pay for?

    I very much doubt you’re getting Netflix etc subscriptions with it. If it is just access to the apps, you can get these with any smart TV.

    1. Avatar photo tech3475 says:

      Looking at it, it may not be completely useless depending on circumstances.

      For example, limitations of any existing smart tv the customer may have, having access to a broader range of apps e.g. Kodi, VLC, etc. (presuming it’s not restricted) The ability to pause and rewind Freeview broadcasts.

      There also seem to be some discounts on Now services, so that’s a potential saving/benefit.

      Whilst my parents wont be looking at Talktalk anytime soon, such as device on it’s own can potentially still be useful compared to some of their existing TVs.

      Of course, alternatives should be considered, for example, the Chromecast dongle, dedicated Youview box, etc.

      Note: I haven’t looked to deeply into this, just casually looked on the order page.

    2. Avatar photo 125us says:

      I have a 10 year old Sony smart TV. Over time all of the smart features have ceased to function as apps have been updated but the TV hasn’t. I’m not going to replace a working TV so a device like this allows me to extend its life.

  3. Avatar photo Fred90 says:

    I have this box personally and it is nothing fancy – can be buggy and slow-ish at times. But nonetheless it works. Combines freeview with all the major streaming apps that otherwise may not be available on a smart tv platform – plus its all in one remote.

    TalkTalk offered the service half price for 18 months with half price Now Entertainment which was the only reason why I took it.

  4. Avatar photo Roger_Gooner says:

    So, it a mildly upgraded YouView box?

  5. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

    Don’t seem to be good value to be honest, even for a fiver per month.

  6. Avatar photo Icaraa says:

    Does it include subscription channels? And are they delivered via multicast like BT TV?

  7. Avatar photo Lpene says:

    Hopefully 4k tv box continues available:


  8. Avatar photo Lpene says:

    TalkTalk TV 4K Box makes is better because has more channels! You have 225 live channels and 40 top streaming apps, as well as 4K viewing and voice control with Alexa. There’s no lengthy contract – just ultimate flexibility.

  9. Avatar photo John says:


    I agree with you.

    TalkTalk Android TV Hub, can’t record shows, ant it has less channels (only 70+ live channels)!

    I prefer the TalkTalk “4k TV box” alternative (https://new.talktalk.co.uk/tv-fibre-broadband/4k-tv-box),
    because has more channels (225 live channels and 40 top streaming apps) and it can record (simply pluging in a USB memory stick (minimum 32GB)!

  10. Avatar photo Joe WP says:

    Yes, i agree!

    You can compare all 4 different TalkTalk TV boxes here (hardware, apps and channels):


  11. Avatar photo Joey says:

    These TV boxes will forever be useless until they adopt a fully wireless IPTV service for freeview.

  12. Avatar photo anon says:

    Can you just buy one of these boxes without internet from TT? Something like this would be great for my flat since i’m not allowed to put up a sky dish and I get really bad reception from my indoor DVB-T antenna. I’m happy with my fibre line and I don’t want to go to TT for internet but I wouldn’t mind the box for watching freeview.

  13. Avatar photo Paun L says:

    Yes, that’s why also prefer the TalkTalk “4k TV box” alternative
    because i can record a lot simply pluging my a USB memory stick of 512GB on it!

    Ther are 225 live streaming channels and 40 top streaming apps available.

    You can see the channels and apps that are available at:

  14. Avatar photo Paun L says:

    From today on (20-12-2023,just or GBP 7.99 per month or GBP 36.99 per year, TalkTalk TV users of 4K Box (Netgem option) can access the SONY LIV library of premium original series, TV content dubbed with Indian languages, …

    “Sylvain Thevenot, Managing director of Netgem TV added: “Having the best Indian content is extremely valuable in increasing the overall value of our service and therefore the value of the Fibre & TV bundle of our ISP partners like TalkTalk…”

    Read more at:


  15. Avatar photo mauriP says:

    Cloud Gaming Meets TV: The ZTE Set Top Box and Netgem Partnership Last Updated 26 December 2023

    ZTE Set Top Box’s Pioneering Move in Cloud Gaming With the launch of the N9000 Android TV STB in tandem with Netgem’s new “Immersive TV” service, ZTE brings users the ultimate cloud gaming experience. As 5G networks become more popular, the N9000 An…

    Read more at: https://www.deccanherald.com/brandpr/cloud-gaming-meets-tv-the-zte-set-top-box-and-netgem-partnership-2825387

  16. Avatar photo Clarirence says:

    January 30th, 2024

    The TalkTalk TV Hub, which we’re still wondering what to call since it’s also the NETGEM TV box, runs on the Google Chromecast operating system, and that means apps.

    You’ll be able to download a wide variety of TV streaming apps from the Google Play store.

    That means if you subscribe to multiple streaming services, you’ll be able to watch them all on this box.

    In August last year (2023), TalkTalk replaced the technology partner (YouView) it used to provide TalkTalk TV, the subscription TV service it offers exclusively to its broadband customers. Its new partner, Netgem, offers a plethora of TV channel and service options from just £5 per month. A fiver! So what’s the catch?

    Following on from BT, which last year changed up its own YouView TV box offering for a much more capable 4K streaming box solution called the BT TV Box Pro, TalkTalk TV – a service many might not even have heard of – has followed suit, offering a different version in the form of the TalkTalk TV Hub.

    Interestingly, the box itself is not TalkTalk’s own technology. Like YouView before it, TalkTalk has partnered up with a hardware provider to roll out its new 4K-capable offering. The company it has partnered with is called NETGEM.


    .Get “TalkTalk TV Hub” at:

  17. Avatar photo urtis says:

    NETGEM.TV 4k tv box still available @ UK TalkTalk!

    See (07/02/2024)!


  18. Avatar photo benter says:

    Will we have immersive TV at TalkTalk TV in the future ?!

    Netgem (TV service provider of TalkTalk) launched yesterday the first service that unifies TV,streaming and Cloud Gaming …!!!

    “This new unified entertainment hub empowers subscribers to turn their TV or mobile device (via casting) into a gaming console, offering the entire family a fresh and interactive experience enriched by a plethora of content, seamlessly switching between TV and video content and games, delivering an immersive entertainment journey for all.”

    It is possible to access “Cloud Gaming” alongside their TV and streaming content through a “single interface”, with a decoder switching into a gaming console. This launch demonstrates the full power of our fixed and mobile networks…!


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